37Vancouver, Canada
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My self-summary
I am fun-loving. I like summer and beaches. I also like sports such as running and cycling. I enjoy sexy situations anywhere. I like to fantasize about dreamy sexual encounters. I also like theme parks. I like anything that doesn't involve manual labor. I like learning new things, and expanding my horizons. I like veging out and doing nothing, just thinking about things and wasting time. I also like flirting and messing around. I am a highly imaginative person and my mind never stops working. I like watching TV and enjoy some of the older sitcoms. I like sports as well. I like the Seattle Mariners and I like the Vancouver Canucks. My favorite passtimes are relaxing at the beach or cycling. I really enjoy ice cream; I can eat a ton of it and I also love Dairy Queen. I enjoy trying the latest blizzard of the month. I'm just crazy about wacky ice cream flavors such as Mars or Oh Henry, and orange or mint chocolate chip. Ben and Jerry's has some good ice cream flavors as well. I also enjoy gelato and sorbet. Ice cream sodas and sundaes are also my favorite. Ice cream is like sex to me. That's right to the point. I like to lick things that are gooey. I can't believe I just said what I did, but ice cream is at the center of my dessert pleasures. I enjoy ice cream any time of the year. I can eat it at a park or at a Shopping Mall. I also like Shopping Malls and I enjoy hangging out there. I am a materialist and I like to check what is for sale at the mall. I like to buy new things every now and again. My credit card makes it easier, but then I get the bill at the end of the month. I also like cars and I enjoy finding out about the latest vehicles to come out. I prefer American cars, but some of the Japanese cars are good too, but I generally like the domestic cars. I hope that Ford and General Motors can surpass Honda and Toyota. I also like driving vehicles as well. Driving gives me similar pleasures as eating ice cream does. I connect the two of them to being sexual. All cars are girls no matter what. I've driven all different kinds of vehicles, so I should know. Freeway driving is my favorite and someday I will like to go to Germany and drive the Autobahn. I enjoy eating ice cream in a car too. But you should be careful not to spill on the leather seats, if it has any. I really like the look and feel of leather seats. Gas prices can be really annoying sometimes, but it goes down. My favorite gas station is Chevron, and I am very loyal to certain brand names in general, such as Coca Cola, Adidas, Chevrolet and Champion and American Eagle. I also like Olympic Team merchandise, and I am very supportive of my city hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics. I am very supportive of large events that bring people together.

I am self conscious, indolent, and discerning
What I’m doing with my life
I am a University Graduate who is still looking for a direct career path. I am being optimistic. I have no idea where I'll be in the future. That is the beauty of it. Que sera. I look forward to finding out. Currently I am working as an apprentice Recreational Vehicle Technician. I enjoy this job because, as you may know I am into mechanical things such as Cars. Thus far this is the career for me. I enjoy the challenges and rewards of servicing vehicles. Like I said before; each vehicle is a girl and I enjoy giving my care to them, and fooling around with them too.
I’m really good at
I am really good at wasting my time. Sleeping late and watching TV is another of my talents. I do have some more realistic talents, although I am modest about them. I am good at cycling, studying, trivia, learning languages and joking around. I am also good at screwing things up, but I am not proud of that. Okay, maybe I am a little proud of that. Maybe I purposely screw things up to annoy people, because I like to do that sometimes. I like to stir people up and play jokes on people. I enjoy April Fools Day; I am good at April Fools jokes. I am also good at cheering people on and supporting teams such as Sports or anything else. But I'm not good at playing sports. I am really good at sucking at things that most people are good at. The one thing that I think I am better at than anybody else is driving. I probably shouldn't think this because it could bring out road rage or cause me to be over confident and have an accident, but I still think it. I am also really good at mechanical and technical situations involving vehicles. I am really good at using the technology of modern vehicles as well.
The first things people usually notice about me
People generally notice my outgoing personality. They also notice that I am quite dynamic and difficult to figure out. I am very complex. Yet, I am simple, but I can be hard to get to know at times. Generally, the first thing that people notice about me is that I am a bit spacey and easy going to the point where I would not be perceived as a good leader or responsible. But I am a good leader. People notice that I am friendly. I hope girls notice that I am sexy but maybe that is asking too much, because that is probably not true.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite books are few because I am not really a book worm. However, I am reading the Paris 1919 book and another book about the fall of the French monarchy. I've been away from these books for a while, but I will get back to them. I am enjoying the book by President Bill Clinton My Life. I also found this book by Andrew Roberts called "What might have been" this book discusses the twelve what ifs of History such as what if Archduke Franz Ferdinand survived the assasination in Sarajevo before World War I. Although I studied History I really like human Geography, and therefore my alltime favorite book is not a book per se; it is the Eighth edition of the National Geographic Atlas of the World. I also like the Guinness Book of Records and have collected it since 1991. I enjoy looking up the latest records. My favorite movies are quite extensive. I like all the Star Wars movies, and action movies such as the Lethal Weapon series. I enjoy comedy too such Pink Panther. The classics like Gone With The Wind, the Sound of Music, Lawrence of Arabia, The Apartment, Patton, My Fair Lady are also huge favorites. I like The Odd Couple, The Party and California Suite. I also like The Italian Job I and II the Smokey and the Bandit series and the Bogart series such as Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Casablanca and The African Queenalso Key Largo and Dark Passage. I like old movies. I watch a lot of movies. My favorite music is any Eighties pop rock and Nineties pop rock. The Men at Work, the Bangles, the Cars, Blondie. For the nineties; Ace of Base, 98 degrees, Aqua, Vengaboys, TLC, Matchbox 20, Bowling for Soup, John Mayer, Five for Fighting for the millennium. I also like french pop music by Edith Piaf. My favorite foods are anything Italian, Lasagna, spaghetti, pizza. I also like Mexican food and Chinese food. I also like older music such as some of the classic stuff like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and Perry Como. I like annoying people with my knowledge of those songs. I also like old sitcoms such as I Love Lucy, I Dream of Genie, All In the Family, Taxi, Three's Company, The Cosby Show. I have Season 1 through 6 of I Love Lucy on DVD and Season Seven through Nine which is the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. I have recently purchased Season 1 through 3 of Three's Company. I also have Season 1 through 4 of Family Guy. I really enjoy the humor of that show.
Six things I could never do without
I can never do without music, my computer, my car, ice cream, National Geographic, excercise. My Cats. I could never do without music because I need it to bring me up when I am feeling down. I rely on it totally when I am feeling down. My computer is most important because it is the way for me to communicate, and it is my hobby. My car gets me around, and considering I live so far from the city I need it to get around faster because transit is not that good in my area. Ice cream is very important to me because I love Dairy Queen and I love fast food as well, I even love Krispy Kream dougnuts; I have an enormous sweet tooth. I can't go without National Geographic because I enjoy learning about History and Geography to the point of obsession. That magazine is amazing and I always can't wait for the next one to come out each month. I need excercise because it keeps me fit and helps me to reduce stress and stay healthy. I love the stimulation that it provides my mind. My Cats are very important to me because they provide me with compassion and friendship, and they are so sweet.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My future. Will I ever find that someone to marry. I know it is lame. I also spend time thinking about whether or not to get involved in the community and run for office. I also think about my health, and the overall future. Mostly I spend time wondering how others perceive me in terms of appearance and attitude. I want to fit in. I am so appearance conscious I should have been born in Beverly Hills. I am overly concerned about what other people think about me. Also I spend a lot of time thinking about sexual fantasies that I have. I enjoy running them through my mind.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either at home listening to music, or watching movies or out with some friends doing recreational activities. It varies from time to time. Sometimes I go out, and sometimes I don't. My activities generally involve wasting my time.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was thought of as being gay. I have had people bother me about that in high school. But I don't think it is bad, I just think that it is not me. It is not me, but I have experienced it in the past. I have always been slow to develop and mature, therefore, I was slow to develop an interest in girls when I was in high school and as a result I was thought of as being gay. I have difficulty associating with people sometimes because I am too concerned about what they think of me. I don't like being singled out as someone who is a certain way. I think I am obsessed with myself sexually.
You should message me if
You should message me if you like beaches, and theme parks and enjoy fast food and a good time. If you like to do lots of walking and running as well. Also if you can handle talking about politics without getting too flustered. But you don't have to have the same interests as me because I don't want a carbon copy of myself, I want my other half. As long as we can eat in the same restaurant and do the same activities on the town, but you don't have to like the same stuff such as History or Geography. You just need to be generally well rounded and compassionate. Also, if you like Cats or Cars or ice cream!
The two of us