33 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I don't like to waste people's time , so before I make you read my novel -length profile , you may want to know firstly that I am here to meet someone wonderful and leave this site .... In other words , the whole online dating thing is just a necessary evil for me in my search for a real connection . I have no interest in eternally , endlessly , serially dating just for the sake of dating ! If you are are just looking for hookups , people to date all at once etc : Enjoy this phase of your life (it's Fun) , use protection... and move on to the next profile .

Now to the juicy part : Me . Like most people I am a complex, walking contradiction . I am lovely, sexy , smart, educated, intellectual , flirty , loving , lovable , extravagant, proud, confident , but also shy at times , articulate,sometimes intense and over the top , lady like when I need to be (and not very ladylike when I needn't be), stylish but also casual , beautifully shaped 6'1" BBW (In other words Fat and happy with the way I look , comfortable in my own skin ).

I am European and even though I have lived here for 6 years , I am still very straightforward and avoid sugar coating at all costs . I despise games, especially when it comes to relationships . I am looking for a real , grown up , full on relationship . And most importantly I am ready for it ( or at least I think so ).

I love being in love and I want to feel that magic again . I am not afraid of being single and I have been happily single for long periods of my life , however, I think life is so much more beautiful when you share it (good and bad ) with someone you love . I feel that I am a better version of myself when in a happy , healthy relationship . One that pushes me to be better in all aspects of life .

My career is now finally starting to pick up and take off so I don't have too much time to offer . Therefore If I am going to invest time on someone , it will only be for someone who has potential for something serious (in terms of our connection ). I no longer have time or energy to spend on casual , pointless encounters .

I want to meet my man , the one who will know to treat me like a Queen and who will enjoy being treated like a King. I want crazy , out of this world, mind blowing - I can't get my hands off of you - kind of love. . .

I crave to meet someone who interests me, who intrigues me who can first and foremost keep me intellectually aroused . Ideally someone informed , educated with a distinctive and bold personality , someone who has discovered his own style , who has formed opinions about the world we live in and isn't afraid to express them -all these qualities are sexy to me . As far as I am concerned (and hopefully you too ) sexy has nothing to do with looks , it's an attitude , a mind , a way of carrying your self, the way you make others feel around you . Now if my wonderful man also happens to be attractive, tall and the proud owner of a Great Dane (or other awesome big dog ) well that's a bonus!

At this point I am probably coming across as a desperate 30 something dying to get married and yearly shopping for wedding gowns - JUST in case lol ! Don't fret ! I reassure you , I am in no rush to get married and it has never been something I dreamed of or considered a goal or a necessity . If it happens it happens , if not I will certainly not feel unfulfilled because of it . But I am a go big or go home kind of woman . I am intense and love hard-core . I want a man to rock my world. I am not interested in just being with someone who looks nice just to avoid being single .

Notice: the key word here is MAN. I am attracted to full grown men . Not boys .
What I’m doing with my life
I am a classical musician . A performer . I am a work in progress . I am trying to fulfill my potential in this world and hoping to one day be able to say that I made a difference in someone's life.

On a lighter note , I love to read , watch good (usually art ) films , go to museums , explore new restaurants, cook and dance (all sorts of genres.
I’m really good at
Being me.
Being straightforward and upfront.
Making people laugh.
Preparing sweet surprises for my loved ones .
Making my loved ones feel loved.
The first things people usually notice about me
My presence .
My intense eyes .
My height .
My coy smile .
My deep voice .
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books (just a tiny sample of my favourites):
Albert Camus "l'etranger"
Jonathan Coe "what a carve up" (and pretty much all his books)
M.Kundera "the unbearable lightness of being"
David Mitchell " Cloud Atlas"
Meir Shalev "a pigeon and a boy"

Films :
Lars von Trier Dogville, Tarkovsky "nostalgia",
"the piano teacher, "8 women",Almodovar films, Krzysztof Kieślowski : "bleu, blanc, rouge"
Mike Leigh films, hall ashby "the landlord", "the hours",
"milk", win wenders' "Pina" and "buena vista social club " and so many more !!!

Music :
Classical /opera
Light jazz /soul
World music (lots of it )
The six things I could never do without
My mother (I know she isn't exactly a thing ...)
A roof over my head and warmth
Someone to Love
Someone to love me
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life , destiny , the future (not a smart move )
My relationships , my career .
But also ;
How aggravating ignorance and double standards are . So many people here seem so confused. I read their questions section and the same person who admits to be very conservative , very religious , thinks that all gay relationships are a sin , a woman who has slept with many men is a bad person etc ... Is also comfortable with abortion as an option and wouldn't marry a woman before having sex with her -and my favorite : all gay relatownships are a sin BUT they love watching two girls make out ! Seriously people ... You can't just pick and chose morality and fake conservativism only whenever it is convenient for your sex /gender /lifestyle .... Think before you judge and pretend to be pious .
On a typical Friday night I am
Some times out dancing kizomba/zouk/kompas/Rueda de Casino(Cuban) / Salsa /bachata
Or watching a movie at the movie theatre...or checking out a new restaurant or cocktail lounge (bring on the retro lifestyle in NYC )Or at home reading a great book , sipping a great glass of Chateauneuf du Pape and thinking ...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I drive stick ! Yes, I m one of those cool European women .... Also : ddlg
You should message me if
(I think if this as a list of "bonuses" as opposed to "requirements ":

- you know how to pursue a woman old school style and don't play games
-You are a grown man who respects others and their time (aka you won't stand me up , cancel on me last minute every other date or generally run on Greek /island / black time call it whah you wish , you know what I mean ). I want a man I can rely on . A man of his word . Not someone that will always have me worrying if he will show up as agreed or not ....
-are STI-STD FREE And generally clean and tested
-are interested in spending lots of time together with your girlfriend and not looking for a 2-3 times a month type of relationship
-are educated or in any case are able to hold a conversation
- are not currently addicted to drugs /alcohol and have no criminal record...

You should definitely NOT contact me if :

-Your idea of communication is "I ll only text you when am horny , suggest to take you out , then disappear and ignore you until next time am horny " ... Seriously your number will be deleted

- you are still living with your "ex" or have feelings for your ex

- you are a selfish lover (yes I just said this)

-if you are a serial cheater.