66Elizabethtown, United States
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My self-summary

I'm looking for a nice looking, intelligent, fit, appreciative woman to be with--one with no financial baggage. I'm not with anyone now...and this really sux.

I stand 6'5" and weigh 250 lbs, and I think I carry it well (check the photos). I've been told more than once that I look 20 years younger than my age and I have worked hard at doing so. Have played competitive sports all my life but the knees finally gave out. Also, I'm a former 6 handicap golfer and advanced SCUBA diver.

Most of my working career has been in the field of commercial banking & finance-- working for major banks (like B of A, Wells Fargo, etc. and commercial finance companies like CIT. No drugs, no vices, don't smoke, have an occasional glass of wine or a cold beer when the weather is hot. Have a university degree and some post-graduate work and am a former U.S. Naval Officer. Sorry, all you goldiggers out there; I am far from being rich but I do own my home unencumbered and am financially stable. I’m a good listener and have been told I have a good sense of humor. And there is no "drama" in my life.

After 21 years of living in that rat-race called Los Angeles (hence the "ex-beachboy" handle), and 12 years in Atlanta before that, I’m back in the Bluegrass cheering for the ‘Cats. I’m ashamed that I haven’t seen more of this pretty state, so one of my near-term goals is to see some of its wonders, and have fun doing it ....but doing it alone is no fun. So I am trying to find an attractive, fun-loving woman to share a picnic basket with.

Some people call me old fashioned but it is still instinctive for me to stand when a woman enters the room, to open doors for her and to pull back her chair at the dinner table. The downside to that is that I have to admit to not being the sappy, wus-ified Metroman..... but I will care for you and you will feel safe when you are around me. But since I have been out of the chase for quite a while, I have long since lost most of my dating skills and forgotten most of my best pickup lines. So if I contact you and I seem a little awkward in my approach, that’s the reason.

Initially, your appearance will play a big role in whether or not I make contact with you or answer your inquiries. A few extra pounds are OK (don't we all have a few at this age?) but I could never have a romantic relationship with a fat woman. Call me picky if you wish, but at least I'm up-front with you. I have worked out thousands upon thousands of hours trying to keep myself looking fairly attractive to women in appearance, dress, demeanor and intellect and I seek that in return.

So that's about it for me. I think you'll like me--most people do; they think I am intelligent (that's debatable), conversational on a myriad of topics, interesting and fun to be around. I am non-confrontational and non-combative but I can hold my own if I have to. I am very happy with my life right now; physically, I feel great and every part of me works as it should (except the knees). But I know I could be happier if I could find a good woman to share everything; I realize that life is not complete without one.

After reading this, if you would like to explore a relationship, preferably a long-term committed one, let's get together for coffee somewhere and see if we like each other and have any mutual interest in taking it further. What do you have to lose—30 minutes that you might otherwise waste? I promise you that you won’t be bored.
What I’m doing with my life
Retired, fixing up the house, yardwork, visiting friends around the country, trying to keep in shape, doing some volunteer work and walking my pretty little rescue dog. In addition, I am taking Computer Science courses--HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, SQL, etc.--at the local UK Extension College, exploring a possible second career in webpage design to replace assets lost in the dot.com and subprime financial fiascoes. Have been staying close to home lately but am getting real bored with that. E-town is a good, safe, family town, but there's not an awful lot of fun things for a single guy to do here.
I’m really good at
Household improvements, among other things. Since construction costs have soared, I have taught myself how to use a hammer and saw. I built a 16' floor-to-ceiling mahogany-stained bookcase along one wall, retiled my kitchen and dining room floors & built a three-level deck around my hot tub. I'm proud of my handiwork since I'm not a blue collar guy. My property is kept attractive, and I know a lot about computer software and hardware. And my mind is crammed full of a lot of useless Jeopardy-type trivia.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height--I'm one of the tallest guys in Elizabethtown.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS--Biographies about men of accomplishment. Currently reading "41" (GHW Bush) by Geo W. Bush, Krauthammer's "Things That Matter" as well as"Blood Feud" (Clintons vs Obamas) by Ed Klein, "Duty" by SecDef Gates, "Killing Patton" by Bill O'Reilly, and biographies of Calvin Coolidge (a GREAT President!) and "Worthy Fights" by Leon Panetta. Also "The Wheat Belly Diet". My Nook eReader is loaded with over 1,000 books and is always close by.

MOVIES--Most everything except slasher, weird supernatural and gratuitous violence. Last watched - "American Sniper", "Monuments Men", "Nebraska" (really great) and "Lone Survivor." I have a library of several thousand movies.
MUSIC--primarily classical, old new age (Enya, Enigma, Mobi), easy listening, Latin and classical. No rap, gangsta, hip-hop or really heavy metal, although I think groups like the old "KISS" group are a real hoot.

FOOD--Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, U.S. country cooking and a good juicy hamburger--I'm not much of a steak and potatoes guy but I LUV to be around good cooks. :-)
Six things I could never do without
-the love of a good woman
-people who knew me when I was younger.
-a cold beer on a hot day.
-my old pals and teammates--I love 'em all
-air conditioning
-dental floss
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Three Things:
1. How we are screwing up a great country--how can we possibly do this to ourselves?
2. How I can get all our politicians fired and replaced by the Wal-mart management team--the most competent management team of the most successful corporation ever to have existed on this planet.
3. Why a really great guy like me would still be out there on his own.
On a typical Friday night I am
These days, mostly stay at home but am looking for someone to go out with to check out the action like I used to.....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My eyes get moist when I watch very emotional scenes in movies. It's really hard to maintain a macho reputation when I do that.
You should message me if
Thanks for reading this profile. I'm flattered that you did. If my profile above meets your standards or if you just want some more info, why not message me? If you're in doubt, give it a shot--what do you have to lose? After all, your life isn't fulfilling now or you wouldn't be in here reading men's profiles, would you? :-)

ADDENDUM: If you are a staunch Obama supporter and/or you espouse his fascist & socialist principles, please do not contact me--we would be at each other's throats all night.
The two of us