45Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
Just about 2 years in Brooklyn. But, also, a 4th generation resident of Brooklyn. Recently started dating again after a death in the family. Yeah, I'll edit this for brevity at some point. For now: too long? Skip the parts you don't want to read. It's not like you can't figure out my personality and interests from other parts too...

Forget quiver matches... where are my binders full of women? (I know, it's an old joke).

Occasionally seen in Philly and Pittsburgh.

Thanks for visiting. I sort my laundry; I want to adopt a greyhound. I run, and I've been a shoe tester for Runner's World. One triathlon one marathon, 2 1/2s, and many other fun races like the Gasparilla 15k in Tampa. Only did 4 14ers when I lived in Colorado. I cook, but hate to cook for one. I love to travel, and like to hear live music. I used to do a lot of volunteer projects with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado and the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, where I learned that the zipper on my tent is not waterproof. Who knew there was a separate sealant for that?? But I have a new tent now. I also only camp about one weekend a year now.

I am intrigueable, adventurous, and resilient
What I’m doing with my life
I get to visit schools for my job and hopefully help kids succeed. I also have a side project working on a charity-themed TV show pilot project. Imagine a talk show where celebrities talk not only about their upcoming project, but also about an organization which inspires them and why you might want to support it. But in general...

Occasionally, I decide I have artistic talent. Because I do a lot of domestic driving, plus all my time in vehicles in Iceland, I'm currently working on a photography project I'm calling "Landscapes at the Speed of 80" which are all shots I've taken from moving vehicles- mostly at 80mph, or kph in Iceland. Please don't tell the state patrol, since I was probably driving for most of the shots. And we'll see how they turn out- this may be a short lived addition to my profile.

I should also find time to work on my unfinished play and musical. Both are about different topics. Maybe if you're nice, I'll share what each is about with you.

I also belong to 2 art musems here which may or may not have contributed to this idea that I can have artistic abilities too!

I also volunteer a lot- disaster relief, pb&j sandwiches for the homeless, I mentor a kid... you get it, I'm a good guy.
I’m really good at
Procrastinating, board games, euchre, running, other outdoor pursuits, some cooking, putting things in piles, other assorted and sundry things...

Apparently, my tofu rogan josh is really good, because I didn't get to eat much of it because my co-workers kept asking to try it. Who knew? I'm also perfecting a garam masala bison meatballs in an almond-tomato sauce recipe. It's definitely restaurant quality. I'm currently working on a one-pan salmon dish with spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. It has a way to go before it's perfected, though.
The first things people usually notice about me
Personality wise? My sense of humor and that I can be a smart ass. Looks? That I sadly bear a striking resemblance to Tom Green. Though, some say Noah Wylie, and others say the drummer from Guster. In my domicile? That I'm a packrat, I have an eclectic music collection, and I use my oven. My fish (fine, they're not people...) would probably say that I need to clean my aquarium more regularly.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a) GoodReads tells me I don't read enough. I enjoyed reading Naked Statistics. Recent other books I've read: The Fried Twinkie Manifesto and The Art of Racing in the Rain. Academically, I'm a fan of Jon Kozol and Bill Ayers. Education Unbound by Rick Hess. Really made me think about new ideas in education. Freakonomics. Very thought provoking. Favorite magazines: The Week, Utne, Budget Travel.

(b) I don't see a lot of movies. Good TV shows used to be The Daily Show, NCIS, Scrubs, MI-5 (apparently called Spooks if you live in the country that actually has MI-5), Numb3rs. Used to watch a lot of the ghost hunting shows. When you're not in a native English speaking country, why would you try to speak to ghosts in English?

(c) Moxy Fruvous, Dan Bern, Eddie from Ohio, David Broza, Mashina, the Gotan Project, Peter Himmelman, Neil Finn, Drew Nelson... the list goes on. And yeah, you probably haven't heard of most of the others, either...

Recently, I've been listening to a lot of Michael Kiwanuka, Alejandro Escovedo, and Chuck Prophet. But, I'm friends with most of the bands I go see the most.

(c).1. Favorite guerilla marching band: Boba Fett and the Americans.
Yes, really. They show up at unannounced locations and well, do their thing marching band style with a lead singer on a megaphone dressed as Boba Fett.

(d) Indian, Thai, Ethiopian, Middle Eastern, and anything I've cooked.
Six things I could never do without
Passport, music, winery tours, a good 5k race, clean clothes, and a reason not to be forced to list six items.

Since people don't believe me, here are things I CAN live without because I do live without them. Yes, really. If any of these are crucial to your existence, you can decide how that would impact contacting me: Netflix, an MP3 player, Twitter, texting.

I finally joined FB in 2011. Oh well. Still never used Netflix or any mp3 player.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why we STILL can't have a real political dialogue in this country (I was hopeful that November 2008 would have changed that)... I also am always thinking about a good road trip or concert to go see. How I'd like to be in a band called Jake and Ezra so people would automatically know how good we are.

How come when I donate to celebrity fundraiser telethons, I always have to talk to the random call center person and never a celebrity? How do they choose who deserves to talk to a famous person?

Also, I've been doing a lot of driving for work, and bringing different CDs with me each trip. Since I have such a broad music collection, I've been wondering things like, "Am I the first person to listen to Milton Nascimento while driving between Grand Junction and Montrose, CO?" (probably) "What about Mashina between the Colorado and Utah borders?" (quite possibly) "The soundtrack to Spring Awakening any of the places I've played it in Colorado?" (again probably in some of them) "Blasting the Flobots in Arches National Park?" (I hope not, but also quite probably). That sort of thing. November update: I KNOW I'm the first person to play DeLeon between Delta and Palisade. Probably not the first to play Ozomatili between Palisade and Rifle though.

freerice.com you should play it if you aren't already.

Whether other people also misapply sunscreen and end up with sunburns in really random areas, like just above the hiking-sock line, behind the knees, or the backs of your hands.
On a typical Friday night I am
Um, why be typical??
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've only completed 60% of my quest to visit all 50 states- can I come visit you? (As for provinces/ other countries... well, it's much less than 60%).

And, I don't remember my dreams; or maybe I don't dream, but I sure hope that's not the case.

If you do not understand how to parse the meaning of this question, that's a bit of a red flag for me.
You should message me if
You like something you've read/ seen here, or because the OKCupid people told you to. You got the Jake and Ezra reference above. You've also ever been a Nielsen TV household (I'm not anymore). Oh, and speaking a language in addition to English is a plus in my mind- the more, the merrier (my goal is 5). You've read Freakonomics. You want to hike or ski with me.
The two of us