40Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary

i'm 39 years old....you know....like jack benny. marketing is a fascinating science.
i am the ultimate version of... whatever i am. my personality matches my appearance, and have been as you see me, forever. i don't like hippies. i dont like commies. i don't like dope fiends. although i dress like an old-movie texas oil tycoon, and drive a flashy cadillac car, i'm a very poor boy. i have the mentality, tastes and point of view of the average guy-on-the-street circa 1960. i think mickey mantle was a great american. i don't like tattoos near chicks' important parts. i'm the sweetest guy in the whole world. i like road trips across this great country.
in public, i'm probably the slickest character you'll ever meet. privately, i have some interests and hobbies that would surprise you(hopefully in a good way).
THE FOLLOWING WORDS APPEARRING IN YOUR PROFILE JUST MAKE ME TIRED ALL-OVER: obama, oprah, madonna, gaga, glee, passport, vegan, india, asia, hiphop, flip-flops.
i love all people. don't take my niceness for stupidity. i'm deceptively easy-going (so you're not actually getting away with the B.S. you might be trying to pull).
What I’m doing with my life
TCB, baby.
the brass ring has eluded me so far. i'm still pitching in, though. got some big things on the burner. came close many times. great stories. i keep up appearances and manage to amuse myself in the meantime. got projects on the fire, even as we speak.
i'm still lots more fun than most of the clowns out there.
I’m really good at
being a smartmouth, looking cool, grabbin' up the whole scene, cuttin' through the crap to get to the truth, making summary judgments about people, working with numbers, i'm one of those "walking encyclopedias" with loads of information about everything, singing.
The first things people usually notice about me
exactly what you're noticing
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i would make a long list of my favorites but odds are(regardless of how eclectic you might be) you wouldn't be able to identify with 97% of it. but that's ok. funny thing is, my taste would have been considered incredibly lowbrow and mainstream until the early '70s. i'm just a little different. here's some stuff:
book: mike mulligan and his steam shovel(a virginia lee burton childrens' book i read when i was 5, but i still live by it today), history, biographies, reference books/ music: fats domino(especially the abc-paramount years and the 1960 sessions with the overdubbed string arrangements)(see what i mean?). i've actually been spending years trying to bring back an obsolete pop sound that as of yet has eluded the retro-revivalist community(MY LIFE'S GREAT CAUSE. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN ME, THEN THINGS WOULDN'T WORK OUT). i also like the old nashville-countrypolitan sound./ movies: "it's a mad mad mad mad world", anything with timothy carey in it, actually almost any movie/ food: burgers, steaks, spaghetties, ice cream, cocoa puffs, chocolate candies, dr pepper, red stag, jack daniels, miller high life/ tv show: 60s batman(in color), encore western channel, benny hill, abbott and costello, cannon(a quinn martin production) almost anything pre-1975/ art: henry darger.
Six things I could never do without
my friends in the tv set, baseball/yankees, cigars, tunes, suits, what's left of my family
I spend a lot of time thinking about
where it all went wrong
On a typical Friday night I am
lying in my own filth
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i don't like "fancy, sophisticated, cultured" people. deep down, i'm just all-gussied-up white trash. not a big fan of the esoteric. I am anti-intellectual.

i like to play air drums to inappropriate music.

most likely to say: "lemme have a diablo sandwich, a dr pepper and make it fast--i'm in a godamn hurry."

also, if you can pass for someone in the age range i like, or if you're too young but extremely cool, that could be ok.
You should message me if
you're an earthy, fun-loving girl who likes to get all dressed-up. your profile doesn't read like your career resume or the info in the back of your 8x10 glossy. your photo section isn't a mini travelogue with pictures of you in 16 countries. you're not a fussy douchebag. you're not looking for a girlfriend with guy parts. you're not a pretentious snot. you're not a worthless lying opportunistic punk. you're not a flaky artsy unreliable fly-about who's lookin' to move to oregon or italy or wherever in a few months. you're not a sloppy mess. you're not "bipolar", a sociopath or sportin' a borderline personality disorder. you don't have low self-esteem. PLEASE, NO FANS OF COOKING OR FOODIE TV SHOWS, NO, NO NO (i like eating, but not as a spectator sport).
If you know who ernie freeman was and what great thing he did that has enriched my world, i'll marry you (other qualifications apply).

does the word "xenophobia" mean anything to you?

c'mon! i won't bite! i'm a million laughs!
The two of us