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My self-summary
For your browsing convenience, let's start with reasons why you should stop reading now.

1, If you're devout and unable to both not talk about religion and unable to deal with people who who counter faith based arguments with reason based arguments. One or the other is fine.

2, If you're unwilling to even consider sex before marriage and you're only interested in a romantic relationship. If that's your stance on relationships but you're still looking for a friend, keep reading.

3, Less of a hard requirement, and more of a preference. Try to be grammatically correct. Odds are, if you're patient enough to read my profile to completion you're literate enough you won't bug me.

These are reasons why you should move on to the next profile. Good luck out there, I hope you find whoever you're looking for.

4/21/2014, adding reason #4 here because I've learned this is a dealbreaker. I'm a hypocrite in my family life, they still think I'm a good Christian. In my opinion, its kinder to them to let them think that than it is to tell them I won't be in heaven with them if there even is a heaven. This is actually one of the main reasons I even started on this site. I need a partner from outside my social networks because my two networks are either a bunch of religious zealots or random internet people from across the world that I play video games with.

I'm a guy who enjoys talking about any subject. I spend my time at school, studying for school, or playing video games. My schoolwork specifically is history, I can't seem to narrow down my interests enough to be much more help than that. My video games tend to be on the PC, but other than that they're all over the place. League of Legends seems to be a good starting point.

This profile has developed into a fairly accurate representation of myself, but there's still a lot that only gets covered in my answers to OKCupid's questions. I try to explain as many answers as possible to make it an engaging read, so you should really go take a look.

Because there seems to be confusion on this, I'll define it. Agnosticism is the belief that there may or may not be a god. I came to this belief after I lost my faith in Christianity. Christians, particularly biblical literalists, won't care to hear what I have to say on the topic of religion. If you believe that the bible is 100% true, but you'd like to be my friend, it'd probably be best if we simply avoided the subject. Jews and Muslims may have the same problem, but I don't have any arguments prepared against ideologies outside the Abrahamic Traditions.

By the way, I filled out some of those questions almost a year ago. I've changed since then, and my answers have too. However, I'm too lazy to sort through 1000+ questions to find the 5 I remember I've changed my mind on.

1/14/2014, I am testing a theory that any change to my profile, no matter how small, will draw some visitors.

1/16/2014, Not sure if this is a failure or a success, total of two unmessaged visitors in the past two days, up from 0 over the past week. Thing is they were both from out of state and well over my 30 mile limit.

1/27/2014, I suppose I'd best explain why I put dates into my profile. I'm trying to show that I'm reconsidering who I am and how I should represent myself on a semi-regular basis, while also giving people an idea of what's new and what isn't so we can avoid confusion.

2/16/2014, I'm tired of putting effort into this site. I've messaged at least three different people a day for the past two months, spending at least fifteen minutes on each message trying to make it engaging. One in ten got back to me in any way at all, and about half of those didn't respond to my response. I'm done trying here.

I've decided to leave this profile up on the off chance that somebody takes an interest. If you message me, I will respond to it, I promise you. Not in a timely manner, as I'm intending to ignore this site for weeks at a time, but I will respond to every message. I won't be a part of the same problem that frustrated me so much.

2/28/2014, I'm about done here. From here on in, I'm going to be using this as a database on who I am to refer other people to, but I don't intend to use that stupid robot's matchmaking system. Let's do some math. I've been here for at least fifteen months. I've messaged everyone in my quiver every day, sometimes twice a day, occasionally browsing profiles myself and messaging the interesting ones. I've spent about two hours on each message trying to make it engaging and easy to respond to.

30x15=450 days using OKCupid
450x3=1350 Messages sent
1350x2=2700 hours wasted trying to find someone special.

Results, 200 replies, 50 meaningful conversations, 4 potential matches that didn't work out, and only two face to face meetings before figuring out we wouldn't work.

This site doesn't work, but that's no reason to not use the wealth of information about me that it has conveniently put in one spot. So, I'm going to refer people I meet to it so that they can browse it if they'd like. Knowing me, I'm still likely to check the stupid thing every day, possibly more frequently than that.

I will talk to anyone who messages me until that person chooses to not message me back, and then I'll let it drop after two messages intended to start a conversation spaced a day apart, and one message a day after that asking what's up. If you're too much of a coward to tell me to fuck off to my face, that's your out.

Oh, and the other cowardly thing. If you're too shy to send the first message, visit my profile two times in two days. I'll notice, and I'll message you. I'd actually find this to be sweet.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a Senior at the University of Missouri, St. Louis campus. I work at the Mercantile Library, which is a very confusing archival/museum library. Specifically, I work for the John W. Barriger III Railroad library. My main job is digitizing photos, books, and periodicals so that they may be viewed online, and also so that they don't get destroyed in freak accidents that will remove them from the historical record forever.

Which is to say, I scan stuff.

I also have been working on a very silly game system based around silliness and dice. It's designed to have as few rules as possible based on the theory that chaos is fun. I record these sessions and post them on Youtube
I’m really good at
I'm mostly a thinker and a reader, I absorb information quickly. I can read something once and call it up months later with 87% accuracy. I play video games, but I'm not excellent at them. I used to play the piano and I can pick it up, I just can't seem to find the time.

I'm slowly turning into a teacher. Mostly because the people I play video games with are bad, and a couple pointers tends to set them straight. In other cases, I need to commit several hours to a single teammate to get him up to par. Still fun, so I don't mind tutoring.
The first things people usually notice about me
Not sure, haven't talked about it much with anyone. I am told my most outstanding features are my green eyes. I've been goofing around with facial hair, but I can't seem to find a style I like.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read everything. I sit down and read my textbooks cover to cover. I also enjoy fantasy and science fiction, though specific authors annoy me. I forget who, but if I read them again I'd remember in a hurry.

Movies, I'm a bit pickier with. I have a hard time turning off my brain and enjoying myself, so I'm likely to have more fun picking apart the plot and characters than watching it. My preferences have changed over time. I still enjoy actiony movies, but I've grown to enjoy funny, fast talking cleverness more.

If we happen to see a movie, and afterwards I won't shut up about how poorly written/acted/staged it was, don't worry about me. I enjoyed the movie, but I'm having even more fun talking about it. When you can't get a word out of me after a movie, and it wasn't a thought provoking movie, THEN you should be worried.

I like most music, but I prefer music where I can understand what they're singing. I think my all time favorite song is "Tribute to the Greatest Song in the World" by Tenacious D
Four Chords by Axis of Awesome
Red Alert 2, OST, Hell March
Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley
Dinosaurs go Rawr, Amy can Flyy
Ride of the Valkyries, Richard Wagner

I turned in my brony card little more than a year ago. However, I still appreciate the fandom, especially their blatant copyright violations and music remixes. For instance, "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" originally by The Offspring.
I prefer this to the original because the remixer both sped it up and raised the pitch of the vocals. Where the original sounded like it was tired of the antics of the "Kid," this version captures the "Kid's" mania. In my opinion, both are valid interpretations, but I prefer this remix.

I don't like many vegetables, but I can tolerate them. Also, no salads.

1/25/2014, I've given some thought to this section, and I've decided that I still don't like the way a lot of the profiles I've seen just list off a bunch of random books and movies. So, I'm going to talk about the kinds of things I like instead of specifically what I like.
1/27/2014 I've actually collected enough links of awesome stuff Pandora picked for me. They're above. I feel that having those links there is more helpful than those lists of random songs and artists that I dislike so much. I also feel it shows I care enough to actually go out and find examples of those songs.
Six things I could never do without
Mountain Dew, Video games, electricity, Air conditioning, my laptop, my imagination.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whatever crosses my mind. I examine random things in detail, picking them apart in my mind. However, my thoughts don't have any particular direction that I've noticed. The first time I heard "Dinosaurs go Rawr" by Amy Can Flyy (linked above) the phrase "Dinosaurs go rawr (everybody knows that)" repeated in my head for roughly twelve hours. It stopped being fun at 1 AM.

I'm trying to figure out how to draw more people to this profile than in unsubtle 'hey, come tell me what you think of my profile,' messages. I want people to see this because I feel that I've represented myself as honestly as I can here. I also want to get some feedback here, I haven't gotten any other perspectives but mine on this thing in a long time.

Also, trying to figure out why people don't message me back on this site. Most of the time, I decide that they got bored. The logical thing to correct that is to try to be more entertaining and engaging, but the response of,' what, you don't like me for me?' usually overrides that and I write off that person.

Of course, if you were to send me a message, it'd force me to immediately revise my opinion of you.
On a typical Friday night I am
Teaching people how not to suck at video games. That's literally what I tell them. "I can only get you to not suck, you're the only person who can actually be good."

In a perfect world, I'd be doing that in person with someone I care about.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I actually suck at most video games I play. I only appear to do well in online multiplayer because my internet is better than almost everyone else's and I understand the basic concepts.
You should message me if
You want to talk. Even if you want to argue with me and tell me I'm an idiot, I'd be happy to respond with my reasons for why I am the way I am.

If you're interested in talking to me, but you're shy or just can't figure out what to say first, visit my profile two days in a row and I will send the first message.

Also message me if you know why this is awesome

Time is the most valuable thing I have, and I currently have the luxury of being able to give it to whoever I want. All I ask in return is an equal amount of your time. I'd call that a fair trade.

While my end goal is to find someone who I can commit to and who will commit to me, I honestly don't expect that to happen anytime soon. I'm willing to meet just about anyone in about any capacity, matching any partner's level of commitment or passion. After all, I've always felt that the best way to get something out of a relationship is to invest effort and emotion into it.

No, I don't catch suggestion or innuendo. I'm also very bad at flirting. I will earnestly engage in a conversation with you, but I'll be taking everything you say at face value. This is because I'd rather keep a conversation going than risk being called a pervert by trying to call someone on innuendo.

Because I feel that looking for section is scaring people off, let me explain it in excruciating detail.

I'm looking for new friends mostly in the hopes that we'll click and something more will happen. The other category of friend I'm looking for would be a video game playing friend who I know online and not anywhere else. If you're looking for a friend but not in one of those two ways, please send a message anyway. I'd like someone to talk to.

I'm actually looking for long term dating. I want a relationship that I can rely on for emotional support, intellectual conversation, and sex. Being outgoing is hard for me, and I'd rather not put my emotions on the line in relationships that don't work out.

I'm looking for short term dating because I'd like to narrow the absurd range of acceptable personalities that I've currently got going. So far, the only archetype I've thrown out is the zealot, and I was reluctant to do that because I like talking to zealots and living in their worlds for five minutes at a time.

I'm not actually looking for casual sex, but I'm open to it if it comes to me. The reason for this is so that I can figure out what to do in bed. My sexual experience is limited to say the least, and I'd like to at least be competent enough to be confident.

Not my post, just something I strongly related to, and here's another that says things I couldn't say better if I tried,
The two of us