36Bow, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I did a "Which Orange Is The New Black are you?" quiz and got Alex, so I'm quite pleased with that. These things are always 100% accurate so imagine a short-haired male her and that's me I guess?

Also, Cranberry & Blood Orange tea is my new jam, apart from where it's a tea not a jam. And! Apparently it's a tisane, not a tea. The things you learn, eh?

List of people I'd be happy to be stuck in an elevator with, because Lists Are Fun: Burial, Stewart Lee, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Hicks, Liz Lemon, Park Wook Chan, Will Ferrell, Charlie Brooker, Adam & Joe, Maddox, Garth Algar...
What I’m doing with my life
Exploring the wonderful That London after a May '13 relocation from Sunny Brighton, in search of nice coffee, nice food and nice views to photomagraph.

Recently acquired a gym addiction, and got back in to a daily photography project right around here but WARNING don't look if you're already a bit bored or it might tip you over the edge and actually bore you to death.

On the 9-5 I'm a programmer who builds websites and mobile apps, and that. I'm at a sports-based social media startup and it's pretty fantastic. Nowt like enjoying where you work!

Also been experimenting with "What happens if I don't get a TV service?" for a few months - so far, not missing it!
I’m really good at
Finding the amusing side of things, taking exciting photographs, pretending to be good at French, writing a few words. Solving literally any problem with a spreadsheet. Behaving honourably.

I'm also official world champion at making a chicken sandwich, apply within for a free sample!

For some reason people seem to think I'm good at making cups of tea, but I've no idea why.
The first things people usually notice about me
My bizarre hybrid accent often gets mentioned; there's the verticality, the shortness of hair; if there's the slightest bit of brightness, the surgically-attached Oakleys.

I've been told I look like Usher.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - Struggle to make time for real books, but daily tube trips provide a great opportunity for virtual ones - some Iain M. Banks space opera on the go at the moment. Also love Pratchett, C. Clarke, and factual physics/philosophy stuff.

Flicks - DVD collection highlights: 28 Weeks Later for the amazing opening sequence and general feel; Angel-A for kooky French b&w-ness; Anchorman because <3 Will Ferrell; Layer Cake for its effortless cool post-Lock-Stock-ness (rather pretentious-feeling reason, but can't figure a better way of expressing it); Léon because the ending upsets me ;_; Spirited Away because it's actually magic; Pan's Labyrinth because it combines the last two amazingly well.

TVs - The Wire, Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Thick Of It, South Park, 30 Rock. "No TV service" experiment ongoing so watching very little right now.

Sounds - Recently just been going to SoundCloud, searching for deep house mixes and pressing play - works well most of the time. Some names: Deptford Goth, Crim3s, Chvches, The XX, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ben UFO, James Zabiela, Finnebassen, Jacques Greene, DJ Shadow, and Burial.

Eats - Love a bit of Indian stuff, big fan of medium rare steaks when quality enough and done properly, and salmon are pretty cool guys. Byron burgers and Leon are my favourite London things right now.

Dranks - I'll take a nice smooth bitter over a gassy lager most days, and the more obtuse the ingredients in a cocktail the better. Also: coffee, and a lot of it.
Six things I could never do without
Maharishi sno-pants
A free and open internet
Sunny evenings
Snowy weeks
Decent coffee (formerly from Small Batch in Brighton, now seeking London replacement)
98-octane petrol (my car's a fussy drinker)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whether the world would be a better place if people said "I'm good" instead of "I'm not bad", how much I can't wait for summer to arrive, and how bizarre it is that we're all self-contained pockets of the universe experiencing itself subjectively.

When next I can be hurtling down a mountain on a couple of planks and/or cruising around a few French cities on a road trip.

And when "fashion" will finally stop thinking skinny jeans are a strong look. I just want some width in the leg ._.
On a typical Friday night I am
Likely to be at the flicks, or maybe out having drinks and/or eats with chums, or maybe even doing some bizarre form of special dance. Quite often wondering aimlessly around London trying hard not to get mugged. So far: 100% success rate.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I want to live in Iain M. Banks' Culture universe so much I'm considering changing my name to Not Invented Here.

Also, I hate socks.
You should message me if
You feel like exploring London. Or if you hate socks too and we can start a support group.
The two of us