31San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
Honest, open-minded, techie/coder/geek/gamer/linguist/debater/semi-philosopher. Looking for people to hang out with. Definitely a neophile. Definitely a foodie.

Having been here for 6 years now, I'm still always finding something new to explore in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having gone to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, the weather out here is something to appreciate and make the most of. There's nothing out here I've seen too much of, and I especially like finding little hidden "restaurants" with barely two tables, serving food from secret menus, and providing a great atmosphere. I grew up around the world, living in 3 states, countries, and timezones. I love to explore.

I have a wii & PS3, and would rather share it than play solo. I'm not however a gaming addict and when I have nothing better to do I'm equally likely to read a book or watch tv as I am to play games. It definitely depends on who's around.

I was a swimmer back in high school, and to this day it's probably my favorite form of exercise. That said, with a Software Engineering job in the Bay Area, I found myself so busy that it was tricky finding time to swing by the pool. Instead, I now own a TreadDesk, that I've installed at my office, this lets me get some exercise while working. It's been amazing, 80miles walked while on the job, so far!

I am avidly curious, enthusiastic, and hopeful
I’m really good at
- being there for my friends
- being random
- putting my soul into the things I do.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Odd collection of interests I'm supposed to fill in here, but, here goes:

With respect to books I have a range of interests, I've always been a fan of science fiction and fantasy, from the greats like Isaac Asimov, Orson Scott Card, Robert Heinlein, etc. In addition I think I've read a significant percentage of John Grisham's work, and Tom Clancy's set of novels, both fiction and non-fiction. Occasionally I'll like some of Stephen King's work, but most of it (usually the books made into movies) is not for me. In addition to that some random other books I really enjoyed includes: "A Prayer For Owen Meany", "I Am A Strange Loop", and "Sophie's World". When I was little it took me awhile to learn to read, but once I did I started immediately getting in trouble because I'd stay up too late with a flashlight under the covers reading the next book from my stack from the library.

On the movie side of things I have varied tastes, but generally stay away from overly/gratuitiously gruesome flicks. I like action flicks, sci-fi, comedy, (even romantic comedy if I'm not watching it solo!), and many of the artsy flicks I've seen, as well as mixes between the genres.

Food is a big joy in my life. I'm learning how to cook and enjoying it greatly, but I've been spoiled by my travels and have a ton of region specific dishes that list among my favorites. One special favorite I have yet to find in the US is a form of "Rice Pie" that is only made in Verviers, Belgium. Beyond that I love sushi, steak, good breads, good pastas, shepherd's pie, Ramen/noodle soups, calamari, ray (-as in stingray), and homemade icecream. I'm also a big fan of thai food, korean, japanese, malaysian, mexican, european among others. If you have something new for me to try, I'm up for trying it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I enjoy keeping myself amazed at the world, looking at things with as much childhood curiosity as I can muster. It's something private because today's society though more and more progressive, still seems to view adulthood as a stifling of that curiosity. Because of that I generally keep quiet about that curiosity unless I feel comfortable with the people around. Make me wait for something in a large room with something shiny in a corner (a mechanism or something else) and it's a pretty solid bet that when you come to find me later I'll be within a short distance of the point of interest. My fatal flaw is that I'm vulnerable to this syndrome (honestly, at times that website describes me so well it's scary).
You should message me if
  • You have fun exploring.
  • You like, are involved in, or don't mind being spending time with someone interested in: technology (and weird grammatical constructions for that matter).
  • You're not looking for mind games, and you're not looking to play them.
  • You find that something in my profile resonates with yours
  • [or] If you find something in my profile you want to have a discussion about (objections and disagreements help people learn about themselves, and I welcome that).
  • You think my photos aren't half bad, and you're willing to entertain the possibility that I'm a guy worth getting to know.
The two of us