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My self-summary
This is my profile from years ago. It has plenty of embarassments in it, such as saying that black people aren't showing strength of character by standing up for their rights.

So clear to see, you had all your chances with meee. ~ DP lol

It's all about how much information comes out at a time.

Oh dear, this is my profile. It's got so much stuff crammed into it, you might think I'm completely insane. Just beware of what you might read here. At the moment I'm getting more and more thoughts piled up in my head and it's becoming overwhelming. I can't stand so many coincidences and tricks and traps -- too much to deal with. I hope that one day I will manage to make sense of all this. But for time being, enjoy my strange profile. As well as that, it's pretty stupid that I've written all this. Am I trying to present myself as a loner? Perhaps... but I should learn not to whine to myself or anyone else when someone doesn't reply.. it's just awkward for people on this dating site and they shouldn't have to tolerate me being useless. But anyway. And just to add, I live at home, I'm not really a bohemian.

I don't need to worry about my mind. I have a plan, and I intend to follow through with it.

Most notions I had of planning, weren't ideal for me. What I wanted, was the ability to co-ordinate my life by traveling my own mind. Regular planning doesn't work like that; regular planning is mapped out, of course. However, inside the mind, there is a conversion of information around the general direction of the thought. No planning can be as organic as that; to the point that the surrounding parts (or the overwhelming parts) of our thoughts, are the parts we miss, even though there is a mutual reliance between the pathway and the accelerated surrounding thoughts. It's a matter of relative power, because when you increase power in a 'direct' current, the surrounding current must accelerate to keep up with the flow of thought. Therefore, I say that the information is converted, because by nature it surrounds the direct course of action.

What I want, is my ability to feel that I can keep the desired pathway of thought at all times. What I want, is to embrace the knowledge that even though the pathway disappears, there is still an accessible gauge to how this pathway can re-enact itself. Without gauges of our existence, we would have no single course of action to take, and the rate of conversion would be micromanaged as opposed to macro-managed. Macromanagement is always gauged, whereas micromanagement is biologically measurable to us as a species.
Everything in life that is macromanaged, is determinable by some gauge that can re-enact itself within its own power hold. Everything in life that is micromanaged, is determinable by specific observations of power and biological reasoning; that is to say; micromanagement cannot be sustained without increasing biological inputs and alterations that sustain a minimum input per observation.
On top of that, there are observational inputs, which are independent values that are undeterminable but highly useable and interchangeable.
That is my belief, anyway.

So what I'm saying is that I want everything to be sustainable by one gauge of the mind that re-enacts itself, as opposed to it being a non-dynamic plan which would have no point of input/output sustainability. This sustainability obviously is different for macro-management and micro-management, because with macro-management, the input/output is a direct course of action that is meant to sustain itself as a value, and not as a measurable quantity that we are reliant upon. In planning, there is no sustained value; only in the mind is there one, and not only in the biological mind, but in the self-imposed mental state as well.

And that's my most recent update. Thanks for reading.

Oh and also, it's funny how at one point when I was thinking about nihilism, I was beginning to believe that certain things would make me feel nihilistic. Funny really, because I tried to start a discussion about excesses of words, but I was probably being offensive in the process, so I got what I deserved in a way.

As well as that, I've been guilty of wanting responses fast. It's this misunderstanding of psychology that is very costly. I should have known better.

Not only that, but I should try and know what I'm talking about before writing walls of text.

Sorry to anyone I've offended on here.

I'm actually going to keep all these words from here on intact, because I like leaving words intact:

I win the revolution. despite all the crap that people have planted in m mind with their own psychological manipulation tactics, I managed to use my depression to express artistic integrity, so that I was aware of my dark side all the way through, just to make a point, rather than actually being bad this time around. Thanks.

This profile is disgraceful. I'm glad that I'm recovering my thoughts again because this is truly concerning. It's all jumbled nonsense.

Over the last few days, I have slipped into unusual states of consciousness. I'm still odd, but at least I know how to collect my thoughts properly, again.

Something is going horribly wrong in my mind at the moment. I'm writing a hell of a lot of crap.
If anyone could help me figure out what this is, I'd be grateful.


Another interesting link:


To anyone reading this: I've noticed an astounding lack of replies. It's possible that someone is intercepting my messages. Instead, write something on your profile.

Welcome to my profile. It is like a trail. You will see songs and words along the way. This is at the beginning of the trail. It's a confidence building song. lol


Sometimes honesty doesn't pay off. None of us are honest, it's not possible. Yeah, I pretended to myself that I was intelligent, but I already was intelligent. So I was dishonest to myself.
Self-criticism had found its opposite within itself, but I could never find 'stupid' within myself except in depressive notions.
Most of us are mixed up, but at least I can be proud of actually creating new ideas.

I apologize in advance for the stuff on my profile. I don't always make sense. It's always a case of: some of it is good, some of it is bad, so I just need time as always. Of course, sometimes I find the most wrong places to exercise my "I need time" routine. :)

The wrong stimulus at the wrong moment, can cause problems. We can find a figure of our liking or disliking. We can taint the flow of things to come, for a vision is locked up. This stimulus could never see beyond its own demise. It's not because it wasn't meant to be, it's because of what comes after it. A ghost chases a ghost, yet which one is more ferocious?
I've found that I'm sorry to be a ghost of the most trivial exchange. People try and stop us from doing things all the time, and all I could do was move forward. Sometimes, though, it's the forward movement that is imaginary. The person, as the obstruction, still exists, but we imagine that we have more movement than they do.
We have this ability as humans, to do the wrong thing, which is why other people stand their ground.
In part, I solve this problem with the simple acceptance that I am rational when I want to be. It's possible that I'm able to overcome situations that other people breathe in, with this understanding. But I would accept anything as consolation.
It's not easy when I can write nothing to express myself.
Oh man, that was a strange one. I should stop writing here now. You know that concept of embarrassment? I could consider it.

A question: Would this song be good if the drums were fixed? They're terrible.

What man in his right mind would want to date me? I say that because as a man, I would not date me if I was a woman. Makes sense really. So yes I am looking for a woman, but I said that to make an expression.

Note to self: Please criticize myself more.
Please please please please criticize myself more.
I need to criticize myself more. Do I?
I hate having friends! lol, they make me 'feel' things. I hate 'feeling' things. I prefer to 'feel' things... -sigh- What is this nonsense?

If my profile isn't better, then what is? Give me a break. :)



Is okcupid a site for businessmen and women to set up profiles that are 'model' profiles, just to put normal people to shame? :) I sincerely hope not, but it would explain some of the arrogance and the "you're a slave" mentality.

Well, I'm sorry to say, my profile is better than yours. :P
I'm half joking, however, I'll write this for anyone who would be up to no good:

(It's okay... but a little bit... erm... simple)

I am of the rich-minded, I am of the savage breeds, I rip the crown off of the academian and I give it to anyone who needs. I am the prince of the most genetically superior. I am the bohemian, and I'm transfixed on justice as I serve her!
As the habitually forsaken denizen, I am the greatest enigmatic specimen - the sudden story stealer, the feeling reeler, and I am this deftly doted deficiency, seen by your mind's blackest efficiency! Reeling, me, efficiently, reeling me, I, the loneliest daint you've ever supplied, so.. accidently, it makes you a half-saint, I was reeling you! I'm so surprised- you've really survived!
That you'll still stab me, but yet you will feel the sting- you gloat for worst thing after worst thing.
How it grabs me - some kind of treacherous victory, some kind of misguided belief, some kind of evil honor.
You'd fight harder than you need to, to easily win your horror. As for what you've ever written about in your life.. well ... you live and breathe like some tarred book shelf.
You die in your dogged-earned dark wealth.
You scramble to avoid my illuminated mark - my stealth. That's your dying self. But now to elaborate on this...

Literally, I resent your fascism. Literally, I resent your sacrilege; your sadistic privilege, your covert religiousness. I resent your false dichotomies, how you build trash heaps of unwise priorities! All the falseness is absorbed by the words of me; my malformed branches of pre-eugenics poetry.
My dichotomous life, how it takes shape, how life goes up and away, to the skies as your table lays bare but one knife, your sieve of saturated blood, your self-serving lies, beneath your slab of sadistic solidarity, your humble, dying, abode. And when you have reached such a point, who will be left to answer your whimpering code? You call, for nobody cares.

You wanted life to leave this Earth, it will. It will ascend above your hard table of petty lies.

You are cold psychopaths with a deficiency for honor.

Ok I'm done writing that, can't be bothered fixing any errors now. I hope you found it amusing.

I will beat the # ## ## ## ## # # # ## # #
I will beat the # ## ## ## ## # # # ## # #
I will beat the # ## ## ## ## # # # ## # #
I will beat the # ## ## ## ## # # # ## # #
I will beat the # ## ## ## ## # # # ## # #
I will beat the # ## ## ## ## # # # ## # #
I will beat the # ## ## ## ## # # # ## # #


Yes, this means I'm making a joke.
While I'm sure a whole host of people are picking apart my profile to try and clearly point to the idea that I'm not trustworthy, I can assure you that, that isn't the case! The reason I wrote all this is not because I'm a bad thing. In fact, most of what I do on the internet is just an activity.

Note to self: Insanity is the easy way out! My profile words may contain some bad ideas, but insanity is the easy way out of insanity. Do you understand what I mean? If so, if anyone wants to discuss this one thing, feel free- I'll accept any contact.

Now, just to make this clear. I have an artistic kind of mind. If you think my ideas are crossing the line, then do try and cross the line! See what happens. You'll find the territory rather pleasant, and someone will break my wall.. perhaps!

I have suffered from poor judgement, but this poor judgement goes away the more I am given honor. Do you understand this? I like to be honorable, and it's difficult to be honorable when it feels like honor is supposed to just exist inside me. It doesn't work that way. With that said, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I actually need to give to people a little more. It's hard to say.

(This poor judgement goes away the more I am given honor... ?? hmmm) I hope that's true, because otherwise that's just more poor judgement! :D

I don't believe I am being a fool by writing this profile; I just think I'm expressing ideas. If this website has a good capacity for pitying the odd one, then that's what it's for and this is no problem. Not saying I'm necessarily the most odd one on this site of course. Odd comes in many forms.. oooh

I have my own thoughts and ambitions. I wonder why I feel that this site is trying to persuade me that life is obvious? It seems to me that all the selections we can make- for answers- are all reductions of curious thoughts, reduced so that they fit cleanly in our 'mind compartments.' I'm sorry, but that's how it feels. I know the question may exist: "What happens if we get rid of these questions?" Well, I'm sorry, but these questions can't be bastardized by this website, they can only be used with royalties paid to our intelligence. Yeah, you're free to use the questions that could stimulate my brain.

"But we tried not to make that happen!"
Yes, that may be so, but there is a part of this site that wants to look into people's minds. I should think that there is an interest towards individuals using this site. Sorrow and remorse are in some ways just mechanisms that can be triggered. Sometimes you can't just say "please don't let this happen."
Would we close up people's minds in response to this problem?
Because, truthfully, when one attempts to halt a most simply triggered mechanism, he or she will employ a division whereby problems exist as fragments that act as gratification; that the problem is less than the subject. It's your way of dealing with and putting down the problem in your mind.

~ Controlling things can be a horrible situation because it gives you less control, the more you continue.

These are very difficult problems to deal with.

Simple philosophy. No doubt I could argue with my idea there, but there you go. (And by the way, my mind has been ... well, slightly manipulated lately. I am producing some thoughts that aren't quite under my own control, to be frank.)

If you are looking for a song that will possibly cure confusion, I strongly believe that this song helps cure confusion. I really vouch for it, it's so good. It might be aggressive to some, but it's really cleverly made.

(No, I'm not a lunatic, or dangerous half-bear half-vampire creature, just very caught up on certain things. Reading my profile should not bring about that feeling.)

Also, my mind is telling me that my profile is terrible. What will it tell me next - that my profile is great? I think that's the full spectrum of in depth-moralistic drive. Good or bad. Good or bad. Morals, depth, drive, great or sad, a bit of a poem a tad.

I update my mind as quickly as I update this database!

Just one thing. I thought I would quickly apologize to anyone who feels sensitive about my words or certain reactions. It's more that I'm trying to deal with things before the moment that they are fixed in time. (That's a very simple expression, but I hope it gets the impression across.) Perhaps I am becoming slightly insular. Nonetheless, do enjoy my profile.

Facemeasurer's profile: Table of Contents:

1. Is the 'raper' guilty?
2. What is the connection between love and death?
3. Should I complain at a few unpleasant people?
4. Should I write some strange things about feminism, with a success rate of 25% in the points I make? (Couple of good points though.)
5. Ripping the heads off of Barbies.
6. The benefits of being vague but not stupid.
7. Ramble Section. (Must be more rambling than the rest of it, eh?)

I think that's about it. Now let's begin.

"The footage was found in “cloud” storage belonging to Watkins after Government Communications Headquarters cracked the singer’s password"

Would they have to crack his password to find stuff over a network? So who said they cracked his password? Why would he plead guilty a day before the trial? Probably because he was told to.

With that said, if it really was a secure cloud storage of his images, and agencies have a hard time detecting it, then the best way would have been to crack his personal computer.
Also, I believe that someone must have said something about the source of the images/videos to begin with.

Chances are I'm not thinking clearly, but I hope nobody minds if I investigate this issue and form a conspiracy theory.

The thing is though, I have an interest in history, which shows people being framed and misled. I just don't trust the media so much, especially when there has been a pattern emerging where child fiddlers are found out - rock stars, tv show hosts etc, and they're all personalities. What about the politicians?

"the password was an obscene reference to child abuse" that seems like a very conscious decision, not something under the influence of drugs.

Did they try and ask him what the password was before they cracked his computer? If so, who created the password?

"Watkins and Woman A swapped messages where the frontman spoke of his desire to 'make him mine' and to 'cross the line'.

They also spoke of plans to blow crystal-meth smoke into the child's face at a secret meet up in a Cardiff hotel."

This sounds very much like an alteration of states of awareness. First readers see the part about 'make him mine' and the 'cross the line', which reads as a rhyme, then you have the next part which puts the associated image of meth smoke in babies face (an image that sticks in your mind) to the rhyme.

"The prosecution said a girl, 16, contacted Watkins saying she was a fan who was still a virgin and went on to agree to give her virginity to him."

That is not underage for the UK, but is for USA. I personally believe that the US should change their law to suit UK standards.

"Computer analysts found the footage uploaded to an online cloud storage facility.
Mr Clee said that following this meeting, the pair exchanged emails about how they would not go 'easy' on the child next time."

This is interesting, because the way it is written makes it seem like the two scenes are connected. Take for example: analysts find footage, then Mr Clee said that they would not go easy on the child next time. "They" is an understatement, without conviction or emotion, and also, when you think about it, the concept of 'easy' could be taken in an authoritative sense, connecting the authorities to the imagery.

So was it the children who were guilty of the crimes? If it is possible that Ian Watkins is an unsavory character, maybe he enjoys the concept of a whole load of people seeing the children, and having them come to terms in their minds with them being children.
When you repeat the image of child molestation in your head, along with the associated idea: "will not go easy on the child next time," you have a problem.

Is it possible that these pedophiles are trying to promote their message?

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2513820/Ian-Watkins-Lostprophets-singer-pleads-GUILTY-attempted-rape-baby.html#ixzz2lnD2ezyW
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Hmmm, these are some bad feelings I wrote. That's about right!

I've been led astray by a lot of people who want to stop me from achieving my goals, and I always try to get back on track again. I am still a worthy competitor.

I can't wait for my death. (Yes, I did write that!) I know that I have to wait for my death to come to me. Love will never come to me, and death will not come either, so I must wait for death.

LOVE VS DEATH! Lol, let's see what happens. (Unfortunately, this was quite poorly written. It's because it has more meaning than actual good qualities. It's still a silly mess though).

That is the kind of logic that plagues me, as a man. Love is impossible, but death is not. Death is the wooden stick I bash myself with. Anyone can do that. Love, on the other hand, is a basic feeling that is either there, or is not. You see, love is a thing that you either have or do not have. Who would contest love? Love is such a thing, so simple, and not easy to come by. This is why it comes instantaneously.

I write, I write, I write, and people take and steal! I think, I create, I love myself, and people take and steal! I copy, I copy, I copy, to which myself, I reveal. He sees it; myself sees it. Then he looks and he sees all the other people. All the other people who suffer as I try to be myself. Of course I was myself, and others were everyone else, when I was happy, and I could share and love. The simple thing existed as no trial; it just could be for whoever wanted it, in the crowd that were the people of my life. If we didn't have people of our life, then we would never be able to do anything, and so who would deny me this perspective?

Not my family, not the people who surround me as stick men.
My family are the sticks I rub together for warmth, and I never forget the warmth, and the warmth never ends.
But this perspective of people, who were meant to be, they were there for me throughout all time, and what I gave, was taken from me. Such a simple thing as happiness is meant to be granted, as is love, but it can be stolen, in such a simple way that it too was meant to be. Why settle for one fence, when you can have two? It's the passive winds of life, in a lush field. Stood still as simple objects. Love stays cold in the lush winds.

Why couldn't I do better?
So I hit myself with this blunt weapon until I die, and it will never kill me, and I will never feel a thing. I'm waiting for you my love: waiting for you to kill me. Except that I can't wait. How could anyone simply wait for something that somebody wants to do to me? Yes, there exists a real crowd, the people who are supposed to mean something to me, but there is always one person out in the world, who I can identify with my aggression. My brutal self who would tear apart this future conflict with my teeth. Not the soft meadow of keys, not the words that I scan through my eyes. As if this aggression exists plainly in some model in front of me. Trust, companionship; where two people meet. And how could two people meet if the distance and adventure is not equal? Therefore, as I type this, and I see nothing in front of me but the bareness of my room and its inanimate objects, I also see my future love. And just by staying here and staring forward, all things will be equal. The gift of seeing love, is enough so that we never know the true distance travelled. I do not worry about the cosmos, they were here long before me.

Hence, my love will come to me now.

I know you wrote this.

Now for my original words (sort of):
Ha, that was poorly written. At least I'm improving.

p.s, anyone who deliberately sets up a profile just to intimidate people, is pretty obvious. I have just dealt with a troll and after getting annoyed with this user, the user has insulted me by saying "haha you got all upset, I have blocked you" except the user has not blocked me, the user has deleted his/her account.

These users are usually devoting a lot of energy and time into pretending to be intellectuals. You have to watch out for these people because they are worthless scum with nothing on their minds but power and control, even if they are intellectuals.
All they can do is prey on weakness, and that is what makes them who they are.

They think that insulting people for their emotions is a right, a privelage of theirs, but they forget that a person with emotions also has the capacity to say that the idiot is unpleasant and possibly quite stupid. You can't begin to take that away from me, because I will even say it until I'm blue in the face, so there you go.

The more hilarious thing about it is that the user claims to have read none of my messages, and that I am supposedly being weak and pathetic, yet there is this definite need to let me know just how determined she was to delete her profile and not read my messages. By the way, saying you've blocked someone and then deleting your profile straight after, is pretty compulsive and it shows that you're probably a sociopath with nothing on your mind but the next source of excitement. How sad that you waste it in a dating site.

Now for the rest of my profile.
Bear with me while I come up with possible nonsense.
I'm not joking, I wrote this in a completely different state of mind to the completely different state of mind that I am in now. I'm a bit boring at the moment. Better to talk 50% garbage than talk 0% garbage and 100% inflation.
It's a funny thing, it is physically impossible for a balloon to be rubbish, or litter, because eventually it will not be a balloon. Same with lies! /genius.

Often, I see websites devoted to joking about users of this website. Funnily enough, usually women.

Ironically, we have a theme appearing which is feminism. How glorious feminism is, where feminists go off in their little groups to say just how bad we all are.

Well I have news for you.
I am the one saying how bad people are, yet... oddly enough, I don't belong to a label.
It's only the same as holding a knife in your hand and then people realizing you can defend yourself because they see a knife and they primally react to it.
Same thing as labels.

Feminism is not a raw material or resource.

Look at these words:

Where does feminism fit in?
If I say to someone:

"I like you. You are philosophical, trustworthy, loyal. You aren't too much of a capitalist and I admire some of your perfectionism. I agree with your passive stance towards violence and you show little hostility."

What am I then supposed to say:
1. "I like how you support feminism because it shows that you care about women's rights..."
2. "You really bring out the feminist qualities in yourself with pride."
3. "You have that extra dimension to your personality because you promote feminism and live by some of its teachings."

Well, let's break this up, shall we?

1. A woman supporting feminism is nothing special. It does not show strength of character. Black people who support black rights, aren't showing that they have a strong character. Just because you can wave a sign at people and march to war, doesn't mean you have a stronger character or that you are more commendable. It is merely a tool to be used/employed.

2. This is cosmetic, or is based around vanity.

3. This is known as mystery, puzzle and intrigue.
Anyone can be a mystery to other people. Anyone can have his/her own ways.

I believe in taking the resource first, and then deciding the worth of a set of values.
Feminism is not a resource, it is just an attitude. It is 1. Character-based. 2. Vain. and 3. mysterious or intriguing + provocative.

Demanding that women get better pay is not "feminism" and does not make you a feminist. Demanding that women have equal rights, is not being a "feminist." There is nothing exclusive about that, to feminism.
Take Socialism, for example. It's pretty obvious that wealth redistribution is inherent in socialism. But it has nothing to do with feminism.

Philosophy is a resource. You can philosophize about anything.
You can't feminize about anything. That's ridiculous and not merit-worthy.

Passivism is a character/mindset, an attitude, and a state of mind or stance towards an event. It has general application towards most goings on, relatively speaking.
Feminism does not.

Perfection is absolutely tied in with resources.
I could go on...

Take a black rights activist.. Call him a supporter of black activism.

Take a women's rights activist. Call her a supporter of women's activism.

But saying "blackism" and "feminism" is a bad thing.
It basically paints these, immediately, as opposing reactionary movements. These might not have started as reactionary movements, but one thing is almost certain: once established, the definition does not change.

If we are not to put value in words and meanings, with semantic ordering, then we cannot determine how words function successfully in society. We can accept anomalies, but not radical changes in definition. These radical changes would only occur due to neurological populism, which I believe is destructive, as the 'elite' would be completely abstract.
We rely on definitions, and we can change these definitions in a sensible manner. Forget the populist movement.

Would I change "feminism" to something else?
No, I wouldn't.
I would leave it as it is, in its flawed manner, and demand that the definitions and extra values be stripped away from it and granted new terms.
For now, these would be sub-categories to "feminism", but I think this should change. We can keep all the progress and ideas, and we can also keep the feminism label and trivialize it.
That way, we will do away with an arbitrary populist movement. This way, we can then focus on technical merits rather than populist merits. Populism is always a reaction to an opposed threat, but if left, then... over time, it becomes reactionary and oppressive.

In other words. Separate the technical from the non-technical, and accept that feminism was originally a populist movement, which has been left on its own terms for too long.
For example, ego. A force to be reckoned with.
We can psychologically evaluate ego. It was established as a starting point for new thoughts. New values, the same as a definition in semantics. Anyone could objectively say that this does not physically exist. Well, scientific evaluation records results in a metaphysical manner. Think about that.
Same with psychology.

This is why feminists can sometimes despise egoism.
It's drawing on something that exists inside a person, and then applying meta values to it. In this case, females vs stance.

Stance = universal.
Females = non-universal. i.e not everyone is female.

An ego can be seen as an automatic stance in nature which is universal to animals or humans.

Feminism only represents a partial stance. It is not automatic; it is a collection of selective traits.

This could get more complicated, and I am not able to dwell on this anymore for the time being.

Anyway, back to this labeling business. Feminism can either be trivialized or brought to the front. If there is a universal problem that puts pressure on women, that then demonstrates the role of feminism, to stop that universal problem. In which case, we would need serious theories as part of feminism.
So this makes me question my idea of trivializing feminism.

You see, I am able to compromise my thoughts and explore alternatives.

Only people who are smug and self-satisfied, would actually treat me like a game, a person to laugh at.
I would only, mostly, mock someone for political reasons.
I'm not sure what this has to do with anything, or why I'm saying it, so here's the next section... written really quickly like a chicken with monkey hands and half a republican's brain.

Now for my actual self summary.
Facemeasurer is not a name for the faint hearted... or something.
You see, before I became a member, I saw faces and I thought .... oooh she's pretty. So I thought... why not call myself facemeasurer? It's just a joke, not my intentions. I'm not looking for barbie. lol although somehow I find the idea amusing. No, no, I don't want a toy to play with or rip the head off of.

NOW.. moving on.

This is going to be a pathetic story about how I view myself and others, with a focus on some superficial things. ;)

Hello, my name is ---- and I'm a mildly interesting person to talk to; I don't grate too much when I speak and I at least have the desire to be intelligent even knowing that I can be vague quite often.

I just think we have plenty of time to explore ideas, so it's nice to know that I feel I have the luxury to be vague - it allows me to emote, and then if I like, I can expand on the ideas later. If you imagine drama and acting being a gateway to understanding people and putting yourself in the shoes of others or even imagining being someone else, then take that idea and apply it to more philosophical subjects. I think that pretending we know things is the best start, because then we can expand upon that act as long as we are willing to progress from one truth to another.

So, to summarize, I emote my ideas and then expand the ideas. It's all about mixing negative and positive inclinations towards knowledge - without a proper balance it just won't work.

You might think I'm a complex character, or you might think you are more complex than me; that is the mixed bag we have on here and I would be pleased if you understand that I can be quite good when left to my own devices.

However, what kind of a self-summary is that? That might be more like my concept of self, so what else shall I focus on?

I can't mix with people who look down on others for supposedly being irrational:- people who would usually would like to get a leg up over other people using credentials and practiced social tricks. Proving our self worth is one thing, but freeing the minds of others is important. I think the theme here is dominance; they could explore ideas rather than reject people.

Oh yeah, and I like being verbose and feeling slightly victimized.
This is very positive isn't it?
I can be quite amusing to be around.
I'm slightly pathetic too, it's endearing more than it is a nuisance, I hope.

I'm imaginative and daring quite a bit..
I like to think I'm smart, but am I? My ideas say that I am, but people aren't ideas, they're devouring organisms :-)

You might say I'm insecure. That's a really good trait in a man, it means he will intensively rear his children! I joke of course.

Ramble section. (Very poor prosey posey nonsense.)
I can update the ramble section whenever I like, and it could be absolutely anything. How about, people have confused me. Oh how easy to say. People have confused me. Good, how nice.
Well these people are very interesting, perhaps more than I gave them credit for, because there is still such thing as rule, and power from above. These people still exercise circumstance, just as I do. It's interesting, and I must replace bad with interesting, otherwise I will not succeed. Interesting can be a real burden because I have to constantly be interested - I have to be as interested as I am supposed to be, so I can wear out their opportunism, if indeed it is opportunism.
They claim it is righteousness, but I wonder where we draw the line between righteousness and opportunism. People are only right due to belief, but opportunities are like a robot hand: mechanical. There is no heart. Distribution is inevitable, and so is opportunity.
The very joints in my body know equality better than the mind itself. Or maybe the mind is just so much more complicated, in which case, there lies a point in my mind - a point where I must go to, like a final destination itself.
Interesting thoughts.

Ramble over: Signed 4th/05/13
What I’m doing with my life
You know, I have plenty of ideas. But let's not dwell on that. Might join the OU. Apparently I'm supposed to join the OU, which I may do but to be honest, I'd have to choose something really good. I wonder what that would be...
I’m really good at
Thinking outside the already battered box. It's not necessarily me who battered it, but others - other people have already destroyed it but we all still pretend it's there and a lot of society still behaves as though it's there.

Oh wait, it's all figuratively speaking and abstract and whatnot.
Well whatever the case, I like to try new things.
(I'm talking more about new things internal to my mind, than sacrificing my ideals)

But what am I good at? Eh bits and pieces. I don't always magic up art or music on the spot but I'm pretty creative.
The first things people usually notice about me
I look different.
I'm friendly.
I'm a weird.
I'm an amusement.

etc etc blah blah.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favourite video!

Here is a sweet song.

I like sci-fi and hard psychedelic rock.

Truly excellent and inspirational.
Six things I could never do without

I don't know if that covers it.
(Matter is implied)

Now, now, this isn't dull or unoriginal, it is purely statistical. Or is it? See, is body statistical? Oooh, philosophical metaphysical question to stew your brain over! See, now who is generic for writing the obvious which the site was trying to discourage people from writing!? Come on everyone, you have to have a will, and THEN you have to make it original, no matter who suffers!
I spend a lot of time thinking about

Perhaps 3 exclamation marks would be appropriate.


Perhaps 3 exclamation marks is too self-assured...
On a typical Friday night I am
The same old business.
(It's not a business).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
************* **************************** ****************** pink hamster ************************* ************* ********

(These would be very long words) But whenever you are in need, trust a hamster.
You should message me if
I get really upset and go waaaah why won't you message me!

(or if our conversation is mutually enjoyed. In that case, don't wait until I start crying)

Sticks and stones may break my bones but replies will never hurt me. (I'm sure someone else must have written this at some point.)

You have a hatred towards the mind control which you feed off of.

You've read all this?? Are you... are you my life or my wife? If neither, then get out of my mind and off of my penis. (Yes, that is a reference to a video that you must also have watched in great admiration of my tastes.)
The two of us