33 Marina del Rey, United States
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My self-summary
This chart is exactly what I do with my time: http://d.pr/i/wtI9/

I'm pugnacious, mentally and physically. I'm egotistical. I'm judgmental. I'm a bit of a cad. I believe firmly that I'm never wrong, except when I am. I'm an outlier and I make my own path.

If I like you I'll also be caring, adoring, loving, and sensitive.

I'm looking for a coconspirator in life. Someone passionate, who will plan bank heists and the downfall of governments as well as movie nights and lazy mornings in bed. I believe that love should be approached with reckless abandon and that even if it fizzles it leaves a beautiful and blackened scorch mark on the fabric of our lives so message me and let's start a bonfire.
What I’m doing with my life
Spending days sitting and sipping espresso and spending days climbing mountains.
Nursing hangovers and eating fattening breakfasts.
Sitting on my couch and watching TV and running until I can no longer breathe.
Indulging in Wendys, McDonalds and Arbys and making healthy home cooked meals.
Staying up late and partying my face off and loving the feeling of going to bed before the sun goes down.
Smoking cigars and drinking whisky.
Working long long days to achieve my dreams and finding time to not miss out on the crazy world around me.
Hanging out with friends watching football and hanging out with friends playing football.
Enjoying and sometimes struggling with all the twists of this strange and messy life.

So maybe you noticed I didn't actually say anything there.

1) I work on this: http://www.willstream.com
2) I have a real job so I can spend all my disposable income on part 1.
The first things people usually notice about me
Super nice bum. It's like, rock solid. You can pretty much bounce a quarter off that thing.

That's only if I'm approached from behind of course, and I can only assume that that is what's going through people's minds.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

The Unbearable Lightness of Being - Milan Kundera. Love this book.

What the dog saw - Malcolm Gladwell. If you read this book and didn't find any of it interesting at all we probably wouldn't get along. Don't feel sad though, people live perfectly normal lives without having any sense of curiosity or wonder. ;-)

The Davinci Code - Dan Brown. Get off your high horse, this book was super entertaining and you know it.

A Song of Ice And Fire - I actually didn't read this, but instead listened to it as an audiobook while running. It still counts though.

Also Stephen King. He's good too.

Fast & Furious 6. Cinematic masterpiece. In all seriousness I like all sorts of movies. Most of them, it takes a truly terrible movie for me to not enjoy it. For example "Surfer Dude". Watch this movie if you wish to appreciate how incredibly bad movies can in fact be.

Food and Music:
I like it all. I once was told that people who don't have things they really dislike have bad taste. I like to think of it more as the entire world making me happy. When it comes to food it's often even better if it makes me happy with basil.
The six things I could never do without
My computer: Sometime I dream of becoming a carpenter and living a simpler life. A life where I don't need to be tethered to this machine that is slowly making me shortsighted and usurping my social life, including at this point my dating life. Then I realize I can't make anything out of wood and give up and go back to tap tap tapping away at this keyboard.

My iphone: It maps my runs. It reads to me soothingly when I don't want to read myself. It tells me when I have eaten too much food. Occasionally it even lets me do this miraculous thing called telecommunication.

Beaches and Mountains: Occasionally, when I can tear myself away from doing things like cleaning my kitchen, napping and eating hot wings (which I do actually really like) I've been known to partake in nature. Surfing/Snowboarding/Snowshoeing/Hiking etc.

Comfortable Sofas: They practically separate us form the animals. When I cuddle up to a good book, or drift off working at night I love being enveloped by my couch. I guess I must be a man.

My Dreams: I feel like something terrible and ominous happens to people somewhere between the ages 15 and 25 where they stop wanting to be astronauts and become more interested in white picket fences, dogs and how much their cars cost. If I could have anything I'd still want to be an astronaut.

I need six of these? I feel like I've been writing forever. Let's just say the last one is water. I'm feeling dehydrated right now and it's making me slightly more unhappy than I would be if I were not feeling dehydrated. I'm pretty sure that means I need this stuff... then again, maybe it's just a fad.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-Ways to become a billionaire so i can go to the moon
-My next adventure
-Laying on beaches
-How much I am wishing that I hadn't skipped breakfast today. (This one is pretty rare because I almost never skip breakfast, but it's pretty high on my list of important topics right now.)
-How I wish I had slept more last night
-The espresso I will inevitably be drinking in a few hours, because who would want to go longer than that without espresso?
On a typical Friday night I am
Patron and Henny!! Actually I hate both of those things.

Probably doing the same thing the whole rest of the world is doing on friday nights: "Chillin' out maxin' and relaxin' all cool".
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Once, when I was young I was so excited to get to my swimming lesson I ran into the pool naked.

If you want to know something legitimately intimate about me let's actually meet. I'm very candid.
You should message me if
You're happy and healthy, apparently these two things are as transmissible as the flu.

Strong preference to girls who want to take over the world.

I'm still exploring LA, if you know of any of the following please contact me:
1) Excellent coffee or excellent espresso, I'm kind of coffee snobby
2) The best snowboarding in the area
3) Some sort of shortcut around the city so I don't have to sit in traffic any more.
4) Vietnamese Subs
5) The best Californian beers
6) Other hidden gems in the city that I'll inevitably take 3 years to find without help.

Lastly it seems like I have made some enemies on this site. If you are one of these people please message me if you either want to fight to the death or offer me your unconditional surrender.