58Park Forest, United States
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My self-summary

Fresh Edition, September 21.

I'm the enigma you've always wanted all for yourself, but decided to waste your time following the rest of the crowd with guys who ignored you, bored you, or abused any sense of worth or spark of life clean out of you. Now, if you are actually ready, and open to, all the positive attention, affection, and delight I dish out, the coach will only be the last thing you see as we go sailing out on our next adventure. Of course, staying in for movies and cuddling easily arranged.

I wouldn't act like that sonofabitch did, so I won't pay the penalty. Leave your baggage at the door.

I'm looking for someone who LOVES being a WOMAN, being a female will never be enough, being feminine is something you are proud of because it is something no man can compete against. You'd never allow yourself to waste time with a man who didn't stand proudly with you. I am masculine, won't waste time on females who only care about their weight, financial resources or stability, job, height, dress, location, or possessions...she wants a man as her partner, source of fun, supporter of absolutely everything and then more, best friend, companion, crusader, sounding board, and will only accept a man who treats her with exactly the same respect.

Besides, it's fun to be the center of attention and have fun, and be treated like you are the only reason I'm with you to begin with.

My eyes are like Paul Newman's, seriously a carbon copy, and only look intense, it's just I'm keeping eye contact instead of staring at your boobs. If we work out I'll be staring at them plenty, but I want to get to know you...and the funny thing is, I don't think anyone would gripe if Paul Newman grabbed an eyeful of theirs!

I'm always honest, respectful, and not just looking for sex. I am the only two-legged creature under this roof. The four legged ones outnumber me, but don't pay rent.

Lastly, I really have tried to have relationships with women who live with their parents, who have kids at home, who have roommates and can't have company, still were living with their exes, even found they weren't even exes, kind of forgot to tell me. They don't work, never did, sorry, you just HAVE to have YOUR OWN PLACE, I DO.

I'll promise this much--you WILL feel like the most desired, wanted,
appreciated, and beautiful woman you have ever been, and that's even before the fireworks begin.
What I’m doing with my life
I am starting a business that is actually taking hold--and getting attention from the people I want it to. The "Student" status on here would be "prospective" if they offered the choice. Being mischievous, being my own mentor because no one else in my life bothered. Making mistakes and actually using them to learn from. Volunteering for a hospice and an animal shelter; and being grateful for all the things I never knew I could be.
I’m really good at
Reading without moving my lips, eating almost anything, cooking breakfast, believing my pets actually do engage in conversation with me. Not getting lost, but with a knack for being misplaced until I find my way back. Having fun by making people laugh and having a better time than they do. Kissing. Spending time in hardware stores delighting in the fact I don't have to do their inventory. Writing poetry. Being a walking GPS (my friends with them call me to get them back to where they should be), using public transportation...and driving.
The first things people usually notice about me
I smile at people, speak politely, hold doors, am really honest in word and deed, and treat people with appreciation because that's what I hope for. Being funny, sweet, a bit of a tease, a smidgen of a flirt, talking to homeless people and learning their names. I am hopeless at technology, but it doesn't interest me that much. I read books with covers. I use my phone to make calls. I hold doors for others, thank people for attention, good service, or help. Being polite to waitstaff and tipping fairly, and sometimes buying the person in front of me a cup of coffee--that feels terrific.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Yes. All of the above, and adding to the list daily.
Six things I could never do without
Coffee, cats, kindness, respect, hope and using the best I have as the place to reach higher from.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to get to "yes", how to write notes that get replies, being the best man I can, and remembering that time is the one thing that cannot be purchased, bartered, sold, exchanged, or be different no matter what you have or not. If you doubt me, ask Mrs. Jobs she would have given for ten more minutes with Steve. No account balance goes that high.
On a typical Friday night I am
Actually, nothing. Rarely, something. Wishing gas was a buck a gallon so I could go somewhere else to do it. Wondering what it would be like NOT to be alone anymore.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is that I don't have anything that private. Ask, I answer. If I had something that juicy, I'd start a rumor about myself.
You should message me if
A real partner, best friend, closest intimate, passion matters, if you want someone who is looking for tingles every time he looks at you..and you feel the same! By the way, kissing with abandon from the very beginning is wonderful, isn't it?
The two of us