30 Cincinnati, United States
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My self-summary
Salutations! As you a preparing yourself to read the little snip it I wrote about myself I feel that all the best things in life come with a soundtrack and to fully appreciate the epic dullness of this profile you will need to get the perfect song and since it is in fact that almost everything can be enhanced with music you need to get the song Jacksonville--Sufjan Stevens

Don't worry I will give you a few minutes to get it ready. . .

Alright are you ready? Great lets begin shall we. . .

Well with the massive world population that has taken are planet I would like to say that I am indeed the only person exactly like me, but in reality I am sure there are many that indeed could be my rival or even my superior in the ways of being what I describe as "me." But in this little town called Cincinnati Ohio I do believe with the greatest of my ability that I am indeed the only person like me.

I have been in the Queen City for almost four years now and have still not figured out where most things are. What I have found has been an interesting mix of people and how things can vary so much from street to street.

Before I entered on the scene of Cincinnati I was a college student at Murray State University where I decided to take a four year degree and turn it to six because of my wavering desire between two career paths. Where eventually I would graduate with a degree in Interior Design.

Then before that I was given my formative years in Northern Kentucky where I recieved the best of both worlds while living in suburbia could learn and love a big city and yet want to live in the country. And yes I can tell by now many of you are thinking that Northern Kentucky is part of Cincinnati, and yet those who have actually lived in the Northern part of the Commonwealth will tell you it is indeed just slightly different.

Now since I have finished a great deal of background information on myself I realize that if indeed we were to ever go on a date I have taken away atleast an hour and a half of conversation material for you. Alas I would feel sorry for you but I consider this a great chance for you to be inventive in finding new questions that will again stimulate my over-active mind as well as my child like imagination. Because even as are body may grow the ideals we hold as children witll never leave us. So I think.

Now as many of you know we are supposed to put a best of ourselves forward as to promote us as amazing potiential for the dating scene. I like to call it personal propaganda, and while I know many of you have probably stopped reading because this is clearly more of a novel then a short blip on me, I feel like I should give you the good, the bad, and the ugly upfront before you decide to precede any further with messaging me.

I am a little vain and I think highly of myself, because if I don't nobody else would, and I am very ocd and yes I am working on it but there is only so much one person can do when trying to stop a behavior as in my case cleaning that can relax me and calm me down to be a more rational human being. I am also very proper and always say please and thank you and don't really like to show my emotions. Which is good for poker but can be a problem when dealing with other people. So I usually look bored when in fact I am not, and some people interperate this as also being sad. But most of the time I am taking everything in and trying to learn as much as possible because knowledge is the key to life.

I am loving and caring and try to do the best towards people. In the end we all want to be happy and sometimes with the help of others we can achieve that. I love art and if I could afford it my house would be a shrine to the unknown artist that have graced our world and have left a mark personally on my life. I also love taking the time to go to union terminal and the Cincinnati Art Museum It is there where I feel like I belong more then any place in the whole world. I also love to laugh and to be with the people that help complete me. That includes my family and my friends. Without them I wouldn't be here and be the person that you are so keenly interested in while reading this profile.
What I’m doing with my life
As an adult graduating from College I have learned that we don't always end up where we dreamed we would be, but that doesn't make the journey any less exciting or lacking experiences. I have gotten very lucky and have the job I always wanted. I work for an auction house writing descriptions about all the items. I truly love what I do. Though it means crazy hours and lack of sleep.
I’m really good at
I'm really good at expressing myself in a way that can make me seem smarter and funnier then I am in a normal day. I am also really good at making mistakes and trying to learn something from my obvious to the world blunders. I am also really good at baking and cleaning and thanks to my Mother's stepford program I have learned a lot about how to make a house a home and some wicked strawberry cake and pumpkin pancakes. I also love to cook though I wouldn't say I am really good. I can say that what I make is indeed edible and nobody has died of food poisoning. I can also be a good maid because I love to clean and with the practice it takes to get all the dirt out of the ground I have realized that I am good at getting dust out of crevices where no man has gone before.
The first things people usually notice about me
The first thing people should notice about me is my obvious witty yet charming personality that has clearly taken a long time to reach the full potential it has on the day that I have decided to write about myself here to attract the masses to choose me like the bachelor does every fall.

Or it could be the fact that I am also devishly attractive and can't take your eyes off me. . .I know this can indeed be a long shot but one man can dare to dream.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Well this is the part where I am supposed to go into the great details of my life into a little more selective and since I have so many inquiring minds that are soaking this all up like the human sponge how can I refuse?

Books: Dorian Gray, Rebecca, Savage Grace, Memoirs Of A Geisha, My Horizontal life: A Collection of One Night Stands, Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea, Bang Bang Bang, On the Road, The twilight series, Harry Potter, and as I continue to read I am sure this list will continue to expand as the days and months continue.

Movies: The Jon$es, The Wizard Of Oz, Alfie, Basic Instict, Definately Maybe, Mulligans, Return To Oz, Alice in Wonderland, The September Issue, Holding Trevor, The Hours, Far Away From Heaven, Savage Grace, The Kids Are Alright, and like before the list will continue.

Shows: The Tudors, Shameless, Rome, Queer As Folk, Army Wives, American Horror Story, Design Inc, Sarah's House, Sarah 101 just to name a few.

Music: Well I am a different soul and I love a wide variety of music from Classical to Indie, and everything in between if it moves me I like it and there is just too many to name and frankly do you want to read them all individually?

Food: Now as a consumer I do indeed eat many things but I mainly live of protien shakes and salads with some seafood and chicken. But I love Sushi and so much more.
The six things I could never do without
1. My family, and all the craziness that can come with them. Its one group that could truly be a reality tv show if someone actually filmed us all.

2. My pets, I am an avid animal lover and I have a three pound chihuahua that many thinks came from the pits of hell with her way of attacking anything with a pulse and many things that do not. As well as an elderly cat that seems to be ravished by the never ending battle against the three pounds of fur. She has excepted her fate of being a living chew toy for the lively one.

3. My phone, as an archaic device as it is it has served me well the past two years. It is my lifeline to the outside world that fills us with the random knowledge of what everyone has eaten today and for them to broadcast their feelings on various social medias that have polluted are world, As well as letting me take those various important calls that our entire world depends on my decisions for all mankind.

4. My friends, as you are propably not reading this are thinking that why have these very unique and special individuals that call themselves my friends a.k.a. my inner circle have not reached the upper tier of this list that I have to procure from my own mind which is vast and filled with many useless facts. But I love them all individually for their interesting qualities they bring to the table and the stimulating conversations that come forth when enough beverages with an alcoholic content in them are being served. But in all honesty I could not live without them and I would not be here typing this out from the comfort of my own apartment.

5. My car, as ravished by time it has become the ailing vehicle has kept up with the grueling pase that I have put before it, like most of us it has seen better days and could use a few little tweaks here and there and we all have our little quirks that keep us going and make us a unique individuals.

6. Shopping, and yes I must say that I do it a lot, it relaxes me and takes the edge off my life and lets me get lost in the glossy stylings of the plastic covered object that I hold in my hand like a priceless relic that indeed one day it will become.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend most of my time thinking about the complexities that often fill my life like what is the meaning of my life or that of others? am I using the right fabric softner? Is it wrong to contemplate the demise of a spider since it has clearly started invading my territory and like any good scout for an army they must be made an example of. I also think about where my life is going and where my goals are and will I one day meet my souls counterpoint in another. Or at the very least find someone who can put up with someone who clearly has too much personality for their own good.
On a typical Friday night I am
On a typical friday night is the night where I dedicate time to my friends so we can catch up on our not so glamorous lives and talk like a group of grown individuals do.

But on the rare occurance that I am not with my friends I will indeed be laying in my bed with a huge bowl of a buttery food that comes from the kernals of a corn and are oiled and then popped to make a delicious morsel that I savor in my mouth will I watch a movie and contemplating if I should make even more of this thing called popcorn.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I know that if you have read this far into the book that is scrolled out on your device that should be considered impressive. I am an avid gamer and love the Elder Scrolls and Fable series. I am currently a Verran rank 1 High Elf Mage. I know this made me so much more awesome.
You should message me if
If you have read this profile and have considered me an interesting person and could see yourself caring a conversation over a meal of sorts. Or if you have are wanting the same desires as me in my life, and think that besides my obvious charming personality and my what some can say my pleasing facade we could in fact be good friends and see where in time that takes us. Out of all great relationships friends have been the ones that will weather a storm or can be your soul-mate. And for me that is what I want someone who can stand by my side as I make mistakes and help me grow as I can do the same for them.