48Port Orchard, United States
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My self-summary
I keep adding to this as I think of more things...

My first name is Diamond (yes, it's legal). Grew up in Southern California. Turned 21 in Poker Dealing School back in 1990. With my name, I either had to deal or strip. I think that I made the right decision (according to the Health Department, anyway, but I have an Appeal in). Been in Casinos for the past 23 years, mostly Poker, mostly Dealing. I both enjoy & take pride in what I do. Spent 15 years in California Card Rooms & six years in Vegas. Been in WA for a year and a half, now.

I am a big guy, obviously. Trying to get in shape to be around for my daughter. I've lost 50#s but still have 100#s to go.

One of the best things that ever happened to me was getting together with my ex-wife in 2004. Another one of the best things to ever happen was her leaving me at the end of 2009. A year and a half into our relationship, she became disabled. It completely changed her personality and our relationship dynamic. I would never have left her because she needed me but once she bailed, something clicked in my head "fine, it's over". Haven't had much luck meeting anyone since. I am always considered the nice guy "friend". Hate that F word, sometimes.

I am not in a very good industry for meeting available women. I am a good guy that really takes care of his woman but not too many people look beyond the fat.

I am a smart & funny guy that is fiercely loyal & honest. I say what I think & don't think before saying it. Flaming Liberal Progressive (if you voted for Romney, you are an asshole). Libertarian (you have a right to do whatever you want as long as you don't take other's rights away). I am not superstitious. God; Astrology; UFOs; Reincarnation; Gem Theory; Ghosts; Numerology; & the Ice Capades: All make the same amount of sense to me.

I have a beautiful, smart, & funny eight year old daughter named Zoë that I am fighting to get Custody of. I have no plans for any other children but have been in relationships with women that had kids and enjoy the family environment.

Geek and a half. I like Sci-Fi more than Fantasy. Big time Trekker but also a Star Wars fan. First job was in a Comic Book Store & worked several Conventions & Trade Shows.

Love Languages, Linguistics; & Language itself. I always have the maximum games going on Words With Friends. Want to go back to school for myself: Linguistics; Languages; Computers; History; & Philosphy.

Majorly into Comedy & Stand Up. Can't get enough. George Carlin was a genius, especially with language. I only saw him live three times (front row seats once for my birthday) and really regret not seeing him more. I was living in Las Vegas for his last three years of life and kept thinking there would be time... I knew his first wife a bit. I played & dealt poker to her in LA. Currently, I am FB Friends with his daughter & widow.

When I first met my ex-wife, she asked me what five things I was looking for in a woman. I said: 1. Smart; 2. Funny; 3. Someone I can trust; 4. Someone that will love me back; & 5. I need a horndog. That about sums it up. Just being straight.
What I’m doing with my life
I moved to Washington to be closer to my daughter while I fight for Custody. Been in limbo for over a year not getting enough work. For the first time in my career, I am not making decent money quite yet.
I’m really good at
Dealing Poker but I don't see how that will be relevant here.
The first things people usually notice about me
My great personality (codeword for my size). The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: it's all big on me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I read a book every three to seven days but usually have several going simultaneously. I always have a paperback on me, another in the car, one on my nightstand, something in the bathroom. I read lots of nonfiction on Language, Philosophy, & History. Really into spy novels. One of my favorite things is to find a good character/author that I really like & go to the used book store to pick up everything to read in order. If you are love Twilight, you live on a different plane of existence than me. I tried three different times to read it, couldn't get past page 20. Such drivel.
Favorite authors: Lee Child; JD Robb; Richard Stark; JK Rowling; Vince Flynn; David Balducci; John Grisham; David Silva; Sara Paretski; Patricia Cornwell; David Morrell; Isaac Asimov; David Gerrold; Ray Bradbury; Stephen King; Peter David; F. Paul Wilson; Douglas Adams; Robert Ludlum; John Sandford; WEB Griffin; Dan Brown; Rick Bennet; Eric V. Lustbader; RJ Piñeiro; Stuart Woods; Gregory McDonald.

Movies : Highlander; Star Trek; The Great Escape; The American President; The Avengers; Say Anything; The Watchmen; The Hunted; The Big Lewbowski; Memento; The Princess Bride; Escape to Witch Mountain; Back to the Future; Grosse Point Blank; The Adventures of Robin Hood; Spiderman; True Lies; Con Air; The Fugative; Monty Python & the Holy Grail; Three Days of the Condor; Indiana Jones; The Rock; The Abyss; Star Wars; The Bourne Movies; National Treasure; Wargames; The Sting; The Terminator; Rounders; Heat; The Wedding Singer; Office Space; Airplane; Forrest Gump.

TV: The Big Bang Theory is the best show in the History of TV; Highlander; Buck Rogers in the 25th Century; Arrow; Revolution; Battlestar Galactica; Leverage; Blue Bloods; Walking Dead; Mike & Molly; Freaks & Geeks; Castle; Firefly; Shazam!; Lucan; Man from Atlantis; Misfits of Science; Grimm; Good Wife; Mentalist; Revenge; CSI; Criminal Minds; NCIS; Person of Interest; Elementary; Burn Notice; Lie to Me; Warehouse 13; Alphas; The Twilight Zone; The Six Million Dollar Man; The Incredible Hulk; Justified; Suits; Falling Skies; Breaking Bad; Remington Steel; The Daily Show; Black Adder; Royal Pains; In Plain Sight; The Closer; Friends; Mad About You; Seinfeld; Gilligan's Island; The Munsters; Switched at Birth; Flashpoint; Family Ties; Twin Peaks; Kyle XY; Rachel Maddow; White Collar; Alias; Bones; House; Hogan's Heroes; MacGyver; Taxi.

Shows : I like Stand Up Comedy mostly. Never been to an Opera or Ballet but enjoy Plays/Musicals.

Music: I mostly enjoy Parodies & Comedy: Weird Al; Capital Steps; Tom Lehrer; Garfunkle & Oates; Stephen Lynch; Julie Brown. Real music, I enjoy Classic Rock & because I am Class of 1987, 80's music. Not into Rap or Head Banger for the most part. Classical & Jazz is OK but not my thing. Mostly Rock & Roll where I can understand the Lyrics. The words shouldn't just be another sound in the background.

Food: I, obviously, love food (I am an expert eater, do not try this at home). Really love fruit & cheese. Some favorite cuisines: Sushi; Mexican; Thai; Italian; Seafood; Phở; Chinese; Korean BBQ; Teppan; Steak.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lately, I've become addicted to answering OKC questions. I think it helps both sides understand each other better. Not really sure how the Match/Friend/Enemy is figured, though. I have answered a fuckton, all honestly & all publicly. If you want to know anything about me, ask or check out my answers.
On a typical Friday night I am
Dealing Poker. I tend to work Swing Shift & sleep daytime.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I hate coffee. I don't even like the smell. Not sure if I'm breaking a law living in the PNW.

Also, Poker is my only Sport or Reality TV. I just never got into watching/caring about sports. Reality TV baffles me as well. So contrived. But, to each their own.
You should message me if
Anything here sounds compatible with you. I enjoy having fun and am looking for someone to eventually share my life with. We can get a drink or do the dinner & a movie thing or just go to a park to talk and see where it goes.
The two of us