55 Rockford, United States
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My self-summary
Please note: I'm not on A-list. I appreciate that there are 117 people out there who like me, but if that's you, I don't know who you are. Please message.

Mostly looking for conversation and correspondence anymore. Mostly. (I don't do much with expectations anymore.) I'm certainly open to joyful surprises.

When in MN I really enjoyed the "coffee shop culture" and will happily meet with and talk with just about anyone over a cup of whatever. (Bars don't do the same thing for me, sorry.) That said, I'm very surprised how reluctant folks are around here to simply meet up for coffee. And I'm not talking about an Eddie Izzard "cup of coffee".

I'm very much about making things, teaching things, communicating and continuing my spiritual growth.

My interests are varied and eclectic and I've got an incredibly open mind.

My creativity ranges from blacksmithing (my main passion) and writing to working in wood and leather with the odd bit of sketching.

The blacksmithing is pretty serious. More than a hobby, not quite a job. I've explored it to the point of helping smelt ore into workable metal via old methods. I set myself challenges each year, usually more than one. I've *done* jobs, I *am* a blacksmith. No, I don't shoe horses (I like them too much to trust me with their feet).

But in a real sense I and others who share the Craft do pull swords from stones. Only we start farther back in the process. Yes, miracles are among us. I rather rely on them.

I enjoy reenacting (mostly SCA) simply because it brings together three things I love: camping, smithing, teaching.

And that tends to bring in children. I'm a father which is a joy and love working with children in general. At events the forge is a "kid magnet" and it's a joy to share that craft, esp. with children.

Generally open minded about cultures, spirituality, and religions. I've traveled too much, seen too much, etc. to see any value in getting judgmental.

I am creative, spiritual, and intelligent.
I enjoy a variety of activities and like to connect with people.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to figure out the "next thing" for the most part. Things are kinda complicated. Not working in a career right now and living with family for a variety of good reasons.
Coming to terms with some things that i can't compromise on. Accepting that leather, bdsm and submission are pretty core for me, and more than simply erotic interests but identity and spiritual path as well.
Lots of processing going on with this.
And i'm very nervous even putting the foregoing out there. I guess i'm assuming that anyone who reads "bdsm" is going to assume that i'm some kind of narrow minded pervert exclusively interested in whips and chains to the exclusion of serious communicating, relating and enjoying life in general. Quite the contrary. The core of what that's about for me is that it's a passionate desire to find someone worthy of focusing on and giving priority to. Seriously, *really*, it is about You. The "kink" forms the symbols and rituals of that kind of connection and focus, if You will.
Seeking Those who appreciate the depth of what that's about and who have the confidence to accept it.

And since there is flexibility in my world and time between working on the things that need work I have opportunity to pursue the craft I love. Me and a friend and the dog put up my shop a few years back. This year I've been focusing on blades and tools to get some reliable methods together for future projects. This fall will begin constructing bellows and forge by methods and to a pattern that would be found anywhere from about 1450 to 1870 or later. This will be the core of a traveling shop for demonstrations and education.

I do enjoy other creative outlets and the regular D&D session Wednesdays serves to exercise my imagination and give me a social outlet as well.
I’m really good at
Teaching, craftwork, figuring things out, talking.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes are, apparently, pretty expressive. Folks notice them. I laugh pretty easy and usually laugh longest at myself, and it's not usually a quiet laugh. I smoke a pipe (despite the photo) and that's pretty unique anymore and gets a few comments. Other than that ... what folks might notice is if I'm in the right environment I'll dress unique. I'll pull out my garb from reenactments or get creative with bits and pieces ... like a great kilt, work boots and a motorcycle vest. I'll dig out my favorite old sweater, worn leather jeans, and riding boots. I might let my septum ring see the world too.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books ... there are so many ... The Beast Who Shouted Love, Dune, Lord of the Rings, Fear and Loathing, Leather Daddy and the Femme, Doc and Fluff, Three Musketeers, Ivanhoe, Shakespeare, The Backyard Blacksmith

But then there's the poetry ... Rilke, Turtle Island, Coney Island of the Mind, and while it sounds overly dramatic now there are parts of Tennyson that are just ... perfect.

And, too, the wisdom of The Tao Te Ching alongside the Judeo-Christian texts alongside the old myths that still speak.

And the elegant simplicity of Walden or Franklin's Autobiography.

And the delight of A.A. Milne which covers so many areas in "children's" stories.

... the current reading list is varied and eclectic. i'm terrible at keeping it up so why not make it a topic of conversation?

Do realize that for me The Odyssey and Tao Te Ching (and i should probably throw in Shakespeare and some other things) do as much for me and probably more, than things like the Bible, Kahil Gibran, Richard Bach, and such do for others.

My education and following passion has been in literature and composition (although i still can't properly place about 20% of my commas!) so while my tastes are eclectic, generally if i'm going to spend time reading it there has to be some craft, depth and merit to the thing.

Movies ... Blade Runner, V, Last of the Mohican's, Master and Commander, Seven Samurai, Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, Outlaw Josey Wales, and more. Yes, I tend to "guy flicks" but usually with some merit. ;) Enjoy good "film" a great deal, and have the capacity to run out to the cheap theatre with my daughter and catch "Transformers" and thoroughly enjoy myself.

Music is also an eclectic affair. The tendency anymore is toward a lot of celtic and celtic influenced folk with a seasoning of classic rock (esp. in the shop BTO and hammering go together) and filling in with classical. I'm partial to the more romantic and dramatic of the classical composers (Beethoven, Grieg, Sibelius) although I'm developing a great like for Boccharini and am trying to find more.
The six things I could never do without
My recovery(gratitude, grace, love) 'cause without that I'm dead and/or useless to anyone.

My daughter, 'cause, like, she's my kid, right? If you don't get that move on.

Hammer and anvil, OK, that's 2. Hammer then. With a hammer I can make everything else. No kidding. Eventually, yeah. But really. "If you have a hammer all your problems look like nails" is just not true. If you have a hammer and are a carpenter ... then maybe. But if a blacksmith has a hammer ... problems look like opportunities to make the tools to solve the problem, eh?

The dog. Because high, low, thick, thin me an' this dog have been through it. She's still here and a lot of people aren't. I think she's a Bodhisattva, maybe taking a life off as vacation from saving humanity. She makes a lot of sense. Maybe she's *my* Bodhisattva. If so I'm a very lucky boy. "Sure I know what love is: A boy loves his dog." (Extra points if you know what story/movie that's from.)

Friends. Because after a dog ... a friend is a man's best friend. ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Spirituality. Things to make. Things to write. The home and shop I want to build. What to be when I grow up. Should I grow up?

Seriously on the making and writing. I have the capacity to vision things. I'll pose myself a "what if" and let my noodle string a spider web of ideas that would make a story. I will look at a thing, break it down, and start working back and forth between finished components and raw materials. I like building the transformation from a bar of steel into a finished piece in my head. If I do it right, it just comes out my hands. Not bragging: it amazes *me*.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hunting down my friends for coffee and conversation.

Or if it's the summer when I'm probably en route to a reenactment or camping trip or hammer-in.

Or I'm out in the shop and forgot it was Friday and that it was after quitting time and I'm still "playing".
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There is something terribly satisfying about removing the belly button lint at the end of a day.

I've had prime rib at Lowry's. I've eaten rare sushi in Japan. I've had high priced things I couldn't begin to pronounce. But when the cash through the shop has been thin, and you score a $40/30 minute gig for you and a friend who is more hard up than you ... that $3.95 gyros or 3 chili dogs for $3 that you spring for when the gig is done (because $20 isn't going to keep the lights on anyway) that you eat with that pal is ... ambrosia.

It occurs to me that there are more dogs that I'd sleep with than people I'd sleep with on this planet. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)
You should message me if
If there are common interests, you appreciate good conversation and correspondence, you're another crafts person.

Or, maybe, you talked to God today and She told you something really interesting to share.

You've got experience, strength and hope to share.