28Alta Lake, Canada
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My self-summary
I'm a technologist and adventurer, and I want to meet Ravenclaws.

I can't get enough of finding out how the world works, and what we can do to improve it. If you were to meet me in the wild, it would no doubt be at a social event with fun intelligent people.

I love hanging out with people who can blow my mind on a regular basis, so I decided to organise social groups for people who are passionate about topics like science, the future, sex, psychology, product design, galaxies, human motivations, and how to do good.

I moved to San Francisco to grow fast at startups so I can have a bigger impact with my career.

I love working on projects while sitting in amazing cafes, finding new places to eat, or just exploring with locals or guests. I've seen so many awesome cities thanks to amazing hosts. I'm not the type to pick a loud bar or go out for the sake of drinking or partying, but love quiet hidden spots. I'm always looking for new places to discover.

There is so much I haven't experienced, and I let my passion for all the undiscovered people, places, and ideas drive me. My most eccentric hobby is Astrophotography
What I’m doing with my life
I want to make an effective difference. This doesn't mean randomly choosing something impressive to do, but doing the hard work of evaluating the most important causes, working on improving my skill set, and finding high leverage opportunities.
Despite my long term goals being lofty, I am really happy with the journey that life is taking me on at the moment.
I’m really good at
Running social events. Analysing data. Understanding problems. Finding restaurants. Downhill skiing. Following recipes. Dinner parties. Learning keyboard shortcuts. Breaking out of my comfort zone. Breaking through social norms.
The first things people usually notice about me
I never really put much value on small talk in my conversations. Usually when I meet someone new, within an hour we are down do the sharing deep answers of where your values and beliefs are coming from, what drives you, and how you view the world.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Despite a love for most hard sci-fi and fantasy, I'm willing to stake quite a bit of my reputation by highly recommending the fan fiction suspiciously titled Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (HPMOR). If you haven't heard of it, ask me why I'm so sure admitting this on a dating website is a good idea. Find my full bookshelf on my Goodreads profile goo.gl/U6qml

Movies: Directors who vividly visualise my fantasies are Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Quentin Tarantino, Alfonso Cuarón. Please help me find the hidden diamonds in genres that I still under appreciate! Gravity and Her were recent stand-outs.

I've abandoned TV, along with most mass media, and to be honest, how much can you learn from the fact I like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad anyway.

I guess I'm into popular indie? I like and get most of my music from Pandora, The Xx, Monsters and Men, Lorde and Mumford and Sons.

Unless your recipe is a disguised science experiment, or nutritionally complete dietary replacement soylent powder, it's probable not in my kitchen. I eat out a lot.
Six things I could never do without
The Internet, my family, my telescope, a source of inspiration, a higher purpose to strive for, and other people to walk alongside.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What would happen if I was transported back in time and I had to teach and re-derive the entire body of human knowledge to a civilisation of hunter gatherer homo sapiens. Yeah.
Where I should be going in my life. Where Humanity is headed. What we could be doing better. How could I be having more Fun. I'm becoming more familiar with rationality, transhumanism, and machine intelligence, and I think these fields are the most promising that I have found so far.
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing board games while discussing rationality and philosophy over pizza with LessWrong friends. Adding things to a list of things I need to optimise. Optimising intake of alcohol to maximise list making abilities.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
People form close friendships by knowing private things about each other, and the reason most people don't make close friends is because they're too embarrassed to share anything really important about themselves.
You will quickly realize I am very honest, and I hope you are too. I don't have a strong preference for monogamy at this stage of my life and there are other special people in my life at the moment. In case you feel strongly about certain conventions to do with relationships, my opinions on gender roles, consent, and other social hot-topics are about as progressive as they come.
You should message me if
You know a cool place to hang out in whatever city I might be in, or want to go on an adventure. You're curious, ambitious, or just want some extra stimulation in your life. I'm always looking to form deep genuine connections, and would be honoured if you decided to take the first step in messaging me rather than hoping that I'll find you.
The two of us