36Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Ecotopian raccoon seeks boy to snuggle while playing State of the Union and Washington Journal drinking games, and while camped on the lawn at Jimmy Buffett concerts, and while on the couch watching Deep Space Nine in syndication, &c.

"Lucy came back to me and smiled. She looped her arm through mine and pulled me forward into the cold night wind. 'It's true,' she said, leaning her head on my shoulder. 'It's your blessing and your curse. You're always going to be fine.'" That's Ann Patchett in Truth and Beauty, and that's also the best summary I know of emo me.

Relationshipwise, I'm looking for what works. The models generally subscribed to, including "open relationship," all seem too complex and question-begging, but a good tweet-sized explanation is that Sex at Dawn confirmed a lifetime of biases for me.

I'm more-or-less a furry (I've found the indefinite article helps distinguish anthropomorphic fanboy type from hirsute), and therefore pretty tactile around people I'm comfortable with.

I'm way too into parentheses, em-dashes, and semicolons.

Concepts that guide my thinking, all important but in descending order of importance:

negative capability
narrative, stories
metaphor, model
terms and premises
belongingness, community
it is what it is
mission rules
bounded rationality

I can answer several families of okc questions in a compressed space as follows: I am, in an amateurish but determined way, getting into astrology, which is really just one symbol set that can be used for psychotherapy. To scream from the rooftops about one's allegiance to science or one's active disbelief in God (whatever that is) is kinda misdirected hostility. The point of a model is to be useful.

My instinctive reaction to the word "career" is pretty thoroughly negative.

If you think the Prozzäk song "Be As" is one of the bestest things in the universe (go ahead, YouTube it, I'll wait), we'll get along great. =^.^=

Contrary to what the "I'm looking for" section of my profile says, I'm not just trying to hook up with cis men in a certain age range. I calibrated that to represent me as well as a non-Fetlife profile allows for database-match purposes. I'm on here because it seems to draw interesting people. I'm looking for fun friends and, gods willing, sexy dates of whatever gender(s)/orientation(s).
What I’m doing with my life
In short, I'm a recovering do-gooder, trying to make my life more like the one I lived when I was 17-18, when I was stupider but wiser than I am now.

I had my dream job for a few years, but left it because that was the thing to do.

I have a weird hangup about this question that I got about 40% of the way to explaining here and maybe tacked on another 10% here.
I’m really good at
asking the right question.
The first things people usually notice about me
I live in my head, and not necessarily in a good way (and not as in being "smart"). I can communicate precisely in writing when I need to, but the best and most important stuff can't be intentionally said; it can only be grokked, accidentally, eventually, in some oblique aphorism or brilliant analogy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite book is The Giver. Stuff I've read recently is, for better or worse, databased. Sort by descending rating for my faves; the half dozen or so five-stars rocked my world. :) Among reads in recent years, Orwell and Graeber are kind of amazing.

My favorite film is Dead Poets Society, though what it means to me changes a lot over time. I'd say I don't watch TV, but that's kind of a dying metaphor anyway, so to put it more broadly: I am profoundly and unapologetically pop-culture illiterate; that said, it's possible I've memorized the majority of The West Wing (it's about Sorkinism, not politics). Oh, speaking of memorized things -- total Rent/Bare geek.

My favorite song is the Tommy Gnosis version of "Wicked Little Town" and my favorite album is Floyd's Wish You Were Here. I own 5.6 gig and counting of Casey Stratton music, all legitimately bought. <3 Casey. And I own several times more Hanson albums than most people think exist.

Also coffee. Vacuum press is bliss, a good espresso is wonderful, but the best is a cup of strong, black, mediocre coffee in an aesthetically perfect coffeehouse. One does not go to coffeehouses for the coffee.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
mortality and metaphor.
On a typical Friday night I am
either asleep at 8 after a long work week, or wandering out of a club with friends at closing time after having posed for people who wanted to post shots of us in our fetish gear to Facebook. Friday's got kind of a big sigma.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm open about the squicky stuff that people can be immature and secretive about, and that's what I think is implied by "private," so I guess there isn't much private about me. In a sincere conversation where heartfelt ideas are being exchanged, I consider "TMI" to mean "I'm too emotionally unhealthy to deal responsibly with that." Which is not to knock anyone's emotional health or lack thereof; just saying, I advocate the transparent society and try to avoid accepting life in any closet. I'm in some closets, but they're unconventional ones. I know what some of them are, and I probably need help discovering others.
The two of us