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My self-summary
"Remember what the Dormouse said..."

a sound track o' my life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7FIw--9Hs4&index=9&list=RD89NjEeHku8o


So the fake news cnn is fully exposed and goin' down in flames...

Yet I can't keep from wonderin' if this is just another distraction...a move to get us more trusting of faux "news"? A ploy to strip MORE freedom of speach from us? Any war/attack on the scum/cnn by any anon/4chan/others will be cause to censor even more of the net...

What ARE our evil corporate overlords planning now?


Why didn't they just say so in the first place...




I'm startin' to wonder if (t)rump is really just a reality check...

that bounced...


Sigh...WHY must they continue doin this?



Even more important now...




About that scarcity...








Uhm...who exactly are these "white helmet" dudes?



antifa=anti FIRST AMENDMENT...WDF!? don't these MORONS know that restricting free speach IS a fascist move/ideology...


Sooo...WHY have the anti-f(ux)a(sses) NOT been declared as domestic terrorists yet!?


Crosstalk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKlw2sQuXfk





so the jobs numbers are UP!?

hitlery says she's one of the RESITANCE!?

the rump says xtians have been OPRESSED!?

whut the unholy FUCK!?!? No really WHUT DUH FUCK!?!?!?

NO ONE is stupid enough to beleive ANY of those lies...will they!?

awshit...never mind...


So sexual "identity" flame wars are still a thing...?

O.K., I'll join in...I'm a multi gender intersex-shun all so I sexually identify as a Spectre Gunship/Apache Attack helo/King Tiger Tank/P-51 Mustang (don't fat shame me!)/but some times I just wanna be cuddled so I'm also a porcupine-honey badger-alligator snapping turtle...

So always refer to me as my preferred pronoun "BADDASS BATTLE KITTEN" or I'll have to sue you!

Don't judge!



Waxing is NOT a cure for lycanthropy.


SO are we at war yet?


Meh...still alive...

Education is a MUST...so educate yerself...Do not bother contacting me until you see everything here.












Its easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.

SO get educated or get off MY planet.

TOP BEGINS HERE: I kinda miss the journals and the forums...now that they're gone...*Sad Smirk*...thus begins MY journal...

tl:dr (pronounced "Till Dear!", as in you'll read it till it's dear to you too...[not to be mistaken for tl;dr{pronounced Teal Deer} cause he's some fairly interesting dude over on boobyoob...]...also have I mentioned I HATE the term "tl;dr"...?)...



There's a war against free speech Ignore the fake news. Do your own research. Avoid these FAKE media outlets completely:

FAKE =msnbc
and SADLY FAKE=pbs/npr...

Yeah, ALL that shit is fake propaganda.




So the evil powers that be want a "fake news" cencorshit program thru their evil propaganda wings (gaggle facecrook screwyoutoob shitter network "news")...

RIIIIIGHT...the ONLY way to get REAL news is to stay away from the "official" news sources...thay are ALL BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA used to control us...

ANY AND ALL things and "people"/organization that do ANYTHING that limits or blocks ABSOLUTE free speech MUST be DESTROYED.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance..


SO...the duckcheezfuxskum SOMEHOW beat the sleezwhoreofbabylonkunthole...WDF!?.

So what's changed? Not a damned thing.

O' but he's gonna fix murikkka...no he's just gonna sell us to china...IF he gets the chance...it's a LONG time till january...and the rump is old and there's still that cia heart attack gun from the 70's....


There's still the economic collapse coming and obomba is STILL trying to start wwiii...the only question now is will the fascistfuxskuz declsre martial law and stay in power or will the slimeball dump it all on the dickcheez elect?

No. We're still on course for harm-a-gettin'-it...




So WHEN is it our DUTY to begin an armed revolt against the evil overlords?


with assange MIA and no proof of life in at least 11 days, DID the scuzhole evil bitch go through with killing him?




sigh...why can't we just gitmo the two of them and choose
REAL candidates?


wiki tease...Shame! Julian for shame...Hrmn... maybe he was threatened?


Way to go WikLeaks! hitlery is toast!

Hurray! Heros of Humanity!

Now if they can do the same thing to trump!


Uhm...where's the Kaboom? There's supposed to be an earth shattering Kaboom...


O'...fucking scum media...


Ah, the kool-aid...



Well THIS decides who I'm voting for:


Jill Stein a REAL american hero...


Is this the LAST Bastion of REAL news? http://www.democracynow.org/

And WHY is that FUXTARD o-bomb-a pushing SO hard for the EVIL TISA/TTIP/TPP scams!!!???


Sooo...I'm so ashamed of PBS/NPR now...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaqmGORkYCw...

And I did have such a Brain Boner For Gwen and Judy...*Sad Frown*


So cool stuff:

Sci-Fi webcomic (SFW) http://freefall.purrsia.com/

Grand Ole'Grey Muzzle mostly Sci-Fi mostly (SFW) http://www.stevegallacci.com/

Fun Fantasy (NSFW) http://buttsmithy.com/


SADLY I've finally moved to gainzhell...whoopie...signed a silly ass'd lease fer a whole year...aaauuuuggghhh...

Now I just need to find some gamers and iterh cool folk...

is that you?



Get it thru your heads!!!!!

Guns DO NOT kill people;

Gun free zones do.

The ONLY answer is MORE guns.


Yeah there are two paths you can go down...

But is there REALLY time to change the road yer on...?


Screwit! I'm kinda tired of seein' xe/xy and other SILY ASS'D tranz nonbinary kweer poly sex'y'all specialized pronoun BULLSHIT!!!

Remember only insects specialize...: http://www.elise.com/quotes/heinlein_-_specialization_is_for_insects

So, from now on and on into the future we will all use a singular pronoun, nonsexist/nonracist/nonspeci-ist/nonbiological/ all encompasing entity nonspecific pronoun...


Denoting Sentient life form.

Yeah it seperates sentients from nons, but let's face it, Sentients are ALL we're LIKELY to be communicating with...

Everything else is under our protection till it becomes sentient...(zoos and other non sentient sexual types...eh...find yer own way/s...)...

Now all that remains is a test to determine sentience...which should be easier...BUT...

Easily HALF of the "humans" walkin'round ARE NOT sentient...just look at all the filth supporting drumpf (http://donaldjdrumpf.com/) and hitlery (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hitlery)...



Friends in need:


These are good people. She's a Librarian and he's a Professor. Good teachers both. They have no children or family that I know to help them. WE must all come together and BE each other's families.

Thank you.

EDIT: no longer needed.


Come and see...


Wait...did Bran just warg INTO Jon?

I went to see...seems everyone seems to think it's Bran HELPING Jon by warging him...but what if...

...Jon is dead...

Can a warg move a dead body?

What if Bran BECOMES Jon?



I just read a profile of a fuxin idiot...I mean an uninformed individual...

She said she believes in vaccines and gmo...and said if you believe in "woo"...clearly one of those 4chan/ratwiki/snopes/ed morons/trolls/etc...FUCKING SIGH!!!

How can ANYONE with ANY intelligence NOT understand by now...:

1) CLEAN vaccines given at SENSIBLE intervals=good. We all know and love REAL science...NOT big pharma bullshit science.

2) mercury preservatives=FUCKING BAD!!! (There are those who say it's a plot to dumb down the population...It's not that complicated [and we don't need any help dumbing ourselves down...]...it's just cheaper that way. Adding preservatives means it doesn't need to be made fresh. And it's easier to pay off the government to lump every lawsuit into one silly fake court, you CAN'T sue the evil fuckscum directly;


Notice the .gov suffix on that. They protect the big pharma scum. All settlements come with a gag order.

So when folks appose MANDATORY vaccinations they are worried about the mercury AND the loss of informed consent.

ANYONE who mocks anti-vaccers and gives up their own rights to informed consent IS a moronic DOMESTIC TERRORIST. PERIOD.

3) gmo's ARE unsafe. "But humans have been genetically modifying plants and animals since WE became "domesticated." Yes. And we've done it in a studied careful manner NOT by RANDOM transgenic molestation.

4) The bureaucrats responsible for fda approval are virtually ALL former monsatan employees. ANYONE who says that there has been good unbiased testing or that gmo's are harmless and "equivalent" to REAL food IS a lying DOMESTIC TERRORIST. PERIOD.

5) Full disclosure: I used to be 110% in favour of gmo's...then I started getting the facts.

6) Do your self a favour...get the facts. From real SCIENTISTS not monsatan psycho-phants...Do not believe the bullshit "woo"...


How's that saying go again...: "Don't believe ANYTHING till it's been officially DENIED by the government."

Now just WHAT was that load of horseshit prez bush, er, I mean prez obama was trying to feed us?

i know the vast unwashed herd believes the bread and circus="reality"...

...but there ARE many of us who have swallowed NO koolade nor pretty coloured pill...

...we see the empire has no clothes...

The shivering you see of us is neither fear nor chill...

No...it's RAGE all the way...


has anyone else noticed that rationalwiki=encyclopediadramatica=snopes=4chan?

They ALL fall under poe's law...they're all either serious parody or they're all seriously shit headed...damned hard to tell...

Also, word for the day: FREE SPEECH!

FREE SPEECH is ABSOLUTE! Anyone who would censor speech in ANY WAY is a tyrant and is guilty of a crime against Humanity.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Edit: 30/Dec/15

facebook=sesame http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-34592186

Told Y'all they was EVIL.

Edit: 29/Dec/15

Pay attention there will always be a quiz...ALWAYS...

#DaniStormBorn4Prez! (She rocks!)

#Tyrion4VP! (He has tie breaking votes!)

Or maybe #Tyrion4SecState!

#JonSnow4SecDef! (He guards the realms of man!)

#Varys4DirNSA (No. Really...he does it FOR the realm...uhm...right?)

#Arya4DirCIA (Let's face it, the CIA IS just a bunch of faceless men...assassins ALL...)

#Littlefinger4SecTreas! (Uh...maybe not...)

#Samwell4LibCon! (The Library of Congress is no Library of Alexandria but hey!)

#Qyburn4SurGen! (O! Wait!)


#TISA-WWCAD! (What WOULD Captain America Do!?)

#TTIP-WWCAD! (He DAMN sure wouldn't allow it!!!)

#TPP-WWCAD! (He'd TRASH IT! Nuff Said!)

So Say We All...

Quiz: What's your response?

Edit: 19/jun/15:

It's NOT my fault...Dunncan played the Draw Five Play All cards...I HAD to play the Zombies win cards...*SHRUG!*

Edit 24/apr/15:

Hrmn...I'm thin'in' My preferred Princesses would be able to rescue themselves ala Shrek 4...or maybe rescue me every now and then...*Smirk*...

Edit 13/apr/15:


"You're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem."

Why, yes, life really IS that simple...so lead, follow, or get the hell off MY planet...

previous edit:

Didja ever come to that point in life where you just want only the hard edged truth spoken plainly?

I'm there...I still want the playful fun but without ANY lies/deception/artificial drama.


Feb edit:

The gainzeville move was a slamdunkfuckup...back in Jax...

meh...I've given up on findin' any happpiness or movin' to the pacnor...I'm still lookin' for cool folks to hang out with...anyone know any one or place?

And I'm always lookin' for gamer friends and SCAdians and rennies and pirates and hippies and permies and freegans an...I REALLY want to get into Blackpowder/mountain man rendezvous...and NON stupid head prepping

Considering couch surfing. I'm mostly lookin' for the cool hippie/pagan/burners/rainbow/sca/gamer/sci-fi/fantasy/occupy croud...

Once more unto the update: I don't have issues...I have subscriptions...but if the slime molds of the world didn't keep screwin with my world we'd all be fine...

Update again: "I'm Not dead yet!"

update: just had a nice lil' stroke...I'd like to meet some folks with experience with that...damnable sigh...

That which does not kill me...kinda annoys me...

Why, Yes. You can have a profile made up solely of interesting quotes that sketches out your general personality...

"iligitimis nil carborundum"

"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

Honesty is not an option; It's an Absolute.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing..."

"Fiat justitia ruat caelum"

"...inside the circle of the table, under the holy sword, a knight must swear he will obey to the eternal code, eternal as the table, a ring bound to honour.

A knight is sworn to valor, his heart knows only virtue, his blade defends the helpless, his might upholds the weak, his word speaks only truth, his wrath undoes the wicked.

The right can never die, if a man still remembers him. Words are not forgotten, if a voice pronounce them clearly, The Code always shines, if a heart preserves it brightly...

The Old Code...."

Such are the words of my soul...I hold to them as best I can...when I can...this world makes that a hard row to hoe...

And I can never take anything too seriously in defence of mind...and self...

And these are trying times...SIGH!

I am good, bad, and ugly...and my momma dresses me funny...
What I’m doing with my life
Edit: 29/Dec/15

Looking to move to a commune...a REAL commune NOT a yuppy "intentional community" (gated community) or a corporate based "commune" (hipster gated community)...

Hell, I'd be happy to find a SANE prepper community (Can't stand bible thumpers/teabaggers/republicans-democrats-they're all the sames/etc's...)...

I'm growin' a garden...I hope...

I've also been an apprentice druid for awhile now...

See: http://www.tarot-readings-r-us.com/GaelansPage.html

Looks like it's too soon to give up and become a "laid back" person...far too MANY evils to fight...MANY wind mills to tilt at!
I’m really good at
Passion...love...hate...I do both with intense magnitudes...

Making friends...or enemies...some people like straight forward honesty and other folks are sniv'ling cowards who can't stand the light of truth...damned shame that...
The first things people usually notice about me
The hair...Deep Copper Red Hair...Wild and Free...

And DAMNED! PROUD! of it!

It has it's own ego...which is good...because I have NO ego...

Yes it's possible to have no ego...An Id, however...

Yes I have an invisible bipedal monster so incredibly powerful that it can destroy whole worlds of it's own volition...(Name that movie...)

My Super ego? Eh, he's in Cozumel drinking fluufy tequila cocktails and good beer...sigh...

Some psyche's have all the fun...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Edit: 30/Dec/15

Rasputina NEEDS to sing https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rasputin_(song)

FarScape (YAY!)
Trek (All)
Star Wars (Most)
Edit: 30/Dec/15

Brown Coat (They were the good guys then, they'll be the good guys again...)
Colonial Warrior (Old AND New...)
Dwarf: Red, White, and other wize
John Varley
James Tiptree Jr. (She is perhaps my all time fav...)
Asimov, Heinlein (despite his fasco-racism), Bradbury...most of the old timey favorites...
For starters...most any Sci-Fi...most fantasy...

Adventure, Science, education...

I like Most music...HATE Thug c/rap (I was a corrections officer for a while...), I dislike today's bubble gum kuntry (Seriously! A BOI band!?)

Love Floggin' Molly, and Rathkeltair, and bunches of others I haven't yet memerized...

I like damned near every thing...Learning is another passion...the quest for knowlege must never cease...

Eh, read me/tell me: http://www.fictionpress.com/u/15366/Duh_Red

What I do for fun: http://sca.org/
Kingdom: http://www.trimaris.org/
Six things I could never do without
Intelligent conversation...

Intelligent people...




An ever expanding consciousness...

And the never ending crusade against the evils of man...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Are unicorns kosher/halal/levitican? *Shrug* just wond'rin'...


Like why is it that my moose gets far more action than I do...I mean, seriously...he IS wearing some chick's silver panties folks...

And then...

I spend far too much time thinking on trivial matters of silliness and mundane drama...

Man I gotta get over the idiots that are infesting my world...too bad there's so damned many of them...

But it remains...

How can creatures not much higher on the evolutionary ladder than slime molds be in places of power? How can they hold such ludicrous ideas?

And WHY! are they winning!?!?!?!?!
On a typical Friday night I am
Update: Nothin'. notta damned thing...SIGH!

Eh...Salt mines...

But looking for a new life and new job...to boldly go where I've been before...the unemployment line! SIGH!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That I'm reading the 'flagmod' crap...I know, I know, it's like being part of the jerry springer audience...and I've even voted AND commented...I keep waiting for the comments I make about the idiots to be flagged...SIGH!

It's amazing that 70% of the flaggers are just drama queens and 65% of the flagged are just trolls...the rest of the flagged stuff is just mundane spammer/scammer stuff and-see the next...

What's REALLY stupid is the idiots flagging photos for the most assinine reasons...AND there's ALOT of guys (!?WDF!?) flagging skin pics...??? COME ON this place NEEDS more skin...sheesh...


I just lied a bit for an experiment...eh...

Guess that last one didn't take...I've returned to your regularly scheduled hard core honesty...


That my out going and engaging character is just a front to cover a woefully outsized shyness...
You should message me if
You have half a brain...and are trying to use it to enhance yourself and the world...or at least wanna try...

You like mideval reinacting

"Normal" furries (Man is THAT a misnomer...)

Gamers? All kinds tho' magic the nauseum doesn't really count and unless it's really olde school (Defender, StarGate, etc.) It shouldn't need more than four buttons...

You like to argue...See Monty Python...

You like the Noweigian Blue...

Thou SHALT NOT contact me if yer a frakkin:

misogynist/"the cool girl"/misandrist/mgtow/mra/pua/redpill/feminazi/an idiot who thinks "feminazi" is a mysogynist term/mansplainer/ANYapologist/bluepill/simp/bitch/believe or use "tl:dr"/or ANY idiot of ANY form...

Any open eyed white knights of ANY gender/sex are encouraged to contact me tho'...we good guys gotta stick together 'cause we're vastly out numbered...
The two of us