48 Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
*Took a walk with my dog Rosie, over the Carroll Street bridge in Gowanus. It started to snow. And even though I was crossing over a polluted canal in industrial Brooklyn, I thought it was really beautiful. I like finding raw beauty in pockets of decay.*

Starting on an introspective note because why not? Some things I have come to over time... Be true. Know the value of authenticity. Lead with your heart. Move through the world with the ease of someone who isn't always looking for something more or better, because it's not where you think it is. (not from a self-help book - just from paying attention.)

Ok, the requisite sales pitch...people have told me they think I'm passionate, funny, fun, genuine, generous, wise, creative, adventurous, strong... (these are the people I like to hang out with, obviously) I love living in Brooklyn. I'm happy on the beach and could look for rocks on a pretty much endless basis. I'm very happy digging in the dirt and moved when things bud and begin to open in the spring. My garden is lush.

I recently heard that the level of one's happiness is directly correlated to how much one does for others. I might be a little too happy for my own good.

I'm trying to teach myself ukulele. Googling things like "songs with 2 chords".

I'm hard to define but easy to know.

I value honesty.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a documentary filmmaker and story collector, but have also been a teacher and photographer. Just starting the second year of a Master's program and I'm pretty excited about it. Also taking writing classes and training to teach writing. I'm raising two truly incredible teen-age daughters (who are with their father half the time). Looking for new adventures. Saying yes to as many things as possible...
I’m really good at
•Making people laugh, cooking, reading people, taking pictures. (no idea why I grouped those together...)
•I have really good parking karma.
•Digging up clams and cooking them in the simplest most delicious way you will ever have them.
•Being open to new experiences. Finding out new things about myself.
•Finding the good in people.
*Appreciating challenges as much as good fortune.*
*Being a true and loyal friend*

*=extra valuable traits!
The first things people usually notice about me
I think that I am genuine and not a poser. That I'm interested. I'm easy to talk to. People often say I have an irrepressible spirit. Ok, they don't always use the word irrepressible but you get the idea.
(and I guess that I'm in shape and look and seem younger than my age - at least that's what they tell me.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read, I love music, food of all varieties, and movies. I have eclectic taste.
And I hate making lists.
Plus my profile is already a lot to slog through.

I like the way these guys sing sad love songs...

and I never tire of this...

Right now the sun is shining and I'm listening to Manu Chao.. Me Gustas Tu.. and it's making me happy...

I love great fiction and memoirs and exploring the intersection of the two. I just wrote a paper on 'truth' in autobiographical writing.
The six things I could never do without
My daughters, my close friends, music, feeling...touch...love... (not really things but these are what sustain me and make me happy)

Also...I really like being under water, hearing people's stories (not under water), playing music loud when I'm by myself, cooking for and sharing meals with people, lying in warm sand, dreaming.

Oh, and people watching. I should have been an anthropologist.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What makes other people do what they do, social and political issues, stories, food. How I can save the world (or at least help some people out). Does everything happen for a reason? How I can live in the moment but still look for new beginnings.

Lately, neuroplasticity.

Trying to maintain my optimism and compassion despite the aberrations of humanity.
On a typical Friday night I am
Friends, good food, wine, cocktails, music, or sometimes just feeling the desire to spend the night with myself and a good book or movie...or with you..
Lately? Homework...
PS- I have a working fireplace and if you are very nice to me I'll let you enjoy it with me... ;)
update: I just bought myself an axe and chopped wood for my fireplace, which I'd never done before. It made me VERY sore the next morning but also very happy.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
One time when I was little and I was curious about what real kissing was like, I asked my mom if she would kiss me like they do in the soap operas. Thankfully, she declined. Not sure where I'd be today if she hadn't.

I'm very open. I don't have a lot of secrets.
You should message me if
...if you are genuine, open, fit, funny, intelligent, interesting, sensual, passionate.

I'm attracted to a man who is confident yet humble, comfortable with himself, introspective, not trying to hide his vulnerabilities, and who communicates with ease.

You love good conversation and like to listen as much as you like to talk.

(This might seem like a long list but I wouldn't expect anything more than what I have to give...)

Also, you gotta have pictures. More than one. If you don't, it makes me wonder why...that's how this internet dating thing works.

Oh, and I really have trouble rating people with stars like they are movies or restaurants. I know that's the way this works to some extent but I'm just telling you that I almost never do it. If I look at your profile a couple of times, it means I'm interested.

PS. If you write to me, I'll write you back if I feel a resonance or spark...Please don't be offended if I don't.