52 Palatine, United States
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My self-summary
It goes deeper than color of your eyes, how tall or short you are, what kind of food you like or not. It's something that you can't see or touch. It has to start from something so deep you can't explain it. It's like an invisible force coming from somewhere unknown. You can not see it, but you know it's there and to grow from there, to like each other more and more each day, even because of the differences. To give each other what the other lacks and to inspire each other to be the most they can be. To really and truly want to love and to be loved. To truly believe in the other, in their ability in the present, in their potential in the future, and in accepting of their past. To respect and nourish each other strengths as well as weaknesses. To be supportive and loving even when it isnot easy and fun. To be open, honest and caring. To bring out the best in each other and to be able to forgive thenot so best. To share and honor life's little moments as well as the large ones. To be truly thankful each day and for each other.
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Led Zeppelin , Doors, Pink Floyd ....
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