23 Vancouver, United States
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My self-summary
I want to be clear about this. I'm not here to date, fuck, or flirt with you. I have a boyfriend, with whom i am hopelessly in love. We are monogamous. Respect that or leave me alone, please ;)

I am new to the area, and making friends is not my secret talent. Hopefully this will help (also i do not have a car ok moving on)

I have noooo idea who I am. I tried a long, long
time to figure it out, but for now I am living in the mystery and that is a-ok

perspective is everything. your thoughts become you. everything is temporary. all that is, is meant to be
all is one is all. one earth, one people. love, love, love.

i am real, kind, and honest (the honesty gets annoying, i am constantly over-sharing). i am jaded, i don't trust anyone. it's not personal. well, maybe. i am afraid of confrontation.

the most you could possibly know about me is that i am a textbook aquarius (also a rooster which is pretty spot on as well)

**i am almost always stoned and i love to ramble. if that annoys you...well, tbh it's your loss because i'm spectacular**

i have an unhealthy obsession with sharks, and an ever-growing collection of ugly stick n pokes because my broke ass can't afford more tattoos (i do have a couple nice ones, go ahead and ask about em)

i am an air-headed genius with an insane hunger for travel.
i am where gentle sunflower meets angsty bitch.
i either don't wear makeup, or i REALLY wear makeup. there is no in between.
i don't shave, I am a hairy fairy and I love it.
i am a massive walking contradiction.
i am a work in progress
here's my blog:
What I’m doing with my life
Just dragged my ass up to Washington from Southern California, looking tirelessly for a job that embraces me for my brilliance rather than a professional appearance. Wish me luck. Hoping to take a couple classes soon, who knows.

otherwise, looking for adventure. fighting for justice. spreading messages of love and positivity. and smoking copious amounts of mary jane when i can afford it. I'm also currently working on expanding my vocabulary, because i am constantly at a loss for the proper way to express what I'm thinking
I’m really good at
laughing at the wrong time, palm rolling my hair, dropping my hula hoop, creating obscure harmonies, selling phallic foods, babbling on forever about conspiracies, annoying the general public, packing bowls in the dark, driving like a maniac, recording stupid videos of myself, blogging unoriginal photos, dancing awkwardly to music no one else can hear.
I'm going to go for vanity and say I'm a good singer, since it is the sole product of my entire life's work. And i can blow smoke rings, which i think is pretty groovy.
The first things people usually notice about me
my big scraggly hair, my spectacularly coordinated wardrobe, or sometimes "WOW where is that cackling coming from?"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Why these are all grouped together i will never understand. Well, here we go.

Books; extremely loud and incredibly close, phantom tollbooth, how to kill a rockstar, the tao of pooh, acceleration, just listen, tithe, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, dogs of babel, perks of being a wallflower, the confessions of Georgia Nicholson, alice's adventures/looking glass...there's a book i once read in high school that I've been looking for for years with absolutely zero luck. I don't know the name but if i did it would be on this list. Currently reading a few how-to books on astral projection

Movies; harold and maude(you may not want to mention this unless you have literally hours to listen to me babble with excitement), idiocracy, bill and ted's excellent adventure, labyrinth, fantastic mr fox, lion king, what about bob, horrible bosses, moulin rouge, reefer madness, the last unicorn, eternal sunshine, yellow submarine, pan's labyrinth, harry potter(no i didn't read the books. yes i know that makes me some sort of abomination), trainspotting, cry baby, slc punk, chicago, edward scissorhands, beetlejuice, matilda. I don't care much for movies, really.

Television; rick and morty, bob's burgers, portlandia, doctor who, monk, boy meets world, daria, workaholics, big bang theory, how it's made, tanked, criminal minds, flapjack, colbert , ridiculousness, orange is the new black...and basically anything educational if i can find it.
(if you're wondering if i'm up to date with any of these series, the answer is no)

Music; paul baribeau, eric whitacre, the tribal seeds, placebo, regina spektor, bob marley(and sons), kimya dawson, the beatles(as well as john and paul as solo artists), cocorosie, the smiths, the moldy peaches, die antwoord, devendra banhart, matisyahu, the clash, muse, harry belafonte, buzzcocks, frank sinatra, sublime, midlake, imogen heap, the pixies, atmosphere, slightly stoopid, billy joel, david bowie, joanna newsom, metric, miscellaneous 90s alt rock (my music will never be a complete list no matter how often i add to it, so i'll save you the pain of reading 87634875 of my favorite bands. i just really love music ok)

I'm adding a musicals section because that shit is important; next to normal, spring awakening, a very potter musical/sequel, bare: a pop opera, dr horrible's sing-along blog, rocky horror, repo: the genetic opera, little shop of horrors

Food; avocado, garlic, quinoa, spinach, mango, thai noodles, watermelon, sriracha, seaweed, peaches
The six things I could never do without
stimulating conversation
positive energy
sweet mary jane
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to successfully travel intergalactically, and the misunderstood brilliance of Mitch Hedberg's standup
On a typical Friday night I am
what is typical?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
you are so beautiful when you smile
You should message me if
your soul is overflowing with adventure, curiosity, passion, love, and creativity, and you just can't stand keeping it to yourself!

It's true I don't answer most messages I receive. Honestly most people on here bore the shit out of me. The best way to get a response (well, the only way, really) is ALWAYS to send a fascinating opener ;}