55Madison, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a reasonably attractive, reasonably smart, reasonably funny, reasonably fit, reasonably tall, reasonably well employed guy looking for unreasonable inspiration.

I'm optimistic, open-minded, positive, happy, and outgoing. I like to entertain and hang with friends, but I love spending time in new and inspiring places, even (or especially) when off the beaten path.

I'd rather love and lose than not love at all; as that, above all, makes it interesting!

In November, my daughter woke up in a world where the president elect thinks It's ok for men to "grab her by the pussy". If this doesn't disgust you, I don't want to know you.
What I’m doing with my life
Finding adventure, parenting, reading, cooking, walking the dog, sailing, working, travelling, working out, ignoring the housework, saving the world. Not necessarily in that order.

I have two kids - both in college. Needless to say they are a big part of my life, but we’re also moving into a new phase of inter-independence.

And dreaming. Dreaming of a partner: of someone who can marvel with me at the beauty of the world and all that is in it. Someone who's eyes can capture a sunrise and reflect it back, brightened. Someone who leans in to the challenge of an adventure. Someone who can inspire the best in me.
I’m really good at
Rambling at night under the light of the moon, lying in the grass and pointing out the stars, enjoying a spring day. Building fires, making pancakes, stir-fry, big cheap cuts of meat. Fixing things, listening, putting my foot in my mouth, sailing, hiking, messing around with boats
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Life is too short to narrow it down to a list of favorites, i can find joy, and wonder in a host of things, from the mundane to the extraordinary. But to give you an idea of who I am today here are some of the things I find myself reading/ drinking/ eating/ listening to/ immersed in: Huffpo, Slate, The Moth, Snap Judgement. Neruda, Defoe, Mccullough. Beer, scotch, whiskey sours. Curry, Mexican, Indian, Thai, Southwestern Cuisine. Live music, jazz singers, Ben Folds, Alan Parsons, Sara Bareilles, Bowie, Dire Straights, Santana, Steely Dan, Guild League, Chris Merritt, Willie Wisely, GIlbert & Sullivan. Oceans, mountains, forests, islands. Spring & Fall.
Six things I could never do without
Wok, curry, sailboats, hiking boots, love. That's five, but one must focus.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The sorry state of leadership in this country, and what I can do to make my little corner better.
On a typical Friday night I am
3/4 - fish fry with friends, then VO5 at Monona Terrace.
3/11-Spent some time writing and then chatting with friends at the Weary Traveller.
3/18 dinner and a game of euchre with my daughter at Next Door Brewery
3/25 made pasta primavera for my son and his girlfriend, then had a bottle of wine with an old dear friend from out of town.
4/1 Sitting on a deck by a lake in the Andes trying to finish a poem I started the last time I was here.
4/8 Suffering through a bout of food poisoning on an overnight flight. I seriously do not recommend this.
4/15 Sushi!
4/22 sanding the bottom of my boat.
4/29 Microbrew crawl with my Sister and Brother in law! Visited 5 of Madison's microbrews, got a little pissed!
5/6 Gallery night tour with a few friends, rounded out the night at the Ohio.
5/27 getting ready for my dinner party Sunday night!
8/19 Looking for a curry in Pitlochry, Scotland
8/26 Down on the terrace with my dog.
9/2 camping in Banff with my daughter and her friend.
9/16 Sailing on lake Clinton in Illinois.
ok-ok i've left off on this a little
12/2 - Walking the beach under a brilliant Venus in Lower Hutt
12/09 - Making friends in the only bar in Waipukurau
12/16 - dinner with kids, the a workout
12/23 - getting ready for Christmas with family
12/30 - setting up for New Year's Eve party.
1/6 Nothing. Absolutely nothing!
You should message me if
A trip on the Carretera Austral sounds like a good idea to you, or exploring the Maritimes without an itinerary, or you think you could get into sailing! Or if you just like what you see!
The two of us