65Checotah, United States
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My self-summary
self summary? here goes, i'm six four, two hundred pounds, reddish hair, not balding at all, blue eyes, a scorpio, which means hyperactive hormone syndrome. yeah, it rhymes with corny. got two words for that. "so?" when i hit fifty, six years ago, i began to realize that work was highly overrated, therefore i figured out how to manage well without the need for working for anyone, other than myself. i am very self sufficient, built my own home, live comfortably as a person without a mate can, but there is something truly dear to me that's missing. dammit, i'm so lonely that it sorta makes the soul incomplete, if that makes sense.

I am easy going, a logical thinker, and a spaz.
What I’m doing with my life
i've been single for over six years, and not dated anyone seriously, and have become pretty lonesome. i live in a rural area of oklahoma. got a wild hair to put one of my hot rods on the car trailer behind my motor home and move here where it's green. from colorado, yeah, cause i was tired of freezin my butt off all winter long. and i dig ridin my harley. don't have any family, even in colorado and less here. other than my dog nick. aka nucklehead nick, who's a siberian husky, yeah the bluest eyes ya ever saw. and i do put him in jail at the veterenarian for boarding when i'm gone on one of my mini vacations. i'll load up the saddlebags on my bike and just head to somewhere that i've never been before. usually for a ride that's near a thousand miles one way, a few states anyway. eat at good places, mom and pop sort of diners rock, and stay at good motels. then back to my buddydog nick. wish i had a lady who was sorta spontaneous too.
I’m really good at
engineering, design, fabricating really weird parts for things and machines that are obsolete. i dig building stuff not out of titanium, aluminum, molybdenum, but out of unobtanium. i know i think too much, and sometimes when i have a project that is giving me problems, they can usually be figured out when i lay my head on the pillow to go to sleep.
The first things people usually notice about me
my eyes which are severiously crossed, my drooling, my stuttering, and of course my nose which is so long that it wraps around under my chin. i guess honestly the sincereness of my eyes. you can tell when someone has experienced life in many ways, and the experience usually will show in the eyes. nah, mine ain't crossed, i don't drool or stutter, and my nose isn't anything noteworthy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
technical manuals, anything mechanical, movies, conspiracy theory with mel gibson, music, rock and roll, sixties and seventies, when music was invented, and food, mexican, italian, two boxes of mac and cheese, and a can of peas mixed in, a big ole glump of butter on it, and coarse ground pepper, and about a quart of milk, and i'm good to go. oh yeah, thanksgiving dinner. i eat about four of those a year too. why not? don't know why i don't weigh three hundred pounds rather than two hundred. perhaps because i get consumed with building something that i forget to eat.
Six things I could never do without
the look when i'm shopping when i see an infant or toddler, and they catch your eye, and you have a genuine sweet moment, they are truly special little folks, and you know what i mean, when they see you and you see them, it's a special moment. a puppy's breath, dandylions, actually from the latin, dente de leon, or teeth of the lion, the shape of the leaves. hmm, that leaves three more. takin my dog, nick out in the morning with my thermos of folgers columbian coffee, and greeting the day, fond memories of when life was less confusing, and of course, laffin my butt off when i'm alone sittin in the chair under my oak tree thinking about dumb stuff i did when i was young. not that i'm that old, but you'll know someday and understand.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
don't spend a lot of time dwelling on the thought, but it does occur sometimes, the thought, or concept of growing old alone frightens me.
On a typical Friday night I am
takin my dog down to the lake about a quarter mile away from my land. and perhaps catching the right time to see the sunset, a pretty special time for me, followed by the walk home to see what's on tv. or finding something around the house that i want to read again.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
orgasms are the greatest thing ever. and the slow times just hangin out together would be nice too.
You should message me if
if you'd like to meet someone who might actually need someone just like you, who's been waiting for the perfect time to meet you.
The two of us