58San Jose, United States
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My self-summary
Out of the ordinary - guaranteed*- SWM, 57 (looks 56.5) Gry/Blnd, Blue, 6ft 175lbs., very fit, exceptionally bright, well established, genuine professional, with life-long commitment to social/economic justice and environmental conservation. Whimsical, humorous, affable and very engaging company when with bright, energetic people. Well educated with a variegated background involving several careers, international adventure and current international environmental projects. Preferred activities are out of doors, day trips mostly, aviation (I'm a pilot) as well as serious literature. Also enjoy film and theatre when with a proper partner to attend such things. I am quite cerebral, but much engaged in the real world, hence, NEVER boring!

EMBLEMS, TOYS AND ICONS: HAVE/DON'T HAVE - Motorcycle & Sports Car/Suburban Assault Vehicle (aka: "SUV"). Two cats/mice. One dog/sedentary cats. Pilots License/parachute. Professional Degree/workaholic attitude. Life-Cycle/cardiovascular malfunction. - Generous to a fault. Floss regularly.

I have included for your edification and delectation, three, count'em, three provocative poses of me; each a highly coveted item! One shows me after undergoing a native transmogrification ritual in Siberia and another is of me "in action" on one of my international adventures. Quite "swashbuckling;" don't you agree?

So, that's me; .... HMMM; .... what else? Cooking? Yes, cooking; all women go for a guy who cooks (literally and figuratively); right? So, I wish to announce that I am a distinguished graduate of the Advanced "Master Chef" program of Le Cordon Bleu: "Electromagnetic Radiative Cuisine Preparation" (Microwaves), with the required minor in data entry. As we say in France, "It's all in the fingers!"

ALSO: (This Just In, - Limited, One Time Offer - ) IF YOU ORDER TODAY : A plethora of other premium features - AT NO EXTRA COST to you - far too numerous to list here!


* Have no pictures of myself at Machu Picchu and have NOT read "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" #

# Not that there's anything wrong with Dragons! Or girls!!!
What I’m doing with my life
Earned a living as a consumer/plaintiffs' attorney; representig only people mistreated or injured in some way, usually by an employer, manufacturer or insurance company. Law practice supported my "habits:" environmental conservation and economic justice.

Presently have wound down my law practice and transitoned into a wholly more enjoyable and profound line of work: direct action projects protecting and restoring wild animal and plant populations in disturbed native habitats. A current work in progress - Film at 11 !
I’m really good at
Whata ya got?
The first things people usually notice about me
Hey, that's pretty easy; it's the machete that's permanently embedded between my teeth.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Les Miserable, Crime and Punishment, God of Small Things, Magic Mountain, Joseph Anton. Music: Classical. Andes, Rock n Roll, Old-Time Mt. Music (I play it - 5 Sting Banjo) Food: Indonesian, Indian, Thai.
Six things I could never do without
Well, the numbers one through six, for a start.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How so many people in the U.S., especially voters, don't seem to think at all.
On a typical Friday night I am
Too frequently on one of the these infernal,pixelated lonely- hearts' clubs.

JEEZ. GOTTA get a life; right?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
HMMM Quite inquisitive, wouldn't you say?!!! .... But, okay; I'll spill. I mean, it's not as if any dime-fool in the world with enough motor-skill to punch a keyboard and shove a mouse around can have immediate access; right?

I might even be forgiven, right? (Confession on a mass-medium is good for the soul? Or something like that?)

Now brace yourself! Here it is:


BUT: Don't worry! All that's in the past now! Ended abruptly when Tammy-Fae entered the forefront.

And please, don't make any assumptions about my true sexual orientation based upon this past transgression! I've lately been making arrangements for a threesome with Bob and Libby Dole. GOOD TIMES, I'm sure!!! And, that way maybe I can find out if that Viagra stuff really works the way Bob Dole has always told us? *

* Although, don't you think it's really Libby who would be the best judge of just how well that stuff works?
You should message me if
Seeking fit, very bright (at least college educated) SF, any race, NS, 38-57, with high self-esteem, and passion for things beyond just the physical. Have a healthy, robust sexual attitude and appetite, preferably for significant (dare I venture, loving, maybe permanent) LTR; maybe even the "M" Word? -YIKES!

You may be interested in settling down with one man, but never settling just to be with one. Have a genuine appreciation for the life of the mind. Be seriously devoted to fitness (as am I), not out of vanity, but out of self esteem and as a life-long health practice. I am not nearly as interested in the things you do recreationally as I am in what you are about as a sentient being. Understand implicitly that the "finer things" in life are never material things, but rather only magnificent experiences and moments of profound intimacy and understanding .

Share my values of compassion for the world's suffering, enjoy a sardonic, often offbeat, view of the world and both accept and provide deep tenderness when it is time for such things.

P.S. MUST LOVE ANIMALS! In particular, that would be ME, species: Homo sapiens, gender: male, an altogether wonderful, testosterone-based life form!
The two of us