35Milwaukee, United States
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My self-summary
I'm looking for a cool chick that is into Star Trek, road trips, pizza, hiking, and loves animals. Added bonus for independently wealthy, sex maniacs, that smoke weed and will help me come up with the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

I am one of those weird INTJ personality types.
Self summary eh? This is hard for someone to do. So many ways this can go wrong.
You can accidentally come off as cocky, full of yourself, conceited, etc... Or the flip side, you come off as stupid, low self esteem, an asshole, etc...
So what do you? How do you sum yourself up and give people a correct impression of yourself?
I guess the best that one can do is just list off some qualities you think about yourself.
So here it goes. This is what I think of myself. Some people might see it differently, some people might totally agree.
I'm just a dude pretty much. I have some pretty stand-out qualities. For instance I'm 6'5". I didn't realize until a few years ago that this fact is responsible for who I am as a person.
It's made me very approachable in grocery stores (especially by little old ladies), places I've worked, concerts I've gone too. At Summerfest I was once used as a landmark because you can see me from just about everywhere.
I feel this has given me a chance to gain a whole new perspective on the world. All the random people I've been meeting and talking too has been awesome. It's made me realize that people have a lot more in common then I think anyone realizes.
I feel that if you look at this summary the right way, it will sum up my personality the best way that I can.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently I'm working at an auto garage and learning about cars.

I play bass in a band, which is pretty fun. We are a mix of country, punk rock, and fun.

I also spend a lot of time taking pictures. I have aspirations of quitting my job and becoming a professional photographer. If I got to choose, I would choose either landscapes or concert photography.
I’m really good at
I'm really good at a lot of random stuff. I always surprise myself of the things I'm capable of.
Take for example what I did at my last job one morning.
At the pizza place I worked at, we made EVERYTHING from scratch. Now I'm not a trained kitchen person of any type (well, I wasn't when I started there), and I've learned this whole new skill set.
So one day as a challenge to myself during a morning prep shift, I decided to make something brand new to myself (never made, never seen made, never eaten) and use it to make my coworkers breakfast.
I ended up making a Strawberry Compote with French Brioche Toast. It turned out awesome! My coworkers loved it. I even took a picture of it.
So that's one of the random things that I'm really good at.
The first things people usually notice about me
It's one of 2 things. A surprising amount of people notice my cassette tape tattoo before they notice that I'm 6'5". Then right away they notice that I'm really tall.
But most people notice that I'm 6'5" first, and the tattoo right afterwards.
Once you start talking to me though, most people notice that I have a very ironic, quick witted sense of humor.
One thing you should be careful with is I'm a big fan of wordplay as well.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I've never been the biggest reader, I'll be upfront about that. I mean, I'm online a ton, so I read a lot online (just random stuff). As far as authors go, I love Mark Twain. I love his use of vernacular. I love the stories he tells. He has such a great way with words. My grandpa and I both were suckers for Twain.
I'm also a big fan of the stuff that Brian K. Vaughn writes. He writes comics and movie/tv scripts. He is responsible for my favorite comic series of all time, "Y: The Last Man"
As for other types of reading, I usually tend to go with philosophical subject matter or historical type stuff. Or super nerdy geeky tech type stuff.
As for movies and music, it's best just to ask me. I love going through peoples movie/music collections. I feel that tells a lot about you.
When it comes to food I suck though. I'm a picky eater. Generally can't go wrong with Italian food with me. Or breakfast foods. I LOVE BREAKFAST!
Six things I could never do without
Music (both playing and listening)
My mom
My kittie, Dexter (or my animal friends in general)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lately it's been a lot about photonic energy and glass/lenses in relation to time travel.
Cool photo ops.
I also am usually thinking about pizza and my kitty as well.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching some Star Trek series, playing guitar, and smoking a bowl.
Sometimes I go to concerts and take pictures instead.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
One time I got really baked and built a computer.
It works perfectly.
Super high-functioning pothead here ;)
You should message me if
If you want to toy with my emotions and lead me on for a few months while you keep dating your boyfriend and then casually mention that you weren't really interested in me at all and that you can do better than me.
Or if you have at least 2-3 jobs and kids and refuse to make any time but are still trying to get a BF who helps you feel better about yourself even though you don't have/want to make time for him.
Or if you just want someone to praise you.
I'm really only interested in classic sit-com/romantic comedy type of situations where it ends up with me being "friend zoned" but I don't realize it, so I clearly try really hard to show my interest only to be lead on while you date shitty guys and always come to me for advice that you won't listen to.
The two of us