49 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Current status: Kicking off a tour of Europe by rail and foot. Currently in London, then heading to Paris and Barcelona. Beyond that is unplanned.

I'm interested in conversation, sharing a drink or meal (or stroll or show or...). Want to tell me about the hot spots in your city? Listen to my stories of travel and art? Talk about life and beauty and passion? Laugh until you can't breath? That's what I'll be doing for awhile: Wandering and chatting and absorbing the rich, wonder-filled world we live in.

The aroma of potato soup fills my home, along with toasty bread and lingering sweet, browned onions. I put on Chinatown, one of my favorite movies, and one I haven’t seen in years: Some movies are best seen rarely and thoroughly savored.

I ladle out a bowl of the smooth soup, then add diced, crisp heart-of-celery and grated aged cheddar. I look over my home, then out to the Bay where the days are getting just a little bit longer. I feel the stirrings of Spring.

I have a good live, a life I cherish. A life I have built over 25 years to provide me with a little security and a lot of flexibility. I have spent the past two years exploring and traveling on my own, pursuing playful whims (like clown school) and seeking beauty and joy wherever I can find it.

I seek a partner, an adventure buddy, to travel inner and outer spaces. I seek intimacy and trust and long-term investment in each other. An explorer who’s eager to leave behind conventional approaches and expectations, and unshackle her heart. A strong, independent woman who I know will be there to catch me when I stumble, who’s trust I have earned the same way. I seek a confident who will laugh loud and often, an advisor who will push me beyond my comfort. Someone with an open, romantic heart who wants to know and be known. I seek a friend, a lover and a companion. Most of all, I seek a partner.

(... more to come...)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am Mayor of Seattle Burlesque 2013, and an active burlesque performer. Yes, I take my clothes off, on-stage. Largely to laughter.
You should message me if
Something nudges you: something tickles in the back of your head. You have a question, or something you want to share with me. You like the way I smile. You want to go have a crazy adventure.