38Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
Recently relocated to a delightfully uncool part of Brooklyn. A neighborhood where people are just living. I love it.

Originally from Upstate NY, the real one with all the snow. After college graduation I moved to Phoenix, had some good times, learned a lot about myself. Then moved to Philadelphia, had some more good times and learned some more stuff about myself. Now I find myself in Brooklyn. Where I am now in search of further good times and more than likely more learning about myself. I am done moving for awhile.

I have been described as a college educated, solo world traveling, skydiving triathlete who can knit you a hat. Because I do have a degree, I love to travel solo, I have been skydiving and have done triathlon. Oh yes I can knit too as well as wheel throwing with clay. So, yeah, I like to try new things and challenge myself. I don't want to be a passive observer to my life. I want to be an active participant.

As far as travel goes I have traveled all over Canada. It is amazing how the east coast of Canada differs from the west coast of Canada. Vancouver is a Gorgeous place. I have been to Iceland. Spent my birthday in Barcelona, Spain a couple of years ago. I like to travel on my birthday as a gift to myself. The gift of discovery is the best gift. I have been to Budapest, Vienna and Prague as well as the Amazon Region of Ecuador. So travel is my vice. I view the world as a prime piece of real estate that you should go out and explore.

I believe the truth only hurts when you are expecting a lie.

I also like motorcycles, roller coasters and good hike through mountains. Thus far Lynn Canyon in Vancouver is one of the best hikes. The hike on Anaconda Island in Ecuador was really good too. Yes, that's the name. And no I didn't see any. Very disappointed.

However, I can totally rock the little black dress for a night out.
What I’m doing with my life
Um, who are you, Dean Wormer?

Adjusting to life in Brooklyn. Meeting new people. Carving out a new life for myself.

Working very hard so I may enjoy things like travel.

Not living vicariously through facebook or a smartphone.

Not taking pictures of every meal I eat, as everyone knows what food looks like

Avoiding the N train as much as humanly possible

More importantly, what are you doing?
I’m really good at
I am good at sarcasm without hurting someone's feelings.
Going to the grocery store, finding a bunch of ingredients that are tasty by themselves and see if they work together. Experimenting in the kitchen can be fun.
Conversation. I have shut restaurants and coffee shops down because I love a good conversation. It should be like a tennis match.
Coordinating cross country, multi-state, cross town moves.
Packing for vacations and then packing for coming back home with dirty laundry and stuff bought to bring back. It's like a game of tetris
I am a good friend.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height. I am 5'0 tall. But I wear it well! In my head I am 6 feet tall. Imagine my surprise when all my clothes say petite.

I walk incredibly fast. Sometimes people ask me to slow down. I am also good at weaving around people on the side walk without bumping into them.

And I have a heaping helping of moxie
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like beat poetry and Hemingway. I like Langston Hughes. I occasionally read the sad drunken Irish writers with an ax to grind. Though I may have Irish Ancestry...I am not sad, nor drunk and no axes to grind or a chip on my shoulder.

I like quirky independent movies that not everyone gets such as Secretary. I love the Princess Bride and ET. I also love film noir and movies from the 30's and 40's. His Girl Friday is good one. However, I love the first 3 Indiana Jones movies and can quote caddyshack when the moment strikes.

I also have quite the affection for my Eddie Izzard DVD's. I love that guy. So Smart. So British.

Honk if you dig this tune:

Best Christmas track ever. Sorry Bing Crosby, you had a great 70 years. step aside:

I am going to Duke Ellington: If it sounds good it is good. That being said. I like punk, stooges, ramones, clash, X, Black Flag. I love Social Distortion and I freely admit I have a thing for Mike Ness circa 1992. However, Rollins Band is one of my favorite bands.

Recently developed a deep affection for The Hives

I also like jazz; Coltrane, Davis, Holiday that kind of stuff. I need to find a cool jazz place to listen to live jazz. Free Jazz or Classic stuff...I don't really care, I just like to hear it.

I like metal, Ozzy, Dio, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest.

Pop from the 60's , swing and southern rock.

Food. I am allergic to fish and strawberries. So anything other than that I am pretty much game for. Of course I will travel for good food. I love subtle flavors. But I also love a good curry.

I also love felafel. It is the most perfect food.

I need a good Ethiopian restaurant to go to. Authentic, messy and good. Anyone know of a place? Send me a quick note if you know of a spot!

I also love a good brunch. However I also don't rule out a good diner breakfast; bacon, eggs and toast with black coffee. Breakfast can be pretty awesome if you have a Saturday or Sunday morning free.

I should also point out here that if I order something at a restaurant I will eat it. I won't pick at it and pretend to eat. Apparently this happens to men a lot on dates. I eat healthfully and I love Tiramisu
Six things I could never do without
Good Food. Passport. iPod. Laughter. Coffee. An Opinion.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why Mediocrity is ok. Why doing the bare minimum is just fine?

Why people in this vast metropolis are so adamant of not leaving their borough? There is so much out there. Experience it all!

Why the sudden influx of guys from the Philadelphia area messaging and/or visiting my profile. Where were you when i lived there?

How people can leave their homes in their PJ's and run errands? You never know who you are going to meet, and you are wearing your PJ's? As Mavis once sang 'respect yourself'

When the fun got sucked out of dating. What happened to dates at 6 Flags or a state fair or something where you ride rollercoasters and eat funnel cakes and attempt to win a ratty stuffed animal on the fairway. Fancy restaurants are nice, but sometimes skeeball is better. Just sayin'

How people's ages on OKC jump 5 years in a matter of days on this site. Do they have access to a time travel device?

Trying to figure out how to get Anthony Bourdains' gig

Whether or not to take a soap making class
On a typical Friday night I am
"Anyone can party on Friday and Saturday night, its for amateurs. Sundays are for the Hardcore!" Mike Ness at the Warsaw in June of 2013.

Typical sounds boring. What I am I doing? I don't know. Taking Tango lessons. I could be having a nice dinner. I could be on the road to some place like Boston. I could be knitting an awesome hat. I could be at a movie. However, just the word typical sounds like you have penned in a permanent Friday activity.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I wanted to be Dolly Parton as a kid because she was fearless. She would say and do anything and didn't care what people thought. She is still one of my favorite people today.

I think don't think clowns are funny. They kind of freak me out.

I don't know how to drive. Anyone want to teach me?

I am The Stig (Kudos if you get the reference)

I sometimes weep like a little girl who fell off her bike over the last 10 minutes of ET
You should message me if
You're not a flake and/or not just collecting messages
You like to travel.
You can carry a good conversation and shut a restaurant down and we have to be asked to leave because we've been talking for so long.
You aren't afraid to leave your Borough or go out with someone who is more than 5 stops away.
You like to exercise.
You are willing to get stuff off of high shelves and open jars.
You actually want to meet and talk to one another like normal human beings and not email for weeks and weeks.
You aren't afraid of something that is different.
You've got moxie.
You find life not to be something you have to deal with but something that can be an adventure.
The two of us