47Olympia, United States
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My self-summary
My thoughts on facial hair :
It's easier (or at least faster) to shave for a woman that desires it baby-butt smooth, than grow a beard for one who likes it soft and fuzzy.

What do you think? send me a wink if you think the beard should stay. I promise not to mistake it for an invitation to message you incessantly or anything but I can compare winks to overall visits.
(currently 21 visits no winks for the facial hair - if this keeps up you can expect an updated and fresh faced picture soon)

Just got the hang of not making someone a favorite because I think they had something interesting to say....my appy-polly-logies.

People who put coffee or cigs in their 6 can't do without list AND insist that they NEVER do drugs !?! Get a Clue -
SUGAR IS THE GATEWAY DRUG. if you are over 20 and born in this country, unless you had Hippie parents, you've been addicted to refined sugar since the womb. (bring on the hate mail)
I'm not perfect or anything, I use alternative sweeteners when cooking and have all but given up candies, Ice Cream however is a tough habit to break. I'm trying to get off the nicotine & if I can't do it by my next birthday I'm treating myself to/with a Hypnotist.
almost never take aspirin - but I do have 2 prescriptions.

My friends would all agree that I'm a cross between Gilligan and Shaggy. if ever lost on a 'Desert Isle', I'd surely build a bike/taxi out of bamboo. I can also eat a 1/2 gallon of ice cream, a plate of BBQ ribs and Down a couple of Pints in one sitting -and I'm always up for adventure, even if it scares me.

What I like to do... well Billiards, Pinball and Pints is a good way to relax, I've been bowling twice in the last month - surprisingly fun
Reading textbooks & how-to books, planning my summer, when it's raining hard enough to keep me indoors I like to play a little Wii Golf.
I used to run and even ran a marathon once - hope to celebrate next earth day in St. Thomas USVI participating in the 1/2 Iron Man with my brother.

- - but I'd rather be more adventurous - (get out your google maps)
Perhaps to set out on a Friday by bike (with a day-pack with tent & food strapped into the pannier from Olympia and make lake Quinault by nightfall. Go clam digging near Kalaloch Saturday and ride back by Sunday night.
Or take out the family sailboat for Island hopping, fishing & crabbing around Puget sound - or even sail straight to Hoodsport with bikes and go up staircase or Summit Ellinor for a weekend.

I've always been skinny and averaged a gain of 1/2 lb / year since high school - I've got a 31" waist and 6' tall and maybe a couple of beers are showing round my middle (from being rather lazy this last winter) but you can still see my hipbones and a couple of ribs. Although my skinny-ness has always been how others identified me, I prefer to look for ability. rather than size/weight in people - for instance I think it's very important that you can carry 40% of your weight in a frame pack, I've been camping with people who couldn't and it just sucked.

It's not really camping if you sleep within 15 miles of your car.

oh and since I'm hoping to coin the term:
Chaosptomistic the belief in or state of optimistically expecting absolutely anything to happen. Even an interrupting p in the middle of a word.

I am outdoorsy, musician of sorts, and chaosptomistic
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I've got some options...
I just landed a temp job with the NTA (Nutritional Therapist Association)
for a few weeks - may turn into a part time opportunity in the fall. I have secured work afterward for the next 2-4 months, doing finishing work on a cabin in middle of nowhere SE WA every other week till it's done. I listed my location as Oly because I plan to spend the rest of the time moving from Portland to there. I have usually cooked for work, but Oly will have some other options in nutrition/health field - hopefully finishing my massage certification in the next year.

I admit that I've had some advantage in being able to follow my wanderlust while ignoring the need for a "true career". I've been employed when I wanted to be for the last 12 years - -
I was ADD back when they just called it Hyperactivity, long story short they don't even make the drugs they put me on when I was 7 anymore, and in my early 20's I met a 68year old self proclaimed jailhouse lawyer that put together a complaint on my behalf. by the time I was 28 I had a settlement of a monthly stipend and full medical.

The stipend didn't stop me from perusing great jobs like working for Amazon.com for a couple of years including traveling to N.Dakota and launching the Home and Garden/Tools call center when Amazon bought the whole Tool Crib Of the North company. I had built and remolded homes and done landscaping previously and my dreadlocks(at the time) made me an Iconic example of the relaxed NW/Seattle style of Amazon. But that monthly check sure came in handy when 8 months after I came back from NODAK I was part of the 1/3 of the company to get laid off for India outsourcing.
I've worked as a Manny for a friend -
He is/was a single father of 3 kids when his wife suddenly left him -
go figure when your spending 5 24hr days straight in a cubicle with
endless coffee coding a "quick to market" program/thingamajig you
should expect to ruin your homelife.
But on the bright side he came home for 5 days at a time and his place was 9 blocks from the beach in South Beach Miami.
And I've had Years of experience cooking in all sorts of restaurants throughout my travels.

Seriously considering spending the end of July and most of August in the Olympic National Forrest camping and taking photos, writing camping and trail guides, videoblog etc. My brother and I have talked quite alot about this and he and his wife have promised to take pre-arranged trips every 2 weekends to meet up and get re-supplied.
I would love to make a Dick Proenneke-esque film of carving a windsurf board from deadfall at an alpine lake & posting it as a geocache film online - you can't just take a beater windsurf board up into those fragile ecosystems because of the invasive whelk snail and other ride along critters.

I guess I'd be pleased to just make a connection with someone who wouldn't feel that a trip like that would be an interruption in dating, keeping me from going. But would sure like to meet someone here to come along - a partner in this quest.
I’m really good at
Climbing Trees
Changing my appearance - I can rock a suit (with a quick shave and a trim)
Folks say I have a good voice (when I'm not channeling Weird AL mixed with Burroughs).
making up words - my all time favorite is Doughnockwurst - the veal and garlic flavored doughnut favored by Homer Simpson. ( although why I like it best is because it made my friend shoot beer out his nose when I said it)
oh yeah, did I say I can cook?
I can Juggle, hustle pool, sip on a fifth of Bushmills and not realize I've drunk it all - and move real slow the next morning.
I can play guitar well enough to perform 'round the campfire and sing well enough that no one mind's it's a little rough.
The first things people usually notice about me
Besides being skinny 158lbs this morning, people notice that I'm nimble, and I tend to puff up like a bird and take charge in an emergency.
people are surprised when they find out how old I am, they usually think I'm 32 or less - I totally understand, when I shave I can still get carded occasionally.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite Tattoo - The Sacred Chao

My top ten favorite people (work in progress)
Dick Proenneke - google his book "One Man’s Wilderness" or the documentary ""Alone in the Wilderness" if you've never heard of him.

favorite foreign films
Volere Volare

Favorite Local (WA) Bands
the nosEs - all time favorite
C-Average - fet. guitarist from the noses
The Dirty Birds - fet. bassist from the noses and other good blokes,
The Melvins / Thrones,
Sesame Street Gansters
Uncle Leuschner and the Chris Complex

Favorite bands / musicians
Eddie Duran, Frank Zappa,Blind Faith, GD, Crash Worship
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Marc Bolan / (T.Rex etc.), David Bowie, Jethro Tull, Cake, Mojo Nixon (with skid roper, Biafra or the toad liquors),
[[Billy Bragg
, Jonathan Richman, The Happy Mondays, Television, wilco, Nina Simone, George Harrison, Bob Dylan,
Buddy Miles (American Flag, Band of Gypsies), Pink Floyd, The Who
...Just to name a few.

favorite foods
trying to stick to organic and drinking lots of water
anything with BBQ sauce (I make a mean one from scratch)
or served with cranberry sauce
Every year at thanksgiving my family has a turkey cook/smoke/deepfatfry off with survivor style voting and a big reading of the secret ballots before desert. It's usually 2 teams competing with the most organic birds available.

favorite bowie songs
Moonage daydream
Unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed
letter to Hermione
Six things I could never do without
my legs
handwinder that charges my cellphone, camera, and mp3 player
leisure/sweat pants - it can be hard to find tall enough pants that don't fall off my hips without an extra layer + plus It's not like I've got any natural insulation.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
organic food and living better
finishing my Massage license studies.
Moving to U.S. Virgin Islands and learning to cook local cuisine
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I do Wii yoga yeah I know it's video game yoga but better than not doing it at all.
You should message me if
if you would like to chat, make a date for coffee, make a new friend, go adventuring with an adventuring artist.
The two of us