38Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
Short version: Looking for "hippie heart, athletic body" -- someone health-conscious, outdoorsy, who exercises - family & community oriented, that also has a creative & artistic soul...

Longer version:

I work events in the city as my day-job, & while I also like to chill...... I've become a more physically active person than I ever thought I'd be!

I am also a writer, in addition to other things I do, so it's pretty essential that you be the thoughtful, deep & reflective type, on some level. I am definitely someone that notices the little subtle, non-verbal details of things, moments, sounds, etc.

I am spiritually inclined, & like to check out groups & events related to that inclination - ecstatic dance, for example, yoga, qigong.

If I had to describe myself spiritual beliefs it would be "Pagan Christian Taoist." Pagan, bc I have a massive reverence for nature, & kind of believe in it more than religion. Christian, bc that's how I was raised & shaped my foundation in so many ways that I think are good. Taoist, ultimately, bc... well, ask me. There is so much to say.

But I'm also not afraid to call things like they are & keep it real..........

Politically, I've gotten a bit more conservative over the years. I was not a Hillary fan! I'm still ultimately a moderate, though, by most people in NY's definition. I voted 3rd party in the election.

In general I like things like dance music and hiking around, being active outdoors.

Am very much into living the healthiest life possible. I'm kind of obsessed with the (idea of) the outdoors & living 'close to nature'. I love plants, want to learn more about them.

I studied abroad a long time ago & have traveled internationally a bunch in the past, & a bit in the past couple years. This winter I was in India. Last year I was in Serbia, Croatia, & Budapest (Hungary). I speak a healthy smattering of the Latin languages, & I am fascinated with the Balkans & eastern european cultures in general.

The person I'm looking for must be willing to consider living outside of NYC, & by that I especially mean somewhere a bit warmer, & ideally more of a dry climate. As of June 2017, I am currently looking at New Mexico, & am checking out Santa Fe & Albuquerque (again) this August.

I've always dreamed of a great romance, & - it's been a long journey, but nowadays am feeling optimistic that it's possible, even probable, to find it...!
What I’m doing with my life
"Longevity coaching" -- I'm working toward writing & coaching & marketing online. The dream is to be location independent. Getting organized. Trying to fit exercise, meditation, family/social time & ideally music practice in with a busy schedule.
I’m really good at
:-) smiling - appreciating silence - having deep conversations - being imaginative & silly
The first things people usually notice about me
People say I have "beautiful eyes" & "a great smile". I've been told I look young for my age & have "presence". Have been told that I'm always smiling, though I do not necessarily feel like this is the case......... Have been told I'm hard to read, at times... & also 'sweet' :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: non-fiction mostly
movies: documentary films mostly - though i love european art films too, if only I had time to watch more of them...
shows: absolutely fabulous
music: brazilian, eastern european, techno, deva premal for yoga - really into deep house, good electronic music in general........ haunting classical/opera composers... cafe del mar, & an ibiza kind of sound....
food: healthy, tonic herbal infusions, green smoothies, interesting fermented goodness - don't worry, I like 'real food' too, especially grass fed meat, dairy, etc.
Six things I could never do without
dark leafy greens
some form of movement meditation (yoga, tai chi, dancing)
a means of self-expression
I spend a lot of time thinking about
. space . & time.... how not to waste energy, the best way to be in this life, this world...
On a typical Friday night I am
maybe staying in, maybe going out... maybe working.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a deeply spiritual person, & have had experiences of 'energy', etc.
You should message me if
you are:

See above. Someone who is funny, challenging, smart, sweet, good-hearted, family-oriented... & also has a sense of the artisanal - ?

(I read a story recently about a couple who fell in love contemplating the sediment structure of a bowl of miso...)

Responsible. Plans, shows up on time, has good boundaries - that old fashioned stuff is important. Character, I guess is the word. Believes in working on themselves, communicating at a high level.

Wants a relationship with the right person, & to really make it a priority. And ultimately -- to have a family!

(It's becoming clear to me that, in this world, family is incredibly important... & despite modern conditioning, we shouldn't be ashamed of our desire to have one) :)

Finally, I do well with 'goofy' - ie: a sense of joy, imagination. I've noticed that just talking & talking doesn't cut it for me. At some point in interactions I need to take a break from the talking & just... relax, let go... look around, enjoy the silence... or laugh, play...
The two of us