38 Venice, United States
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My self-summary
Jesse ✋ ✨✨✨ Aries.
Single Dad to the sweetest 9 year old boy in the world. We live in Venice half a block from the water.
Sharing time with my son is number one for me since he will likely be out of the house on his own with his buddies in a few more years.
I llllllove being outdoors.. I run and bike on the beach, hike, skate, climb, surf (beginner), yoga and I study a really cool martial art. I can be a bit of a homebody these days. I talk to clients all day, so when I am done for the day I can be quiet and more of an observer.
My son is a gymnist. We go camping whenever possible..Yosemite, Big Sur, Joshua Tree, Sequoia

I am a hairdresser so I may stare at your hair but I am not judging..promise.
I am also working on a kids clothing line which I hope to transition toward being my main gig. I can talk about clothing for a while..

I am obsessed with music, books, film, art and pop culture, as you can see from my extensive lists.
I play different instruments and sing uncontrollably. My son and I have a goth rock group.

I grew up in San Francisco in the inner Richmond/Haight Ashbury area. I have three sisters in the bay area, so we drive up there a lot.

I'm vegetarian. I haven't committed to vegan yet due to my hopeless cheese addiction. I love to cook and I am mot bad. We are at the farmers market every week. I stir fry a lot. Coconut oil. Any recommendations on seasoning vegetables?

This is kind of personal but I think transparency is warranted:::
My son's Mom passed when he was a year old. It was devestating and a very difficult transition. It's been over 8 years and we are happy, and do just f.i.n.e ;) I have grown so much from this experience..
His Nana lives close by and loves spending time with him so i do have help;)

I'm hoping to meet inspired, interesting people to hang out and create with. Friends are always good.

As far as what i'm looking for in a relationship.. Someone with big heart, tough, funny, likes my dark, dry humor, has a wild imagination, who lives in gratitude and appreciation for what she has, lives in the present, embraces the unknown, is passionate and creative in her work, lives to help others, and the planet and all it's creatures, *communicates well, tries to not harbor resentments as much as possible, is introspective, shares interests, is curious like a kitten, reads!!! , likes the rosebowl, flea markets, antiques, records etc., relatively similar taste in music would be cool, loves animals, and kids! I am definitely open to having another but if the person I fall in love with can't do it, that is ok with me:)✨
What I’m doing with my life
Growing. Trying to find my zero. Green suppliments. Daydreaming. Loving. Being creative.
I’m really good at
Being authentic. Showing up. Staying positive. Doing hair. Finding gems at flea markets. Making lists. Making fun of myself..and others. Making salads. Making up new words. Mario Kart. Doodling om napkins. Untangling my headphones. Recycling..yep-- i cary it around until i find a recepticle. Foot massages. Other stuff.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Beatles, Stones, TheCURE, Zombies, VelvetUnderground, LouReed, Iggy Pop, TheStooges, NeilYoung, TheJesusAndMaryChain, TheReplacements, HarryNilsson, BigStar, RoyOrbison, FleetwoodMac, GillianWelch, TownsVanZandt, Donovan, Kinks, PublicEnemy, RobertJohnson, FrancoiseHardy, Jaques Dutronc, France Gall, MuddyWaters, Ramones, JohnnyThunders, Leadbelly, LemonTwigs, ModernLovers, ChambersBrothers, Dylan, Bowie, T-Rex, Pulp, DeadCanDance, LisaGerard, TommyJames&Shondells, MichaelJackson, TheSeeds, LeonardCohen, BertJansch, JoeMeek, TameImpala, PatsyCline, LindaRondstadt, HankWilliams, SamCooke, Otis, EverlyBrothers, AlGreen, Temptations, EttaJames, BillieHoliday, NinaHagen, NinaSimone, DollyParton, Carpenters, BuddyHolly, KimFowley, BlindWillieMcTell, SydBarrett, Jimi, Love, WalkerBrothers, FrankiValli, AliceCooper, Troggs, Badfinger, Rasberries, Hall&Oats, NewYorkDolls, FlaminGroovies, Spacemen3, Sabbath, LedZeppelin, Queen, LittleDragon, TerryRiley, TheFall, CrystalCastles, DepecheMode, Cold Cave, SkinnyPuppy, SistersOfMercy, ChristianDeath, Tool, FaithNoMore, Fugazi, SamTheShamAndThePaharoahs, WhiteFence, TheOhSees, AnimalCollective, GuidedByVoices, Mummies, Heart, SlaughterAndTheDogs, Vaselines, Saints, DeadBoys, Clash, LordsOfTheNewChurch, PsychicTV, Jane'sAddiction, NWA, Television, DrDre, LinkWray, DelShannon, Elvis, EddieCochran, GeorgeHarrison, Badfinger, MottTheHoople, RaviShankar, BuffaloSpringfield, DelShannon, WandaJackson, JohnCale, SuziQuatro, CheapTrick, BeastieBoys, MCEiht, Snoop, BeachBoys, Byrds, Band, JohnPrine, WillieNelson, MazzyStar, CatStevens, RoxyMusic, Prince, Pixies, Smiths, JoyDivision, NewOrder, Neu!, GaryNuman, Berlin, Siouxie&TheBanshees, TelevisionPersonalities, Bauhaus, SistersOfMercy, GoKartMotzart, Felt, Jellyfish, HumanLeague, Cars, Cinderella, JamesBrown, Suicide, ThrobbingGristle, VonHaze, RoyalTrux, Kills, BRMC, SilverApples, SergeGainsbourg, FrancoisHardy, EnnioMorricone, NickDrake, LeeHazelwood & Nancy Sinatra, Nico, Outkast, TheMeters, 13thFloorElevators, Animals, Rascals, PrettyThings, TheWho, SmallFaces, SonicYouth, CicconeYouth, HuggyBear, PJHarvey, CCR, IggyPop, PattiSmith, Suede, DwightTwilley, TomPetty&Heartbreakers, TheBeat, Television, Runaways, GunClub, Cramps, X, BrianJonestownMassacre, Warlocks, SlickRick, TheAssociation, ToddRundgren, SingaporeSling, MBV, WoodenShjips, VonHaze, BlackAngels, BlackLips, BeachHouse, RadioDept, Broadcast, SigurRos, Slowdive, AmonDuul ll, Ride, TheChurch, NeutralMilkHotel, GrizzlyBear, Verve, Spiritualized, XTC, MyBloodyValentine, Loop, Telescopes, Pastels, TeenageFanclub, YoLaTengo, ArielPink, KateBush, MoodyBlues, Them, TheCrystals, ShangriLas, Shirelles, LorettaLynn, DollyMixture, TelevisionPersonalities, StoneRoses, TheLa's, TheAllahLas, KingTuff, Buzzcocks, Fugazi, NickCave&BadSeeds, Can, SilverApples, CaptainBeefheart, Zappa, Raveonettes, Air, WildNothing, Wilco, ScreaminJayHawkins, 13thFloorElevators, JoeMeek, WestCoastExperimentalPopGroup, TheVentures, Astronauts, TalkingHeads, TheSweet, DustySpringfield, MilesDavis, Coltrane, Mingus, TheloniousMonk, SUN RA

50s rocknroll + doo wop, 60s pop and psych, 70s bubblegum, old blues, ragtime, or jazz on a rainy day ..KXLU, KCRW, NPR.. Classical.. Motzart, Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Ravel

Henry Miller, Steinbeck, Twain, Poe, Rimbaud, Wilde, TSEliot, Dostiefsky, Nabokov, Novalis, DalaiLama, Blake, BlackElk, Wolfe, Baudelaire, Verlaine, StephenKing, Artaud, JeanJenet, Sun-Tzu, Corso, Murakami, RamDass, Rumi, Heschel, Jabes, Kerouac, Bukowski, Salinger, Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti, KennethYasuda, GeorgesBataille, Neruda, JimCarroll, KenKesey, AynRand, TomWolf, LewisCarroll, Dickens, CSLewis, DrSuess, ShelSilverstein, AldousHuxley, RobertLuisStevenson, JackLondon, KurtVonnegut, Vollmann, JosephConrad, HunterSThompson, OscarZetaAcosta, Palahniuk, GabrielGarciaMarquez, Tolkien, CollinWilson, Iceberg Slim, CornelWest, TennesseeWilliams, Hemmingway, Orwell, Kafka, HGWells, Hesse, Borges, Camus, HPLovecraft, Masoch, Freud, St.JohnPerse, Michaux, HarukiMurakami, MiyamotoMusashi, DorothyAllison, KathyAcker, AldousHuxley, Tolstoy, StephenHawking, RayBradbury, Brautigan, PhillipKDick, LeonardCohen, Lorca, PercyShelley, JohnRechy, TomRobbins, Masoch, ToniMorrison, AliceWalker, RitaMaeBrown, LaurenBecall, Milton, LaVey, Zinn, Giroux, Woody Gutherie, HarperLee, Neitzsche, EdnaStVincentMillay, Ballard, Homer, Proust, AnaisNin, DiPrima, GeorgeBernardShaw, DylanThomas, JackLondon, Plath (yep), AndreBreton, Celine, Burroughs, RichardHell, Heller, LesterBangs, JohnWaters, Frost, Rilke, NationalGeographic, Autobiographies, JustKids-PattiSmith, CrystalChildren, The Lost Book Of Enki, TheWarOfArt, Psychomagic-Jodorowsky, Popism-Warhol ..

Kubrick, Lynch, Polanski, Jodorowsky, Godard, Cassavettes, Fellini, Wood, Hitchcock, Argento, MichelangeloAntonioni, Aldrich, Scorsese, Coppola, Corman, DePalma, Raimi, Romero, TobeHooper, Kurosawa, HenriGeorgesClouzot, JoelCohen, Brothers Quay, Jarmuch, Newmeyer, Gilliam, Guest, RobReiner, VanSant, TodSollandz, HarmonyCorine, Bertolucci, Herzog, Rossellini, Nabakov, Tarkovsky, KennethAnger, PTAnderson, WesAnderson, JimHenson, DennisHopper, Waters, Price, RussMeyer, Steckler, KenRussel, Carax, SamPeckinpah, LarsVonTrier, AbelFerrara, OrsenWells, Chaplin, WoodyAllen, Altman, Cronenberg, OliverStone, Warhol, CityOfGod, GreyGardens, BlueVelvet, ElTopo, ClintEastwood, Xanadu, GreyGardens, AdventuresOfPippiLongstocking, UNICO, Harold&Maude, Adaptation, Badlands, MarxBros. ,PaulNewman, WarrenBeatty, BelaLugosi, BetteDavis, PeterSellars, BillMurrey, FredWillard, CriterionCollection.. Earthlings, Food Inc, Sirius,
My son likes AdventureTime, RegularShow, Uncle Grandpa, SpiritedAway, Ponyo, anything HayaoMiyazaki.

Stranger Things, GOT, Bloodline, Seinfeld, AdventureTime, Three'sCompany, MiamiVice, FreshPrince, DarkShadows, FawltyTowers, GoldenGirls, TopChef, NakedAndAffraid, AttackOnTitan, SailorMoon, Ramna1/2, AnneOfGreenGables, Roseanne, Columbo, TwinPeaks, X-files, TalesFromTheDarkside, AmericanHorrorStory, PlanetEarth, Life, SharkWeek, CurbYourEnthusiasm, BreakingBad, GameOfThrones, MarcoPolo, BillMaher, TEDTalks, SurvivorMan, MyStrangeAddiction, TwilightZone, TheFactsOfLife, SpaceGhost, Lavern&Shirley..

Food:: Vegetarian, Pho, Japanese Indian

Art:: Degenerate

Ansel Adams
The six things I could never do without
My Son, dreams, love, friends, family, animals, nature, laughter, blue skies, clouds, rain, music, roadtrips, the beach, sunglasses, picnics, bonfires, pillows, tea and coffee, books, jokes, absurdity..
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lies I tell myself
Why I am still single
My childhood in SF
Letting go (of thoughts and ideas that hold me)
My son and who he is becomming
My sisters
The appocolypse
How insane this world is
How fucked up our political system is
How we are all connected
Where my car is parked
Black holes
Vortex cabinets
What if's..
Places I want to go
The earth without humans🌱
Deeep sea
I wish I was raised by wolves
Coast redwoods
How I can be a better human
What's for dinner
Tree houses
Who ate the raisens??
Unusual film/story ideas
Fantasia has no boundries
On a typical Friday night I am
Dinner with friends
Playing music with friends
Bike rides
Home. Book. Records. Netflix. Chill. Kidding. Tea.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can't blow a bubble ..yet
You should message me if
You aren't flakey..Sometimes is not an issue.. We all reserve that right..we work hard and deserve some slack.

💥Bonus points if you ride an Japanese 80s road bike or can skate. Moonlight skates on the beach are dreamy 🌌✨

Ig @jessekirschner