42 Austin, United States
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My self-summary
i cook, generally well. i have a wonderful daughter. i try to be self-aware.

i read. i am attracted to intelligence and confidence. capitalization is for the birds. punctuation, my friend, is not.

i'd like a woman who has at least one of the following traits: doesn't need me to define words during conversation, can follow the plot of a movie, reads for pleasure, wants to eat new delicious things with me, does silly things with her hair, wears t-shirts, doesn't think she requires make-up, gets subtle humour, wants to hurt me physically for no good reason, enjoys grooming men, looks good in jeans, owns boots of any sort.

would like to avoid women with the following traits: lack of humour, irredeemably batshit crazy, requires excessive maintenance

if you'd like to go out, i'll clean my truck and take you somewhere nice.
What I’m doing with my life
i spent a long time in the country. i've recently sold my farm and moved back to austin.

i work from home. i own the home. i'd like to step out of my home more often, preferably with a lady.

i am also trying to avoid people with phrases like "I don't have patiense for books." in their profile...
I’m really good at
taking care of those i love.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i like books. most of them. i read quite a bit.

i like movies and shows, generally. a lot of netflix lately...

i like punk, metal, outlaw country, texas country, western swing, rockabilly, southern rock, some older rap/hip-hop, pretty much anything except the new rap in which words are generally just rhymed with themselves and most 'pop' music. i also enjoy cover songs in disparate genres from the original and hip-hop with foreign accents.

food is maybe my favorite. i like to go to the grocery stores. i eat out and around as much as possible. i cook. i like to cook for and with people. i usually have some sort of food project in the works. i have a pantry stocked with ingredients from all over the world. i'd really like somebody to come play food with me.