28 New Delhi, India
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My self-summary
I'm looking for conversation and (hopefully) more.would definitely not mind all this being aided and abetted by some pot.some one who reads and has a discerning taste in music will be appreciated.Above all,I seek good company.
As one grows older,priorities change.I'm no longer the hedonistic,high-seeking man I was in younger and simpler times.I'm looking for something real.That could be anything(coz I'd like to believe that I'm still free-spirited and adventurous) as long as there's a real connection that's made.I'd love for all this to be open to interpretation because I'm not one to be bogged down by definitions and boundaries.So if any of this makes the remotest sense to you,hit me up.
What I’m doing with my life
I work in a firm handling research projects from various entities. It's my first job so I still can't say that I have come to terms with the way in which we human beings have chosen to organise our lives- 7 day weeks, how a day passes by so slowly sometimes but at other times it seems that time is going by too fast because the days just run into one another, each day is pretty much similar to the one before, every week is just like the one before and pretty soon it will be hard to distinguish between years and possible even decades. These thoughts depress me to no end.
On the professional front, I work at slogging and scheming my way to jobs/work which makes me more successful. I unfortunately am a slave to poplar perceptions. It is a situation, I'm none too pleased about.
I’m really good at
Conjecture, Classifications, Generalizations, searching for a pattern in things. Getting people excited about the things that excite me. I'm excellent company if you are in the mood to bum around. Geek-talk.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
one flew over the cuckoo's nest,to kill a mockingbird,a hundred years of solitude,midnight's children,phillip pullman's dark materials,portnoy's complaint by phillip roth,lord of the rings(but of course),uncle tom's cabin,a wild sheep chase,kafka on the shore,black dogs,ian rankin's John Rebus books,anything by Edmund Crispin and Ellery Queen.
TV shows-the wire,rome,game of thrones,battlestar galactica,breaking bad,dexter,the office,that 70s shos,avatar:the last airbender,madmen,the practice
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I day-dream constantly. As a kid it used to be these elaborate fantasies with me as a protagonist. Now I like to imagine myself in real-life situations which i have to resolve. Sometime it gets pretty ridiculous though. For instance, my cast-away day-dream ran for weeks-what I would do in an uninhabited island, what I would do if i was part of a larger group, what i would do if that group comprised of friends/classmates/colleagues.
I also spend a lot of time thinking of the shows I'm watching or the book/comic that I'm reading, often picturing myself as a minor character in the scheme of things.
On a typical Friday night I am
Living out out the rest of the adrenaline rush which hits me around 6:30 PM every Friday. I'm usually out with friends. More often than not there is some alcohol involved. However, this leaves me too bushed to do anything much on Saturday and Sundays are usually spent indulging my mortal fear of the week to come. So I'm up for doing relaxed things over the weekend- a nice meal somewhere, a movie or just hanging out.