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My self-summary
So here's the low-down on OkCupid: it's a lot of fun, but only if you don't take it very seriously. I've found online dating to be an interesting social experiment. It's an fun opportunity to interact with people with whom I would probably never cross paths in "real life", and to learn more about how various people perceive and run their lives and relationships. I've found it a decent place to meet friends, especially if you're into eccentric people. It's kind of fun to use OkC like a magic 8 ball... send random people questions about assorted life decisions and see what they advise you. If you are actively trying to find a romantic partner, well, a dating site that you pay money for is probably a better bet. That would weed out the people who are not taking this seriously at all, which is probably most of OkC.

I signed up to this site so that I could compare personality questions and tests with friends, help my male friends write non-creepy profiles, play matchmaker for my single friends (and sometimes stalk the profiles of people they have dates with), and procrastinate from doing schoolwork in the process. The procrastination became even more fun after OkC made me a moderator. I actually ended up marrying someone I met on here. I have also made several interesting friends.

So far the quiz and test results seem pretty accurate. So instead of me listing a bunch of descriptive words about myself here and sounding unnecessarily pretentious/narcissistic, just click on the "personality" tab and pretend I wrote all of those here. In addition, I'm active, chatty, pragmatic, an avid outdoorsman, and not very girly.

I want to change my username to "femme faytale", because that would be way cooler than my current username, but I don't want to pay money or start my account over from scratch.

I just discovered this website, and think that it's a great idea and should be the next big thing in online dating/socializing. You should all get accounts there so that it has a larger Vancouver contingent. ***edit: darn, it looks like this site doesn't exist anymore
What I’m doing with my life
I recently moved to a small town in the middle of Northern Canada. I debated changing my OkC location, but since I'm not single I don't really need to find the only single person in a 500km radius.

I consider myself more of an OkC alumnus now.
I’m really good at
OkCupid moderation. I am at least 95% reliable at telling apart a picture of a user from a picture of a cat.
The first things people usually notice about me
"Hey, did you know you have a monkey around your neck?"

My main profile picture is out of date, but I'm waiting to replace it until I can get another one with a monkey.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I do indeed like all of these things, but as far as "favourites" go I'm pretty easy going. Whatever you have filled out in this category will probably have very little effect on whether you and I get along.
Six things I could never do without
I really like food and travelling. Oh, you too? Also, sometimes staying at home and relaxing and sometimes going out with friends. You don't say? Wow, we have so much in common. You like baby animals too? We're practically twins! Sunny days? Soulmates!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Here are some of my OKCupid related thoughts:

-This is probably my favourite feature on OkCupid. If you haven't looked at this yet, you should.

-Making OkCupid stereotypes. So far all the guys are computer programmers and board game geeks and all the girls are vegetarian and into yoga.

-I want to contact some people that OKCupid ranks as being really high on my "enemy" ranking, just to see if I actually wouldn't get along with them.

-There seem to be a lot of polyamorous people on here. How common is polyamory in the general population?

-There are also a lot of couples looking for single women for a threesome. I suspect that they don't have much luck.

-I wonder how many people are actually on this site to find friends.

-What is the difference between "friend %" and "match %"?
BEST EXPLANATION I'VE HEARD (courtesy of some-guy_):
""Do you like to be tied up during sex?" I put Yes. And I want my matches to say No - because I'm greedy and want them to be doing the tying. Somebody who puts "No" is my match because they are what I want. Somebody who puts "Yes" is my friend because we have so much in common."
***Also, here's a TED talk about the OkCupid matching algorithm.

-For people who are looking friends, it seems to be totally acceptable for straight girls to message other straight girls. I wonder if this is also true for guys? Straight guys: would you ever message another straight guy on OkC for strictly friend-related purposes?

-I wonder if guys read more into what a girl is looking for based on her profile pictures rather than her "looking for" section.

-Here's an article on the Vancouver dating scene, and the response article. I can't decide to what extent I agree with them. Thoughts?

-It seems to be common for people to use the same profile picture on OkC and facebook. Thoughts?
-Also, sub-question to above, what do you do when you see someone you know from school/work/personal life on OkC?

-Here's another fun OkC-related article. I'm not convinced that it was the mathematical algorithms that helped, rather than the 88 first dates.
On a typical Friday night I am
-attending seminars, doing coursework, sleeping...
-hopping onto a plane/bus/train bound somewhere awesome
-heading off to the wilderness for an exciting adventure
-checking out some Vancouver event
-hanging out with friends

Maybe giving out pointers on OkC profiles. Here are some general ones:
-Did you take a picture of yourself in your bathroom mirror using your cell phone? Yeah, don't do that.
-Does any of the "six things you can't do without" include oxygen, food, etc.? It's not as original as you think it is.
-Don't put up a profile picture of you with your ex-girlfriend.
Oh hey, here's a quiz that sums this all up.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a Groupon addict.

If that's not what you were looking for, I'm being pretty open with my question answers. You should probably check there. Although sometimes, when the questions only have one answer that any sane and normal person would pick, I pick the other answer just because I think it's funny. "Only say what the dictator wants!"
You should message me if
...you want to discuss something from the OkCupid Trends Blog.

...you are my nemesis. ***Update: The highest enemy percentage of someone who has messaged me currently stands at 64%!***

...you want to ask me for random life advice.

...you want to share your good/bad/funny/ridiculous online dating adventure stories.

...you want to join me in not taking OkC very seriously.

I'm not looking for someone to date (or even meet up with). Yes, I have an online dating profile. Yes, I'm one of *those* people. Sorry.

Messages I tend not to reply to:
-"Never read your profile, but you're cute. We should talk."
-messages assuring me that although you have nothing interesting to say in a message, you have oodles of interesting things to say if I meet you in person
-"Sex plz?"

Messages I reply to:
-Anything that indicates that you might have actually looked at my profile.
-I've taken up the general policy of not sending the first message to people who OkC lists as responding "very selectively" (I'm looking at you, ladies). It just doesn't seem like an efficient use of time. If you are the "very selective" type, you can always send me a message. I'm pretty sure OkC still lists me as "replies often".
The two of us