58Evanston, United States
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My self-summary
update: September 2013. i'm changing my status to seeing someone. i've begun a relatively new relationship and while i'm allowed to see other people, i know that i don't have the energy to focus on another new romantic relationship right now. i'm staying here on okc because i'm totally open to meeting new people as friends and to hang out with! and if you're interested in shapenote singing, just ask me and i'll put you in touch with a group.

my old info:
i'm doing this on a whim so i haven't got a summary prepared. hmmm--i'm fun-loving, energetic, interested and interesting. and i'm constantly surprising myself lately.

periodically i add little details here. like today it seems important to mention that i'm allergic to cigarette smoke.

look, another day when i want to add something! i'm not doing the star rating thing on quickmatch so the fact that you don't get a little message telling you that i rated you highly doesn't mean a darned thing. oh, and also--i keep coming home to a lot of dead IM windows--that's because i frequently don't remember to log out. sorry about that!

so many people ask me what i do for fun, that i begin to despair of my ability to write. i sing for fun. i sometimes dance for fun. (i also get together with friends and explore and try new things for fun, but the activity that i structure my days and weeks around is singing.) when i first wrote this profile, i wouldn't have said that i cook for fun, but now i sometimes do ;-) .

another edit! i'm sure that you all figured this out, but the information under "what i'm looking for" is going to be whatever i typed in for my last search for matches--it's not like they asked me outright what i was looking for. so it's going to change depending on what search i last used.
What I’m doing with my life
whatever i think will bring me joy. my passion is singing--i do two types seriously: traditional choral and shapenote singing. i've also been contra dancing--really enjoy it--need to do more of it.

oh--was this supposed to be about my job?
I’m really good at
paying attention, adapting to the curves life throws at me, and kissing.
The first things people usually notice about me
my laugh, if you hear that particular laugh. otherwise my hair, probably.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i have been informed that it is a Bad Thing that i don't have this section filled in. so let me just say that i love books, movies, music, and foods.

okay, someone wrote to ask me what shapenote recordings i would recommend and i didn't get back to them very quickly and they apparently deleted their profile. but since i went to the trouble of writing the response, y'all are going to benefit from that because i'm going to put all of what i wrote here:

if i could only have one shapenote recording, i would pick Sacred Harp Chattahoochee Singing Convention Day 2 (i have never heard day 1) which is the third item down on this page:


two disks--lots of variety of songs, completely traditional. but so many of the traditional recordings are bad quality or the tonal quality is too nasal for the non-regional ear, in my opinion.

(2/9/10 edit--the morning trumpet site appears to be down--i don't know whether that's permanent or not. contact information is on this page--search for chattahoochee: http://www.mcsr.olemiss.edu/~mudws/resource/chap05.html .)

(10/13 edit: and now that site appears to be completely out of commission. i'll leave this info here so that people can search online to see if the CD becomes available some other way, though.)

another one i like is:

Traditional Musics of Alabama, Volume 3
2002 National Sacred Harp Singing Convention


the first "shapenote" recording i ever heard was:

Rivers of Delight (American Folk Hymns From the Sacred Harp Tradition)


this one is kind of "if a choral group did shapenote" so it is authentic songs but not authentic sound--but it roped me in, so i think it's good at that.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
i love singing with a fierce and intense passion.

when i have a night when it all comes together--when the performance occurs and we're all on and my voice is on and my beautiful voice joins with all these other beautiful voices and musicians to form something bigger than i could ever create on my own....that's my religion, that's my spiritual experience--that's my connection to anything larger out there in the universe.
You should message me if
you want to. i mean what the hell, right?

or if you want to play online dominion with me--i need to practice against someone besides myself because i'm terrible at keeping track of which version of me bought how many provinces!

update: the online dominion site where once i played has been put to rest in favor of a clunky, music and images-heavy site that annoys the life out of me. thank you to all of you who let me corrupt you, however!
The two of us