56Long Island City, United States
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My self-summary
I'm unpretentious, intelligent, often very serious, but with a quirky sense of humor. I'm "eccentric", enjoying collecting post cards, and Teddy Bears, exploring old New York. I also am blessed with Synesthesia. If you know what that is, great. If you don't, I'll be happy to tell you about it if you are interested.
If I have a "style", it's casual. I've never been into fashion.

I should add that I have met someone, and that I'm here now mainly to communicate with friends, and go on forums. Thanks.

I just discovered that with the addition of a 13th zodiac sign, instead of being Aquarius I'm Capricorn. But it doesn't matter.

In the right circumstances I can be very passionate, and affectionate and I'm hoping to meet someone who also has deep passions in life.

I'm shy, but easily open up with the right person. Intelligent conversation, on topics from books and movies,to current events, is something that especially interests me. Being able to carry on an interesting conversation is a must.
In general I'm a loner. I don't have "lots" of friends, but the ones I have, have been TRUE FRIENDS for at least 20 years.
Ultimately, I'm looking for that special person to be my soulmate, although making friends, meeting people for communication is also very interesting. I enjoy learning about people whose lives are different from mine. But, I am interested in a serious relationship, not just casual meetings.
Life is a journey of learning and experiencing, and I'm hoping to meet someone to share in that journey.
I love travel and want to do more of it. That said, being in New York is very important to me. All of my life has been spent in and around New York City. Even though I wasn't born here(that was in Washington D.C.), it's in my blood. Perhaps one reason London felt warm to me is that although it is vastly different from New York, I felt...at home there.
Despite being a City lover, there are simple things in nature that move me, and make me pause, sunsets, whether in the country, or against the New York skyline, the shapes of clouds, and their colors, particularly at sunrise and at sunset.

Spirituality is important to me, although it's diffficult to describe. While I think community is important, I've never been much of a church-goer. I suppose that's why I describe myself as a "lapsed Episcopalian".

I am 5'10", weigh 193lbs, have piercing brown eyes, and a full head of
wavey, brown hair.

I am intelligent, shy, and enigmatic
What I’m doing with my life
Getting healthy and trying to explore the inner and the outer world. Starting to study meditation. Trying to clean out all kinds of unnecessary stuff, and learning to see things in a different light. I'm trying to master the art of never forgetting things, while forgiving everything. It can be difficult, but it's worthwhile.
Working around the apartment.
Reading, keeping up with current events.
Investigating Synesthesia.
Trying yet again to get decent photo or two to add to my profile.
Exploring the meaning of life. Trying to meet a unique woman to spend special times with. Are you reading this right now...?
I’m really good at
Conversation, listening, empathizing with others. History. Being a good friend. My closest friends I've known for at least 25 years.
I really believe that friendship is the basis of any deep relationship.
It may sound weird, but making lists...of movies I've seen, or catalogue cards for my books, among other things. Cooking. I don't really

I am also very imaginative in a variety of ways...
Being imaginative is an important attribute for anyone I hope to meet.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hat. Or my wavy brown hair. Outdoors I usually wear a hat. My piercing eyes and long eyelashes. I walk with a cane, but I'm quite mobile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books:"The Great Gatsby"by F.Scott Fitzgerald----the first "grown-up" novel I read at 13. After that I never looked back at "teenage" novels, and then read "Narcissus and Goldmund", by Hermann Hesse---mainly because of the sexy women on the book cover, but it was a deep novel about life, love, sexuality, and the history of Middle-Ages Germany was also fascinating. And, "Brave New World", by Aldous Huxley. Great satire, and tragedy; "The Manchurian Candidate", by Richard Condon----the book is even more disturbing than the movie. "The Alienist", by Caleb Carr---a great story, plus a vivid portrait of old New York. "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien....they got me through some interesting time as a teen, and I've never forgotten;
"Low Life", by Luc Sante, an informal history of the darker and dirtier side of life in old New York; "The Times Were Never So Bad", a collection of short stories by the late, great Andre Dubus;"Patton: Ordeal and Triumph", by Ladislas Farago, a great biography of the WWII general; "Pattons", by Robert Patton, a loving, but even-handed family biography by a decendent of the General;
Movies:"Citizen Kane". I think the greatest movie ever made. After taking film class in high school, and seeing Gregg Toland's cinematography, it is just mesmerizing. "Touch of Evil"(restored vesion), Welles' film noir masterpiece, reuniting him with many in the Mercury Theater of the Air, in a story of corruption on the Texas-Mexico border.
Also, "The Manchurian Candidate"(original version), a fascinating film version, with great performancrs, based on a really good book(yes, I read it too!);
"The Sting". "SEE IT FROM THE BEGINNING" the trailer said 35 years ago. On tv and on video I've seen it so many times I'm still surprised. The best was 25 years ago, taking my one-time French pen-pal and her family to see it dubbed IN FRENCH, where it was entitled "L'arnaque", and it was fun to see their faces when they saw the ending.
"Pulp Fiction". Very violent, but not bloody, and the conversations and the words are so well thought out; "The Searchers"---old fashioned John Ford/John Wayne western, great direction, acting, and cinematography...and inspirational for other films, such as Kurasawa's "The Hidden Fortress", and even "Star Wars".
"Aleksander Nevsky", the Soviet masterpiece by Sergei Eistenstein. The acting is stilted, the story of the leader of the Kievan States fighting the evil Teutonic Knights is rooted in historical fact, but the movie is, in fact, an anti-German propaganda film, that was pulled and banned as soon as the Soviets and the Germans started WWII and carved up Poland. I digress...the cinematography is stunning. The greates scene is the battle on the ice, and the badly recorded score by the great composer, Sergei Prokoffiev, has since been re-discovered, performed, and re-recorded. It may be the greatest film score ever written.
Don't get me started on silent films....Growing up, I got to know not only the films of Charlie Chaplin, but Charlie Chase, Harold Lloyd, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Rudolf Valentino, to name a few. And if you enjoy the tones of the "Mighty Wurlitzer, that's a plus too.
Most romantic movie moments: When George and Mary are on the phone with Sam and you can see them fall in love...in "It's a Wonderful Life".
I don't consider myslef a cinemaphile, but I could go on and on about movies!

Music:Classical:----Beetoven, Ravel, Prokoffiev, Bruckner, Wagner, George Gershwin, Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein. "Rhapsody in Blue", "Appalachian Spring", are so quintessentially "American", and Bernstein was a great conductor and a great composer in his own right.
Jazz:Benny Goodman, Miles Davis.
Blues:Robert Johnson, BB King, John Coltrane, Willie Dixon.
Rock:The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Sting, The Police, Coldplay, U2
Foods: porterhouse steak, steak au poivre, dim sum, sushi and sashimi, beef carpaccio, saganaki...
I'm a very picky eater who hates yellow mustard, liver, and lots of things, but, who, after visting Belgium years ago, has learned to love "bitterballe"---deep fried meatballs rolled around in dijon mustard, rabbit. I also like chicken almost any way, as well as duck.
I love most Chinese and Japanese. I'm open to most Asian foods. I love Italian and French...Willing to experiment. I'll let you know.
Six things I could never do without
My Friends and Family
My Teddy Bears
New York City
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The state of the world, politics. The meaning of LIFE.
If God is Omnipotent why does Mankind exist?
Maybe the Hindus have it right, and we are living in the dream of a god.
Relieved that Obama is in, Bush is out, but still very concerned about the future.
What happens next.
Contemplating the effects of Synesthesia.
My friends and family, and how they are doing.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching "The News Hour", "Washington Week in Review", and other PBS news shows, or hanging out with friends at McSorley's and having a fish sandwich with dark ale.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I voted for Mondale in 1984 and Dukakis in 1988.
I like flying in a large airplane, but flying in a small one or a helicopter scares me. I also don't like long escalators or being at the theater in a balcony.
You should message me if
You are warm, intelligent, a good conversationalist with broad interests, a good heart, patience, and if any of this intrigues you. You can be a true friend and confidante.
You have a weird sense of humor. You can be serious, but not all the time. You enjoy the "little" things, watching the shapes and the colors of the clouds, sunrises as much as sunsets.
If an evening at home, watching a great movie, or just sharing time together is as appealing as a night out on the town.
You must love New York City...or at least be willing to give it a try.
If you've gotten this far I guess you are interested. If you are, please write me an email here before sending an IM.
The two of us