29 Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
I'm an eternal student who will probably spend the rest of his life in academia. My incessant need to write and read is a pretty good reflection of my personality. I'll admit it right now, I am an intellectual: I read academic paper for ... fun (le gasp). In turn this means I love to talk and discuss and argue. And when I say I like to talk, it's not just about politics (in its broader sense) or philosophy; I like to talk about pretty much anything including boys, love, cats, food, etc. Nevertheless, a propensity towards "intellectual" discussion (whether or not you're versed in it is unimportant, interest makes all the difference!) is a plus. I'm also very patient and love teaching so I'm always happy to explain myself when I'm not clear or when I'm unconsciously regurgitating legal/academic jargon on you. Beside law/politics/philosophy (which are part of my work) I'm also a history nerd. You could summarize this paragraph by my profession is being curious.

This nerdy academic side of me may make me look like a serious person, but I'm far from that. Ridiculous and silly, and dare I say funny, are words often used to describe me. Laughing is very important to me. There is time to take things seriously, but life is short so the rest of the time is for smiling and laughing. Therefore, my friends and family are very important to me. I'm a social being (although I do like solitude too) and love to interact with other people for play and work (although time makes it sometimes difficult, as I'm a busy bee). This is why I stayed on here after I met my partner. As I've moved a lot over the past years, I find it's a good way to meet people (whether it stays online or developed into in person friendship/whatever else). My head is often in the clouds as I have quite the imagination. It's reflected in my geeky love of everything science fiction and fantasy (tv, movies, video games). I guess my work brings me often to the depressing side of real life so it gives me a chance to escape!

To end this "summary", I would say I'm an open minded, queer, environmentalist, radical/left-wing, academic wannabee, lawyer, easy-going, friendly, generous, passionate, talkative québécois!
What I’m doing with my life
I live in Toronto, by I spend a considerable amount of time in Ottawa for my research (September-April nearly once a week).

I'm a PhD student in law. My work is very theoretical (critical theory, de-colonization) and focuses on different ways to think about environmental law (specifically marine life protection as a case study). In some ways I'm trying to figure out how to create a system that isn't the broken dysfunctional one we have.

I am also a lawyer in the field of environmental, immigration, refugee, human rights and administrative law. I do a lot of pro bono (for free) legal work on LGBTQ and environmental issues.

Beside that, I read a mix of online/paper books, both fiction and academic. I waste some times on netflix, meet up with some friends, write ma blog, cook, go to concert, enjoy life as much as I can basically.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the environment (and our relation to it) and social justice (especially queer, race and indigeneity issues). I think I've evolved a lot on those points in the past years. I'm still evolving of course, and currently I think a lot about how to reconcile my partial asexuality (although I think those words are too limitative) with some personal deep feelings and with my disdain for monogamy as an institution.
I’m really good at
Talking too much, writing too much and reading too much (as this profile demonstrates!). According to my former master supervisor I write well and I do excellent and interesting research, so that's encouraging. I think I'm good at teaching (unless some people lied to me). I would also say that I'm a good friend and partner (at least I try to). I'm also really good at caring as I'm a very compassionate person. On the more practical side, I think I'm a pretty good cook!
The first things people usually notice about me
I would say my smile and how tall I am (especially when I get up since I'm mostly legs). I've also often heard people commenting on my eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
That's a very hard one, so I'll just list a few for each to demonstrate my tastes (I guess) but as a curious person, I always like discovering new things.

Books: life of pie; lord of the rings; dune; harry potter; les trois mousquetaires; 1984; l'alchimiste; Ru; la cantatrice chauve.

Movies: star wars; star trek; Le déclin de l'empire américain et Les invasions barbares; j'ai tué ma mère; C.R.A.Z.Y.; pan's labyrinth; le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain; the 5th element; down with love; Elizabeth; a lot of disney movies.

Shows: the westwing; Parks and Recreation; game of thrones; downton abbey; the tudors; The West Wing; Community; White Collar; Ru Paul's Drag Race; Avatar the last airbender; The Good Wife; Les Bobos;

Music: classical (I would say my favourite piece is Sibelius Violin Concerto); opera; old jazz (Etta James and Nina Simone power!); Edith Piaf; Céline Dion; Madonna; Martha Wainwright; Florence + the machine; Marina and the Diamonds; Scissor Sisters; Pink Martini; Beyoncé; M.I.A.; dancy pop song for going out and dancing in the shower.

Food: everything, I love love love food as long as I can eat it (mostly vegetarian here). It's impossible to pick. I love trying new thing. Although I'm more of a glutton than a foodie :P
The six things I could never do without
Friends and family; chocolate; some to write on; books; laughing; and a comfy bed!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to be better, the meaning of things, social justice & the environment, and my research.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either at home writing, at home watching a movie, or out with friends (dinner and drink to dancing, depending on ma mood).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I did a burn out in 2013. Take care of your mental health folks!
You should message me if
I love meeting new people, so just do it, nothing to lose!

If you feel like chatting, want to connect, meet me, and/or for the hell of it. I'm very friendly (flirty sometimes) and make an effort to answer everyone who writes more than 3 words. Although, please try to be minimally engaging or I will simply stop messaging you or won't answer (so more than just "hey, how are you?" please). I hate it when it feels like your the only one contributing to a conversation.

The "I'm looking for" section above is not indicative of what type of people I'm willing to meet. I'm happy to chat with any non-bigot! All queer people are welcome.

However, if your profile contains something like no fem, only masc, no asian, or any similar indication of bigotry, don't bother sending me a message.

Nota bene: patience is required as I'm not the quickest to reply but I do my best.