49Melbourne, Australia
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My self-summary
I chose the name feline because I am in many ways like a cat:

Cats are independent

Cats are inquisitive and curious

Cats are sensory orientated - quite visual and tactile

Some people are very enthusiastic about cats, but others dont appreciate them or actually despise them.

Cats are complex - contradictory and often misunderstood - no one has yet really understood what makes a cat tick.

Cats are highly sensitive, and can be very perceptive and observant - some even think cats can read minds.

Cats are often thought to be aloof and even snobbish, but are often just reserved. Cats like to observe you from a distance before they decide whether they like you. They also need to know that you are a cat person.

Cats like curling up in front of open fire places.

Cats don't like the cold.

Cats have minds of their own - cats don't appreciate being told what to do but can be obliging if asked nicely.

Cats can be very loyal but not in the same way as dogs. Dogs will be loyal regardless of how you treat them. You have to be kind to cats to earn their loyalty.

Cats can be affectionate and loving but only if they like you and only when they want to be.

No one ever owns a cat

Cats are fussy about their food and the company they keep.

Cats have their own kind of intelligence - they are often very intuitive. The only cat I have ever seen at a university was there for the food not the lectures.

Cats often get up to mischief - but only when no-ones looking.

Cats can be lively one minute (e.g. running about the house or swinging from the blinds) but asleep on the bed the next.


Getting away from the cat theme:

I like dancing, outdoors activities (e.g. bushwalking, cycling, occasionally other activities such as white water rafting), all things sensual (e.g. food, art, massages, music, ballet), movies and comedy. Enjoy humour that is quirky, wicked or subversive. Personality wise I am sensitive, idealistic, down to earth, shy at first but talkative when I know someone well, sincere, kind, non conforming, open minded, opinionated and interested in people (how they think and their differences). Enjoy conversation about a variety of topics e.g. politics, ethics, society, people, culture. Passionate about civil liberties and social justice.

I am curious, sensitive, and idealistic
I’m really good at
sensing people's moods, being observant about people
The first things people usually notice about me
My dress sense - sometimes I wear loud shirts.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
the Reader, Schindlers List, Bye Bye Berlusconi, Whistle Down the Wind, the Yes Men, The Great Rock n Roll Swindle, The Plumber, American Beauty, Play Misty For Me, Anne of Green Gables, Muriels Wedding.

Food: Love quality food. Enjoy experiencing different cuisines but especially Vietnamese, Thai and Szechuan.

Music: The Sex Pistols, classical, dance, electronic/techno/house

Art: Vali Myers, Brett Whitely, Sidney Nolan, Picasso, Pro Hart - attracted to art with strong colours and flowing lines

Books: mostly non fiction these days e.g. social psychology, politics
Six things I could never do without
My cat
My imagination.
My senses.
My health.
My point of view
My sense of humour
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Have had a mental health condition that responds well to medication.
You should message me if
You think cats are cool. Are fun loving, have a good sense of humour and an active, open mind. You think we may have some interests or values in common. Not too concerned about your age as long as you are mature minded but young in your outlook. I also promise not to scratch.
The two of us