59Saint Paul, United States
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My self-summary
Hi. Thanks for the chance to introduce myself. I am a dad, teacher, bike rider, and music lover. I'd like to become more involved in kayaking, archery, more biking, and more traveling. Care to share in some adventures? What sorts of adventures appeal to you? Care to learn how to swing dance together? Care to show me if you already know?

I enjoy biking, Renaissance Festival, Saint Paul Saints games on Fireworks Fridays, Twins games a couple of times a season, more biking, skipping stones in the Mississippi River, getting away for a quick visit to Clear Lake or Duluth, splashing in a swimming pool, bouncing on a trampoline, counting stars, Dakota jazz club, Cedar Cultural Arts Center, and some more biking. If many of these sound appealing, then please read on.

My friends insist that I include that I am reliable, trustworthy and warm. One person called me a "gem" (GGEMM): gentle, genuine, encouraging, measured, and mindful. I am proud of the compliment. I am adored by children, admired by the elderly, and liked by animals. Bikes are for pedaling without hands sometimes; car radios are for singing loudly and off-key. I try to find humor in the outrageous and mundane, and both apply to daily life and to writing an online dating profile.

I think the world is generally an amusing place, though my place in it remains a work in progress. I am a teacher, writer, editor, and mediator. I have a global perspective and a passion for local color and detail. If I had a magic wand or bottomless funds, I would travel the world endlessly, soaking up what I can, doing novel things, and seeing myself and the world in new ways. Are you a fellow traveler?

Many of us want the chance to be tender and generous with others, to be cared for and appreciated for who we are. We want to share our time, humor, hopes, and selves. If fortunate, we may also share our hearts, touch, and affection. Count me in.

I admire a woman who is generous, confident, creative, caring, kind, and engaging. I would like to meet a woman who is eager to be a smiling partner. I enjoy a woman who can make running errands and visiting restaurants as wonderful an adventure as holding hands in Paris or hiking in parks.

I would like to stand hand-in-hand often, stand shoulder to shoulder always as we enjoy life together, and stand back to back as necessary when life gives us grief. I’ve got your back. If you toss in your heart, then we could be a terrific team.

I want to be a partner with a woman -- a partner in adventure, mischief, and the mundane. I hope for the chance to bring a radiant smile to your face when I say "I like you, I admire you, and it is great to see you."

I want to be a good partner who complements the life an enthusiastic, inquisitive, insightful, warm, caring woman already enjoys. I enjoy women who are self-confident, creative, expressive, reflective, active, and gentle. I want the opportunity to be generous, caring, and tender, to share and explore together. I hope we share some passions and interests; I hope we discover new ones together. I will happily give a go to your interests, whatever they are, if you crave a sidekick.

Why the name?

Elvis swiveled into history.
Albert pondered mysteries.
Some gals like Einstein's smarts and wry smile.
Others like Presley's art and bold style.
What's in your personality?

Some reasons to consider getting to know me:

1. I listen attentively.
2. I wear clean socks.
3. I am curious to learn what makes you unique, special, and interesting.

If I've sparked your interest so far, then mission accomplished.
What I’m doing with my life
I am several years into the experience and adventure of being a single man. I'm trying to hone my talents, explore my interests, improve my shortcomings, and make my way. I'm trying to look forward with humor, humility, grace, and enthusiasm to the next chapters in my personal, parental, and professional lives.

What have I already done in life? Some of the following are true, some not.

1. Much of my mid years were spent on education and career building.
2. I appeared on stage with James Brown, the Godfather of Soul
3. I traveled throughout Asia and western Europe. Love Paris and speak enough French to make travel there brilliant.
4. I lived in Washington, DC and grew up on the East Coast.
5. I was a nightclub dj
6. I traveled in Cambodia on mo-ped
7. I sailed on the Mediterranean sitting on the bow of a yacht
8. I was on a fencing team -- not one of my successes.
9. I have eaten crickets, grasshoppers, aardvark, and yak
10. I volunteer and I won an award.
11. I sat in the press box at a Vikings game.
12. My son is wonderful.
I’m really good at
Hearing more than one side in a dispute. Understanding multiple points of view. Making a mean pecan pie, a tasty cornbread, a turn-around jump shot, and a difference to some students. Slicing and chopping vegetables, stirring, washing dishes, and bundling trash, but not actually making dinner. Shoveling sidewalks. Making a quick joke. Teaching, entertaining, and supporting students. Making a plan and finishing it. Evaluating and completing complex tasks. Being a faithful friend and companion.
The first things people usually notice about me
My devilish good looks, my rugged appeal, my polished refinements, the toilet paper stuck to my shoe, and the lettuce in my teeth. That I'm generally quiet, a good listener, a fine tango dancer, and a former lion tamer. Well, maybe folks don't recognize ALL of those things. Maybe they just notice the scar on my chin.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My "favorites" take me to new locales, introduce new ideas, and invite me to see the world in new ways. When reading Imagining Argentina, A Year in Provence, or Three Cups of Tea, or watching V for Vendetta or The Hurt Locker, I am traveling. When listening to James Brown, Jackie McLean, or Fela Kuti, or eating at a restaurant serving Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, or Mexican food, I am traveling. I think of my favorites as passports.
Six things I could never do without
Music to shake my hips and my attitude.
Books to transport, distract, and move me.
Friends to support and to rely upon.
Something to satisfy my sweet tooth.
A couple of laughs each day.
A tender touch.
A hug or smile from my son, but that goes without saying, right?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Ways to improve my teaching, advise my students, raise my son, augment my savings, and be a global citizen. Why "dough", "plough", "rough", and "cough" don't rhyme. Why so many superheroes wear capes. Why teachers, social workers, hospice staff, and nurses are not considered heroes. If you tolerate intolerance, then which are you?
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday night is son night. Hanging out with my soon-to-be high schooler son on Boys Night at the Dad Pad. Depending on weather and mood, we'll play almost any sport involving a ball and running, make dinner, play board games, watch videos, camp out in a park or the living room, make a mess, laugh, and burn popcorn. But other nights find me searching out music, films, and friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ask me in private.
You should message me if
You would like to spend time with a thoughtful man who is interested in getting to know you.

Please give me a shout if you think we'd enjoy sharing company, and if you can give me a hint about why you think so. I hope the details above encourage you to get in touch because you think we might enjoy each other's smiles and company.

I will follow up on your messages as opportunity and invitations arise.

I appreciate the women who visit my profile, send messages, and talk-chat-meet with me. Thank you. I also appreciate the women who graciously accept my messages to them, whether they reply or not. Thanks.
The two of us