33Austin, United States
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My self-summary
This is the point where I normally close down the program and Google something. I don't do these questions. I want my friend to write this for me. Self summary...uh...what is it, I like, pffffftt...self summary...ssss...I'm an overthinker, but, no, not an overthinker. What is it? It's this scientific...scientific...............(off to the Google) method. I Googled it first, then went to Wiki. No Wiki was agnostic. Nothing! I break shit down; a lot. And I'm implusive. And given the option of inside or outside...is there water involved? No - I prefer the outside. Catch me alone and you'll wonder if I'm alive 'cause I can sit still for a very long time because I'm contemplating things I'd rather be doing. I can sit on my back porch FOREVER. It's 'cause I'm so busy doing so many other things. (Bleep)ing a lot. No, can't say that. I'm (bleep). No, can't say that. How do I put a positive spin on (bleep)? Oooooh! Pool! Puzzles, when I'm on the patio. Did I bring my Rubik's cube?

I'm not a writer, I'm a reader. AND I DON'T WANT FLOWERS!! And I don't want you to cry either. And I don't like emotional men; it scares me...
What I’m doing with my life
I like to windsurf. I'm a goer and a doer. I want someone to go and do with. Unless I have to work. Then I just drink coffee (and work).

What do I do? What are my options? Well I have been windsurfing a lot. And riding my bike. I like riding my bike on trails, not like super bike rider, but cruise around. I like to ride my bike, if not on trails, then at night I like to ride around downtown. Like on 3rd Street they light up the windows. And the people wandering. I like to watch the random people wandering.

I like barbequing. I like to camp. I got a cool new app for stargazing. Technology is my friend. I need a ciggarette.
I’m really good at
Oooh! Disc golf! I suck at it! I want to get better. Someone to teach me. Not someone to teach me. Someone to watch me throw the disc at trees.

Your key planet Venus is zapped by the high voltage of Uranus! Ha! I love my horoscope!

What is that called? The game where you toss the little metal thingies into the three holes, kinda like a horseshoe game except "almost" does not count. Like a ring toss game for drunk people, except I guess not only drunk people play it. Did I say puzzles? Washers!! Yes!

Oooh! Do it yourself things. You know, like fix a car, I like to fix shit. Even if I only did it a little bit, if someone else helped me with it, I still like to say, "I did it! I did it! I did it!"

What else am I good at?!? Am I good at? I'm not good at washers...what am I good at? Hmmm...dunno. Making plants grow then randomly dying. I don't understand that. They all got so big, then just died.

I love dogs. I love BIG dogs, not the little yappy ones.

Good at? I'm good at taking stairs, man. I can do that all day long. Oooh, window shopping on Amazon...back to the computer...

I cuss too much...
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know. See that's the thing. I can't read people anymore. First thing people notice about me...well it depends, if it's a controlled environment that I've gotten to know pretty well, then I'm the hostess type - Hi I'm Robyn! But if it's a new environment, then I'm generally pretty shy. I don't like to be judged. Cause that's what people do. Everybody does it. If you don't try to form an opinion about somebody then you're likely to get caught up with the wrong people and wish you had thought about how they present themselves and how this is probably not a good idea. It's really not a good thing...

Because, I'm not a redneck. And I really don't sound like one, yo.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite books, okay. Okay, so I'm actually kinda all over the place with books. 'Cause I like...um...Terry Goodkind. And if somebody knows Terry Goodkind I don't need to go any further. And Lauren Willig. She takes historical events and makes into a girl book. Like female heros, back in the day. Not heros, but female spys, they dress up and have different characters that they wouldn't actually play, but be them. She had a whole series of them. Loved it! I haven't gotten through this one book, 'cause it's hot and I really need to get through it. I'm a big fan of Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume is my favorite. I like Marvel movies, like Spiderman and IRONMAN, oh Ironman. Eon Musk. He makes me hot. Just an awesome dude. Uh, what else do I need to say.

Oh, okay. Shows. I like the whodunit shows, like NCIS! Ohhh! I like...I also like to watch the history channels and A&E, like the inside investigation sort of, you know, dramatization of actual events, blah blah blah...

What? Okay, music.

If it doesn't yell at me, I like it. I don't like too much twang in my country, and I really only like country on random days. Famous girl music, Fiona Apple. But I also like Dubstep. And...um...Gotye because...I like music that incorporates original, or rather, off the wall instruments. I don't like it when an artist sounds like the previous artist, or they all sound the same.

Food? Pico de gallo makes everything better. Pasta. Cheese. Fruit. I like the crazy cheeses too. I like to get the little samples, I tried this one that was so frickin' delicious, it was a...like a pungent type cheese, but had Merlot. Oooohhh! So frickin' good! Oooooh! I like midnight grocery shopping. I don't like grocery shopping during the day. At all. But midnight grocery shopping is kind of like those bike rides. It's like bike riding, getting to see random people. People stocking stuff.
Six things I could never do without
6. My ghostwriter (Hi there! says Alicia)
5. Caffeine
4. Shade in a sunny place.
3. Technology - I happen to enjoy a flushing toilet, so sue me!
2. My Keens
1. Ciggarettes, did I say ciggarettes? No! We already talked about that! No more mentioning the ciggarettes!

1. My kick ass new phone! I named it Rosie. After the kick ass maid on the Jetsons.

1. A lighter!

Six things...my ghostwriter (yes, she loves me guys).

Ciggarettes, coffee, Keens, shade in a sunny place...I named them! Right? (Yes, you did Robyn.)

Actually I went over the bar, 'cause I said my phone, or I could say I need my laptop or something. Oh, I said the toilet too. Yeah, totally overboard. I don't like restrictions. Could totally do without those. And deadlines. I never follow those.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
(sigh) Hold on I have to pee. And I have to delete (bleep) from that. Fantasies. Definitely...hold on. Let me think about that...

Got it! Projects! I think about projects all the frickin' time! Like projects that I'm gonna jump up and do instantly. Then ones I'm probably never gonna do. I work out the minute details. Then I think I need to call my mom. I think about that a lot. I haven't called her in forever. Especially since I've changed my phone number (aaahhh). Yeah, I need to call her tomorrow. That's what I thought yesterday.

I think about the future a lot! Which goes along wth the projects thing - because that's what it is. Ooooh! Epiphany! Yeah! You gonna write that? (Yes, Robyn, catching up, you talk faster than I type, hehe).

I hate Romney. Ass-kisser! He's an ass-kisser. Racist, white trash, lying piece of shit that can't come up with his own ideas - at all.

T.V. Shows: John Stewart!

And I don't believe the world's gonna end December 21st.

Am I done? (Not yet, Robyn.)

Oooh! Anatomy app! Flashcards! But I was looking for the brain. hehehe Have you seen my phone? Have I shown it to you? (Not yet, Robyn, you have a deathgrip on it.)
On a typical Friday night I am
If I'm not working, not babysitting my nephew, my ADORABLE baby nephew, I'm drinking beer with somebody. On somebody's porch, backyard, couch - like mine? I haven't played pool in so long, it doesn't count :( I like to just hang out with people. Don't have to "do." I don't know, Friday night doesn't mean anything to me. I guess this is like my Friday night. What night is it? (Tuesday, Robyn). Midnight coffee runs with my bestie (that's me! yay!)

(Forced insert, via Robyn: Robyn says you have to be pre-screened by me, Alicia! Don't worry, I'm an optimist! It can be a curse sometimes...)

Oh! I like flavored creamers! Suck it!!!

Seriously, if you can't handle energy....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
(I'm already giggling here, and she hasn't even started! hehehe)

Most private thing I'm willing to admit? What is it? (Alicia says, I don't know 'cause I know everything!) What should I keep private? Don't look in my drawer. That's dirty! Shut up, it's private, I don't want to talk about it! Seriously! Most private means I don't WANT to admit it! That doesn't make any sense!

Other than that I'm an open book...
You should message me if
You actually understood anything on my profile.

You don't mind being impulsive with me. You like to go and do.

I am very confident in my decision making but I prefer to observe you make decisions. I want to know that you are capable of making decisions without second guessing yourself. If you want to surprise me...my type of romantic date, a road trip, or...camping! Yeah! CAMPING. NEAR WATER! Some sort of swimming hole. Camping without a swimming hole is wrong! I will dump you immediately, you idiot!

I don't do dinner dates. If we go out for dinner, it's after we know each other, and we've been out doing something and we're really hungry and it's finger food or something. It's not a date, we're just feeding ourselves.

I don't do romance. If you are a romance seeker you're looking in the wrong dircetion. I really want a hobby-teacher-type, non romantic, DUDE (as in non-sensitive, and is otherwise generally very masculine - per Alicia) who's educated in some fashion. I don't even care if you're self taught, as long as synapsis are firing.
The two of us