42 Omaha, United States
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My self-summary
I've neglected to fill out any of this information for the longest time it seems. I have to admit, I haven't taken this site to seriously. but I think I would really be interested in trying to meet some nice local people to hang out with. Maybe someone to share some time with, share some good conversation and some laughs. Maybe watch some movies or play games with, and maybe get the chance to cook for. And who knows, if circumstances are fortunate enough, maybe find someone to cuddle up with, and be closer with, and who knows what might happen from there.

I am Intelligent, Funny, and Creative
I’m really good at
I have more hobbies an interests than it seems I'll ever have time for in my life, and I have many talents and I'm very good at many things. I tend to be passionate and inspired about the things I love which in turn naturally causes me to self educate and hone my skills and knowledge very keenly. Some broad areas of interest include:
Art, Computers, Photography, Cooking, Crafts, Video, Audio, Communication, and others.

For example, with photography, in addition to traditional photography I have many sub-categories of interest, I love experimental photography, which would include things like strobe photography, body painting with florescent paints and photography under black lights, force and perspective shift photography, and other experimental techniques I don't even have names for.
Panoramic photography, taking *HUGE* detail/resolution panoramic photos, and up to 360 degree, spherical, panoramas (photos of extreme detail and field of vision that encompass an extreme area of view.
And macro panorama photography, which using special techniques is able to do something similar only put your view point, say, as if you're standing inside the petals of a flower, or a dish of catfood, looking around, or any other small area that would otherwise be impossible from which to have a perspective.
Astral photography, taking photos of the stars, an the sky, particularly at night of course, but sometimes during the day as well. This is often done with the aid of extreme telephoto or a telescope for astral bodies.
And microstopic photography, taking photos with the aid of a microscope, usually in a mosaic fashion.
And 3D photography which is probably one of my favorites. Stereo photography, that I often processed as an anaglyph so it can be easily viewed with common red/blue 3D glasses. And 3D lenticular photography which are photos that are made of from 3 to 7 photos and processed and interlaced behind a sheet of concentric lenses to produce a 3D, hologram-like image you can view without the need for special equipment. (you've probably seen 3D posters or pictures before, or even on occasion on the cover of a magazine).

So that just coves some of photography, being entirely long winded, and that is just *one* of my interests. So I'll just leave it at that, and if you want to know more, I hope to get to chance to meet some interesting people who might share come common interests.

I'm rarely bored.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair and my eyes seem to be the first things. I'll have to add more to this section later and ask! hehe