67Cumming, United States
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My self-summary
First off...I'm real, genuine, very comfortable with who I am and where I find myself...and still learning/evolving. If you can't say the same, probably a great use of your time to figure out who you are and where you'd like to go. Hard to get to know those who don't know themselves.

I'm very active, fun, adventurous, aware, compassionate, optimistic, pragmatic, sensual and still a kid at heart. I don't let my age define me...and I didn't at the beginning of this journey, either.

Put simply, I love life...and enjoying the diversity of this world is not something I've come to recently. My curiosity and appreciation for people and things around me has led me to amazing places and incredible experiences.

I'm open to finding another great love in my life, one that can carry "us" through whatever time we have left...and one that looks out at the world "through the same window", so to speak.

Among my accomplishments in life is my contribution to the raising of three incredible daughters, 25, 27 and 31...all doing well. They are best friends, with each other and their mother and I...who, by the way, I'm on excellent terms with. She's a remarkable human being, a great parent and odd as it may sound, a great ex-wife! :) I appreciate that being a parent brings a certain perspective that can be vital in a relationship and life in general.

I'm extremely picky about who I befriend and even pickier about who I might consider a relationship with. In the same vein, I'm not one who feels their life has no meaning if not in a relationship...I'm fine on my own and I never find myself bored or without purpose, but I do miss the companionship and intimacy of a great partner. I guess that's a long way of saying, "I'm not going to settle for anything short of amazing!".

In many ways, my life is a contradiction...likewise, I'm quite unconventional. My career has been incredibly interesting, fun and financially rewarding (high-tech visualization systems)...I'm passionate about it, but it has never defined who I am. And very shortly, that phase will be behind me. But...I treasure my personal time to remain grounded and in touch with family, friends and the natural world...time to soak up all that exists, from the smallest flower or rock in the desert or forest, to the unimaginable scale of the stars in a clear night sky, high in the western desert. The right partner will understand this...and much more...that I needn't go into here.

I am not ordinary...not in lifestyle choices, attitude, interests or future direction...and certainly not in terms of the woman I'd choose to partner with. Have never felt the need to fit in with or keep up with the "Joneses". Likewise, those that I'm drawn to typically have a very strong sense of who they are and where they're going...likely a bad case of wanderlust and a bit of a gypsy soul...augmented by some creative talent and a very healthy dose of self-awareness. Where is that woman who is as comfortable at some trendy place in Manhattan as she is in the middle of nowhere, staring up at a billion stars in the night sky, miles from the nearest human (other than me, of course)? One who could not only survive, but thrive on a 2-month road trip to Alaska and back?

Another thing...and it's important...I'm not religious, not necessarily an atheist, but I have no interest in involving myself in any organized religion. I understand that everyone needs their own belief system and that it's very're welcome to yours, just don't try to convert me and we'll be fine. I live by the golden rule and give others the respect and support that they earn/deserve.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm having fun and exploring the world! Doing my part to educate others regarding the challenges we face as a society and what some of the real, practical solutions might be. I don't think or exist in some utopian fantasyland that ignores basic human nature and needs, but in a day to day world where change can occur one person at a time.

You won't find me wasting time or emotional energy asking "why"...especially to un-answerable questions. I live in the now and know that my strength comes from awareness, optimism and filtering out the noise that so many are distracted by.

I've had a unique career that has provided a comfortable living for myself and my family and afforded me the luxury of traveling to some interesting parts of the world. Retirement is not far off, in fact now, only a couple months. Very likely that I'll get back into photography on a part-time basis as well as a few other creative areas that interest me as well as some volunteer activities that I enjoy. That said, I think a few months of being in "gypsy mode" and a long trip in the camper will help ease the transition and bring into focus where I'll invest my time and energy.

Being one of those "never sick a day in my life" types, I stay fit enough to engage in any activity that interests me...and I'm looking for someone who can keep up or better yet, challenge me! And while it may be common in men my age, my libido doesn't require pills to show up for the party :) I've never been on any sort of meds and choose not to take part in our over-medicated culture.
I’m really good at
Grasping the bigger picture
Seeing the boxes others put themselves in.
Untangling necklaces
Sorting socks
Building fires
Fixing just about anything
Identifying constellations
Parallel Parking
Curling toes
Balancing being in the moment and arriving at the future in a prepared state

A few months ago, after I had solved some problem with my middle daughter's phone, she sent me the following text..."Dad, you're a f..king genius" which I responded, "you might be right, but be very glad I'm not forwarding this to your mother". Maybe I'll put in a 900 number!

Oh, and I've got a finely tuned BS detector...don't even try!
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm usually smiling and disarmingly comfortable to be around...never intimidating or arrogant.

I actually listen to what you're saying and engage!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music-wise, I'm all over the map...from Adele to Van Morrison, Americana to Zydeco...depending on my mood. I tend towards great lyrics and melody, great guitar work. I have music by some fantastic artists you've likely never heard of! :) I LOVE live a hole-in-the-wall blues club, intimate music room or mid-size theater...not a fan of big arena's, but I'll go to see someone really special (Tina Turner was one, James Taylor/Carol King another!)

Tedeschi Trucks Band several times locally, Jonny Lang, Delbert McClinton every time he comes to town.

Joe Bonamassa in Nov 2015...3rd row center seats...awesome show. Tickets to Feb 25th show in Savannah in-hand! :)

Saw Jeff Beck on August 2nd, Buddy Guy two-fer...two of my "bucket list" musicians on the same night and both rocked the house...ok, it wasn't a house...outdoor ampitheater!

Movies...I won't start a list here, but again, I'm all over the map...Sci-Fi, drama, bio's, mystery, action/adventure...yeah, even some chick flic's!

Recent (and not so recent) movies that I've seen and liked:

Inside Llewyn Davis
American Hustle
The Life of David Gale (not new, but recently saw it)
Sex y Lucia
The Martian
Jason Bourne 2016
The Accountant

Food...I'm not a vegetarian, but I often eat like one...mostly a variety of veggies, fruit, nuts, cheeses, quite a bit of fish. I eat in moderation and I will eat just about anything (except organs)...ask me about some of the "challenge" food I've tried in Japan...ugh! I'm not a picky eater and I like variety in to share! I love to cook! has been years since I did a lot of reading, but when I do read something, it's likely non-fiction...a bio, world events, historical, or personal development/spiritual. Camille Paglia is a writer I've mostly followed via columns and essays...currently reading Free Women, Free Men. I don't make the time to just sit and read a book...same with TV...I'd rather be doing something less sedentary.

A favorite quote..."Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" Mary Oliver
Six things I could never do without
Taking this question literally, beyond the basics, my nature is such that I could do without all but those and very likely have the means and will to survive. So then the question becomes, what would I rather not do without...
My daughters
A best friend that enjoys my wit (and is an equal in that regard)
A comfortable bed and high thread-count sheets
A tranquil place to live with space and privacy
4 Seasons
My Passport
My attitude - which is part and parcel of why I didn't limit myself to 6 things! :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How the gradual "dumbing down" of our society is going to affect this country (and the world) in the years to the results of it are already showing up in the political paralysis evident in Washington. How so many young people are absolutely clueless about how so much of what they depend on in their daily lives actually works or gets to them. Personal responsibility, self-respect and strong moral values (not religious) are now scoffed at, not revered.
A society in such a state of decay cannot survive...

Whatever Camile Paglia's on her...she gets it on so many levels.

How certain groups of people adopt all sorts of trendy new terms and code words to convince others that they're hip and members the latest new fad group. I find many of the "new age" devotees the most common offenders. Keep it simple, say it clear and don't try to impress me with your "in-ness"...puhleez!

Oh...and I'm not afraid to interact and mix with those whose thinking doesn't match my own in political, social or religious areas. Always interesting to stir the pot when surrounded by a bunch of dogmatic thinkers, either red or blue...and there is no shortage of either!

How so many women are caught up in "seeking", rather than "being"...

Where I'd like to relocate to...if I choose to leave this area.

In terms of YOU...beyond all the chemistry and personality aspects...where you've been, where you are and where you want to go...the answers to those 3 "simple" questions will play a large role whether or not I see long-term potential in someone.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing something atypical...ha!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't have any tattoos...:)
You should message me if
If who I am and what I'm about piques your interest and you'd like to know more. I'm not here for a penpal or long phone conversations before meeting...if there's interest, lets meet and see if there's any chemistry. While I really do prefer to meet someone locally, I'm open to the possibility that I might connect with someone anywhere on this planet...and while I have first-hand experience with the challenges that presents, I also realize how limiting it is to think in a small box...or any box, for that matter.

The idea of extended road trips in a camper or small RV doesn't give you hives!

Oh, and if the phrase "God-fearing man" appears in your profile in a positive sense, please pass me by.

The two of us