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My self-summary
I have very weak ability for self-deception with standard stereotypes. So I poured out my envy to people whose ability is stronger then mine under the pretexts that this site gives.

lets speak about these pretexts.

The MODERN adult person who has no great diseases is like a god... he can makes everything he REALLY needs. What he cant do (for example make 10 times more money, travel to Mars ,..., ) -- indeed he dont REALLY need and understand that inside his contentiousness the contrived, expressly nature of his not essential needs.

People believe or pretend to believe in stereotypes... modern stereotypes. an ugly remake from ancient stereotypes.

The ancient human was not like a got. Ancient people did not like was contrary to God, a modern young child. Both of them live in real poverty, with a deficit оf really important (not contrived) needs... The ancient rшch man, and a modern boy, who have a lots of toys are not actually free from lack of essential entity. The rich essential man (even an ancient king) has permanent lack of safety. There were wars. The baggers were not a goal of robbery... in some point of view had more safety, but has real deficit of food, the essential need. The young boy understand, that his comfort is totally dependent on his parents though has real need in parents. Ancient stereotypes was reasonably totally based on hope that that happiness comes when the need to be overcome AND IN THE ANCIENT TIMES IT NEVER OVERCOMES. Old prejudices have been dictated by the requirements of the economy and the lack of means of subsistence. For example a lack of contraceptives (and goal to make own blood children to inherit property) led to a birth of preconceptions about exclusive partner sex.

But what an unexpected surprise! When the real human lack of safety and all other essential lacks has overcome -- the happiness rise down in humans spirits. Now one cat understand that ancient people were indeed happy not with abundance, but with genuine belief they would be with. They were happy because most of them genuinely struggled to imposed lack of essential comfort, and the rich elite genuinely struggled with... imposed "lack of enemies". In modern world it is objectively clear that essential need is quite easy to achieve and it is boring to live with out genuine struggling. And the greatest modern false concept (unlike given in this text) is -- "Maslow's Pyramid", the concept explains objective happiness of careless in essentials person ("god like") is alleged that AGAIN, one must properly COMPENSATE his allegedly OBJECTIVE LACKS. And allegedly improper compensate ones lacks led unhappiness. The "Maslow's Pyramid" hint about increase in complexity of deficits (lacks). And increase in complexity of ways to compensate them though difficulties in finding the proper way. So the "Maslow`s Pyramid" concept falsely preserves ancient basic belief that happiness is in proper compensation of objectively existing lacks. And as a new feature FALSELY explains contradiction: "less essential lack -- less happiness". Allegedly because of difficulties to find the proper method to compensate needs of the growing complexity ALLEGEDLY OF THE NATURAL CAUSES.

Again, the modern human (if has no strong diseases) has no actual lacks he can easily compensate for. But almost everybody believes in his continuousness that he has NOT contrived needs, but in his subcontinuousness know exactly that his "actual" needs -- his (by his subcontinuousness) contrived concept invention. Ones subcontinuousness "helps" to perceive ones needs as real by making the human lazy to achieve ones goals. Such faith about his "my real needs" involves domestic stereotypes (the muslim strerotipes is nearer to ancient, but in all other areas of civil world -- the stereotypes are almost the same). It is OK about such self-deception. Self deception is the only way to genuinely live, play the imposed hard game with own subconsciousness. Only such kind of game, if it is not freely chosen and unknown easy way to escape... may be genuinely interesting for modern careless "god like" person.

The truth is that one is happy when he genuinely regrets his (or not)did. When someone genuinely condemns himself, partly excuse himself by accidents and external circumstances, partly suspect the only cause of his mistake his bad nature. Genuinely regrets led a happiness -- true paradox. And of cause it make sense that one must explain (in straight feelings only if one agree to this concept abstractly) for himself the reasons for his happiness wrong way, using addition dimension of self-deception. It always happens such way. When one felt an attack of genuine condemnation -- it leads an attack of his happiness. But he dont feels (I, and who understand that truth also dont feel, but abstractly know) the causal relationship between his self-condemnation and his happiness. One will feel than his happiness caused by his desire of passing beautiful girl... or just his happiness is self-generated. One believes and feels (I, and who understand only feel) that if he had not committed an error which is now regretted his alleged happiness would be much stronger. And the truth is that to feel genuine regret -- one (unlike hints Maslow`s Pyramid concept) must commit an error in satisfying BASIC INSTINCT needs, not fanciful alleged "higher on pyramid of needs". The real high pleasure -- self-condemnation for committed mistakes in trying to satisfy or suppress own basic ("low") instinct needs. Modern human subconsciously choose only the pleasures of "twin" construction. The one part must be from activity in satisfaction/suppression of instinct need, and the other "high" component formed by genuinely (subconsciously looking forward to) self-condemnation in context of activity in "first component". For example men and ugly women offers sex for at once... indeed because
1)it is instinct need 2)they looking forward to be rejected... and have a lot of regret about the next failure. The beautiful ladies unlike previous... looking only inside family sex. It is because... 1)again once time sex with unauthorized (..., foreign, alien. Second time sex he would be familiar obviously) person is instinct need 2) Attractive lady subconsciously looking forward to be "forced" to leave her "love the rest of her live" or "spontenious" adultery. That leads self-condemnation. The beautiful lady must genuinely believe that it is bad to change husband and makes adultery. Believe it the ancient moral concepts. If she doesn't -- she CAN`T to get involved in any of two upper described pairs of {primary and higher} pleasures concerning the instinct of reproduction.

So my issue is concerning a bad compatibility of old stereotypes for good, sincere self-deception. And this web portal is conducive to talk about mariage and sex stereotypes.
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