33Westerville, United States
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My self-summary
Profile update hurrah!

First of all I'm a dude. I like to eat food.
When I get out of the shower I walk around nude.
I tip a couple bills when the attendant hands me a towel,
even though I coulda done it myself like Pat Sajak buying a vowel.
Put my big boy pants on don't wanna end up like Eckards
One leg at a time then I start makin gold records
I borrowed that one from my man Christopher Walken
Had to do it cuz obviously I ain't much one for talkin
Go about my day thinking about life and its ways
How some people spend their best years in a haze
Found myself then found peace then found myself again
How I think now is how I used to think then
But its different now, haven't found the differential
I guess you could say it's inconsequential
Here I am, all of me, right here, right now
No time to waste to ask myself how
Givin life all I have cuz I only get one
I might get called away before I get done
This verse got serious yet started out silly
But whatever I'm out gonna grab me a philly =]

my brains are funny and they make wierd connections to ideas not normally tied together. some people think that makes me an artist? (yes question mark) i dont really like labels though because they tend to be thought-terminating cliches, boxing people in instead of expanding consciousness out... if that makes any sense. i usually have to act like i dont notice things and im pretty good at playing dumb. i notice everything. i dont judge or evaluate or criticise but i do notice. as an example at work they have white noise generators going 24/7 and i constantly ask people if its raining because i have a hard time tuning anything out. i think its kinda rad in some ways

someone once said to me "james, i dont think more duct tape is the solution to all of lifes problems," and you know what? i think they might have been onto something

if i were a dinosaur id probably want to be a raptor. i mean theyre pretty fast right? i wanna go fast! are there any dinosaurs faster than a raptor? if there are im not sure i want to know about them. i think that would make my head spin

I've recently come to the realization that I'm an awesome person and I have no reason to be bashful about it. I'm not anyone's idea of perfection but I'm perfectly human and I'm happy with that and you should be too =] I may not have all the answers but I know what truth is ya dig?
What I’m doing with my life
building a following as a music producer, day trading, working in the health and medical field. getting edumacated in programming with a view to becoming a programmer unless i can keep doing as well as i have been in the markets in which case maybe ill just do that a couple hours a day and live a life dedicated to helping people in personal development. kinda been my dream job for a while now
I’m really good at
making music (google "audiocrat"), day trading, learning in general, making people laugh, being fully present, being creative (not just in an artistic sense), pushing my edge, knowing where im going, being authentic, loving people for who they are, being non-judgmental, and legos. i'm really good at legos
The first things people usually notice about me
instead of just writing shit down i decided to do a little screenplay. i created a little dialog of what it might sound like if i were in some sort of hollywood romantic comedy where i met my future wife and 5 years after our marriage on our anniversary night after getting all freaky-deaky decided to get all girly and emotional, remembering the times where circumstances prevented us from being together

so, i know this might sound like a really wierd question out of the blue but what did you notice about me when you first met me?

"Eyes, voice, confidence, presence of mind? Also you were pretty buff with your arms and your cowboy ass and you had on a shirt with a polar bear on it. Why?"

well first of all im gonna need you to explain presence of mind second youre gonna need to explain why you remember the polar bear

"Oh, OK. I'm not really sure how to explain it but I'll try. I can tell that you're THERE and actually responding to the things I say and also the things I don't say. You cut through the bullshit of whatever it is that we're talking about and it feels like you know exactly what I'm thinking and help bring that out. I think maybe I meant insightful but there's more to it than that I think. Like you can ask me two questions when I'm confused about something, and you already have some sort of penetrating insight and get me to realize exactly what I should do. I remember the polar bear because the shirt was brown and you said you wished it came in blue. I said it's better brown because his environment was getting polluted. You know how we hollywood writers are all into the environment and whatnot. Anyway does that make sense?"

yeah but why reach for the word penetrating when deep was right at the front of the shelf

"Because I'm a writer and we live for ten dollar words, especially adverbs and adjectives."

who am i to judge? whatever blows your skirt up, you hollywood meet-cute writer types


Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
the power of now by eckhart tolle, anything by tony robbins, david deida, or lewis carroll
movies... hmmm superbad, the hangover, stepbrothers, pan's labyrinth, fight club, 300, etc. are good. shutter island was good too. Anything by Darren Aranovsky. Bueller?
i usually listen in my car to music i produce (really dont mean to sound conceited its just i put a lot of effort into it to make something that i like in hopes others like it)
pretty much every food sounds good when you eat healthy most of the time... especially ben n jerrys.... ahhh i need a cheat day here soon lol
Six things I could never do without
working out
and 2 scoops of ben n jerrys

yes, i know
I spend a lot of time thinking about
everything. not in a critical, angsty, self-pitying emo way, just about life and love and hopes and dreams. i see a lot of possibilities in every moment and i try to use my energy passionately and creatively to inspire people to do the same, to be their best self. i want to die with no gifts left ungiven
On a typical Friday night I am
no such thing as a typical friday night! i live my life with blinders off... the wonderful thing about perceiving everything is that you tend not to see many self-imposed restrictions on what you believe you are allowed to do. "well its friday guess that means i have to go do _____"
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
im pretty awful at thumb wars. if you ever think itd be a good idea to play rock paper scissors with me, itd probably be a better idea to play thumb wars because your odds will be much better that way. i think its because i play knuckle to palm and most people really dont care
You should message me if
I message you. Or if you're exceptionally bold. I'd have to give you a lot of respect for that. I'd bet if you did you were probably black or red-haired. Not a bad thing... but for some reason whenever I get approached by a girl she's either black or red-haired. You're always welcome to make a liar out of me though, i double dog dare you

also, a message is not a contract saying were going to get married! kinda takes a minute to get to know someone before you even know if youre compatible. just because im looking for something serious doesnt mean it has to be with you, or vice versa. im sad i have to put that on here but i do. just like im sure im not everyones cup of tea, not everyone is mine. it is what it is!
The two of us