30 Spokane, United States
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My self-summary
😅i am not a face....or a picture. I am a soul, curve, giggle, and a passion of a person. I am not just a single moment. I am many moments...its what I love most about myself. So know this! If you found me because you actually stubbled upon me, awesome! If you you think for a second I am just a face...I'd keep moving....

And now back to our regularly scheduled program....

So where do i begin, really begin, I'm purdy awesome, don't worry i come with my share of flaws. Self motivated when it comes to my life and dreams. Love to laugh anywhere i am. Enjoy good hearty conversation, and not afraid to say what's on my mind. I wear my heart on my shoulder and treat people the way they deserve to be. i have a huge heart once you get to know me, but to never mistake my kindness for a weakness. I'm passionate in everything that I do.

I am in need of someone who can keep up as well and pull me back down when i need to stop and take care of myself. I move fast and my schedule is a busy one that i hope to find that one special person who links right into it so that i may enjoy theirs as well. Who knows, may ill find the guy who wants to spend an evening solving puzzles but doesnt mind a good comedy show. What im looking for is not perfection just the person perfect for me.

I'm constantly trying to learn something new.

Self appointed nerd girl.

Music! I love it! Couldn't live without the song that makes my day seem whole. I like to think of my life as a musical, there is seriously a song for every moment, or feeling.

putting the laughter back in manslaughter since 1986
What I’m doing with my life
I finished my AAS in cosmetology, i plan to go back for film, costuming, and special effects makeup. My current job gives me the tools everyday to reach my ultimate goal. Also, just started officially working as a freelance makeup artist.

I live to support females in the gaming community.

My dream is to work in film and photography. Doing styling for the films i wanna make, and doing cosplay. Even interested in doing avant-garde glamour makeup for photos. Honestly, when it comes down to it i just have huge dreams.

Also i wish to travel...Japan, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, anywhere honestly
I’m really good at
Anything i put my heart into...which is pretty much, well, anything. I've been told I'm overly passionate about i was thinking that was a good thing.

I'm intuitive, resourceful, humorous, goofy, joyful, and proud. (Adding needy in certain situations)
The first things people usually notice about me
Just'd understand if you knew...

Also that i move very fast...Im always going and that's with everything from work, personal life, and the places i go. I like to always feel like I'm going towards something.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Max comics punisher, American gods, Sandman, Spawn, Vertigo/DC crossovers, House of Leaves, Nightwatch, Hater, Fragile Things, Watchmen, The Extremist, Hellboy, The Dark Tower, The Great and Secret Show, and tons of others random readings.

Wes Anderson, Murder Party, foreign films, Tucker and Dale VS Evil, Guillermo Del Toro, anything super artsy, Brick, The Fall, City of God, Sunshine, 2046, Karas, Candy, Hard Candy, Let The Right One In, Ichi The Killer, Attack The Block, Trainwreck, DC animated movies, Mad Max, old cheesy horror films....Star Wars (must not forget that)

Face off, Tim and Eric awesome show, great job, Friday Night Dinner, Elfen Lied, Boston Legal, Heroes, Upright Citizens Brigade, Burn Notice, Ash VS The Evil Dead, The League, The Inbetweeners, True Detective, Jim Hensons creature shop, adult swim, Gunslinger Girl, Breaking Bad, yes i did watch and like Lost. Oh and The Master's of Horror...

I love anything i can cook, and love to go out and try something new...i don't think there is a food i don't like

Video games are hard cause there are so many i love. I'm a old silent hill die hard, kings field, Zelda, Mario, epic Mickey, psychonauts, fallout, kingdom hearts, battlefield, old tom clancy, shadows of the colosus, ico, portal...i freaking love portal, Oden sphere (I love atlus), did i mention King's Field??, wonder boy...and a whole lot more! per music. I deeply feel like discussing music is so close to talking about religion that I just tend to not do it. To get it out of the way though as to not bore you or sound cliché, but I do like a little bit of everything. My music taste is vast and I tend to fall into genre spells where I just listen to one type of music for a few months and then just jump into something new. I really do like all kinds of things though, classic rock, punk, grunge, metal, folk metal, black metal, classical, jazz, orchestra, ska, pop, old country, bluegrass, blues, and even some electronica if I'm feeling spunky. I truly just love sound hell an amazing thing happened when damn Pandora started "Thumbprint Radio". It makes me giggle so much how eclectic my tastes are when that station is playing.
The six things I could never do without
Free time
A moment for a good song
An art project
...there is something im missing, how normal
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where I'm gonna be, and what I'm gonna get to do.
*Petite feet
*Honey badgers
*Worlds end
*Tiny hats, and if I'm ever gonna get a good deal on an extra large tiny hat
*If you're ever going to understand
*My goals
*Who shot first?
*Your mom
*My next painting
*Where I'm going to put my action figures?
*if he ever really loved me
*Would i be better somewhere else?
*When do i leave?
*What project is for today?
*If I'm invisible
...what it would be like to actually be invisible
*what song is for right now?
*If I will ever figure out all the things I wish to
* head
On a typical Friday night I am
If I'm not working, sleeping, or seeing my mom. I'm usually like a quiet night at home...good game, with a great dinner. Maybe a nice drink. I enjoy my silent time when i can get it.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
now wouldn't that just be cheating
You should message me if
You actually use your brain, can hold a conversation, be honest, don't consider yourself a "bro", getting wasted isn't your only idea of fun, and actually interested in the possibility of being friends with me (I don't do the whole let's get drunk and have sex crap...its a waste of time) <-basically I am not your friend with benefits...that is something that should never be planned on a dating actually have to be friends first, duh!

If you cant understand any or all this then this is not the droid you are looking for...

..oh and if you read my profile, not just pretended to.

Also, can i please put out there that it would be nice that if all youre gonna do is post how you just wish you could find an awesome girl to hang out with that is not just looking for a bunch of free dates....then by golly mean it.

Is it really that hard to do what you say? And say what you mean?