32Leland, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a down-to-earth kinda guy; mainly due to all this gravity.

I also apologize for any grammatical and spelling errors. I'm one of those purists who likes to read and write properly. I also am one of those nuts who publishes things without proofreading. I will edit as I find problems. So, ya know, take it all with a grain of salt, please. I also suck at starting conversations. Get me started on something and I usually can carry a good conversation, but unless I have a particular drive, my conversational skills suck in the starting department.

Overall I’m awesome. What more is there to say? If you want the short version read this: I was born (YAY!), I grew up moving all around the country and to some bits of the world, I got good at things academic, I found out I was good at art, I pursued art accidentally (HOORAY!), I moved to Jersey, and I now design museums. I enjoy video games, learning new things, experiencing new things, and experiencing funny media and awesome movies. I’m a positive guy and I always try to find the silver lining because that’s what I’m inclined to do. Congratulations. You finished the short version. You may now proceed to the “You should email me if” section.

For you braver types “Beware! Here thar be long versions”:
Originally I wanted to go to school for chemistry and/or physics. But, what do ya know, one accidental art class later and here I am with a degree in graphic design. Not that I am upset with my current position in life, but let’s just say I straddle the line of activity between the hemispheres of the brain. I still get a kick out of reading theoretical physics articles and books just as much as I do looking at a magazine full of art and telling people why it’s all trash/a godsend. Just don’t get me started on R. Mutt 1917…

I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot and I’ve also been fortunate enough to learn a lot from my travels. I learned to surf in Hawai’i. I’ve lived in Paris and learned a boatload about French cuisine and, in general, art. I’ve toured the lands of Italy and have had the chance to haggle in Venice over the price of a crummy wallet as well as see the Pope at the Vatican on Easter Sunday. I lived in Hungary right after it abolished communistic ideals (talk about humbling (and subsequently worked with a man who lived there during the communistic era)). I’ve skied the Matterhorn and also had a traditional Swiss Christmas. I also lived in Colorado, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, California, North Carolina, and, currently, New Jersey. I’ve survived several types of natural disasters; I still need volcano, locusts, contractible diseases, famines, and tsunami (I’m collecting the trading cards!).

I’ve worked a crap load of jobs in my time trying to learn lots of things. For brevity I’ll specify to those who care.

I also (I know I know. This is so long-winded. When will the asshole shut the hell up?) used to want to be a theologian. Needlesstosay I studied way too many religions: I’ve walked out of a giant metal vagina in San Francisco at the request of a cult, for a friend’s religious studies, (also drank the kool-aid but, hey!, I didn’t die. So, ya know, success); I went to synagogue and almost converted to the Jewish faith but never thought I could do it justice; been baptized twice, long story; fasted for Buddhism; sought Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu; seen the Greek Orthodox’s do their work; and even attended Catholic mass. In the whole scheme of things, not a big ordeal (got a lot of religions to go), but, ya know, it’s cool to have experience under your belt.

Overall, I like to experience new things, be they good or bad, and to constantly learn and seek truths. I even accept those dinky truths such as, “well THAT was dangerous,” or, “and THAT’s why you don’t mix those two food ingredients…”
What I’m doing with my life
I design museums. Yeah, I’m that cool. Well actually I design the interiors of museums. But it sounds so much cooler to just say I design museums, so that’s what I’m saying. I’m even thinking of getting business cards that just say that.

Imagine, as I whisk you away to a hypothetical situation, where a dashing, dark, and tall figure, a.k.a. me, hands you a business card and all it says is “I design museums.” That’s pretty suave.

Aside from that, I’m a freelance graphic designer who dabbles in acting and writing. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, I also am a superheroic intergalactic astronaut who battles MechaGodzilla in my spare time. You know, gotta saves the peoples and all. Oh also, I’m a super secret spy. That’s why you don’t know about my exploits. Hush-hush and all.
I’m really good at
Hyperbole, complementing people, finding the silver lining, procrastinating, getting sucked into fictional settings, rpgs (not the explosive type), art ((photography, painting, drawing, photoshop, 3D modeling, things like that) well I’d say decent, not good), staying committed to an idea, staying up way too late and waking up way too early, making long-winded lists, quoting useless lines from movies or tv, cooking, and making conversation with anyone (I'm especially adept at this in airports and airport bars. I can make a friend out of anyone).

Also handy-man stuff. For some reason I get excited when I have to fix something (though I usually need a manual and a Saturday morning to do so).
The first things people usually notice about me
That I am always changing physically. This winter I’ve been having a battle with a beard that continually grows back. One day I chop him off and then, before I know it, I have a facial colony of hair again. I lop it off. And then before I know it, it’s back. I feel like I have Zangief growing on my face.

Otherwise, I’d say that it would be me having a humorous, optimistic, and outgoing personality. If not that, theeeeen I’d say it would be my eyes. They have three colors (gold, green, and blue). If not that, then, finally, that I have my own lingo. Sometimes I speak like an upper echelon of intellectual and sometimes I speak like I just got back in from the surf of the OC (don’t call it that).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I know everyone probably has a list a mile long, myself included, and I also advocate brevity, especially in this area, but, ya know, this is a great way to understand a person and figure out how you will mesh. So I apologize that but it won’t be brief.

Books: anything Vonnegut, The Good Earth, Things Fall Apart, The Princess Bride, Candide

Movies: Blazing Saddles (or for that matter Young Frankenstein), The Evil Dead trilogy, the ORIGINAL Star Wars trilogy, Willow, the Back to the Future trilogy (so sue me about the trilogies) (also if there is a sixth, it would easily be "Up"; I'm a sucker for Pixar) (also anything by Wes Anderson or Miyazaki or Kevin Smith… I just wanted to keep the list as close to five as possible)

TV: Arrested Development, MXC, Community, The Venture Brothers, Seinfeld (and yeah, I’m that kind of guy who will quote Seinfeld shamelessly)

Music: Smashing Pumpkins, Beck, Collective Soul, Foo Fighters, anything with a horns section or that is instrumental (I ran a radio station for a while and really got a good affinity towards ska, solo guitarists, and prog rock)

Food: I’m a cook at heart so this list can go on for miles. Simple things: I dislike lots of food, but I also try most anything and if I dislike something I’ll try to learn to like it (last year I couldn’t eat olives, now I have no problem with them). Being in Italian and French kitchens I’ve learned to really enjoy their cuisine. I’m also a sucker for sushi and Chinese. I’m also American enough to get big hankerings for things like grilled steak, hamburgers, and good old cold pizza on a Sunday morning. I also have lived with (and cooked for) vegetarians and vegans so I’m keen to their dining habits so long as I can go out and gorge myself on protein at my own discretion.

Video Games: Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, MvC 2 (I suck at it, but I’ll play it until I break my thumbs), Fallout (any version), Space Invaders

Comics: Scott Pilgrim (sorry, I liked it before the movie. Pass on by you Michael Cera fans), Preacher, the Walking Dead (once again, liked it back at its inception; not that I don’t like the tv series, but if you wanna talk tv realize it’s different from the comic series), TMNT, Dr. McNinja

Colors: (short answer) Prussian Blue, blue, orange, black, silver/white (especially when it’s sandwiched between two colors in a fade)
Six things I could never do without
Funny media (whether it’s a comedy or a tragedy so messed up you gotta laugh, I need it. Gotta get mah fix).

Games (be them board, video, mental, social, or whatever. I enjoy finding fun in life. However it must be noted that dramatic/relationship games are not bueno. I do not regard them as fun on a bun. I do not like them from a nun. I do not like them with a vixen. I do not like them when I am drawin’ on Pixen.

A pen. I honestly think I would die if I didn’t have a way to write anywhere in the world. Luckily, my iPhone is slowly weaning me away from my compulsion to take physical notes daily.

My glasses. In the immortal words of Velma, “my glasses! My glasses! I can’t see without my glasses!”

Humility. Not a big fan of saying I messed up, but I always like to think that doing so means I’ve learned something new. Ya know, edification of the soul and all.

Swearing. I like to swear. I also have a great ability to restrain my swearing. I love cursing around kids because it tests my mental acuity and agility. “Flippin’ funky cheeselog, dude!” (I know, how creative. But it was spoken in the heat of the moment, so that’s a defense in a court of law.)

A good old book. Sometimes it’s just great to find a great piece of literature and to crawl into the writer’s head and just learn something new and expand your horizons and how you perceive said horizons.

The number 8. Because if you turn it sideways it becomes infinity. OOOoooOOooOooo!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Music and how I will never be good at it but how useless I would be without it.

Mythology, writing, and what compels people to read certain things. I like to entertain, so I try to study my craft and figure out what entertains people.

Physics and how simple it is and yet how utterly mind-boggling it can become when you break down the basics of the universe and examine them.

Video games. Sometimes when I get bored I think about how I will tackle digital obstacles in the future. Other times I just start drawing pixilated images in my mind.

Philosophy, ethics, morality, business, theology, art, the blah-blah-blah of life that essentially defines humanity. It’s all kinda yada-yada-yada and yes I mentioned the bisque.

Cooking. I don’t think about it a lot during the day, but when it comes to a meal I will put good forethought into it and how to execute it properly. I’m a chef by nature.
On a typical Friday night I am
I usually hang with friends and grab a brew. If that’s not the case then I just stick inside and play it by ear. I’m not ashamed to say I love a Friday evening with no pressure just staying in and reading a book, watching a movie, or playing a video game and talking to friends on the phone. In the fall and warmer climes I enjoy taking night strolls in parks and stargazing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m very open. However I suck at straight up exposition without the aid of being questioned. So, since no one’s asking me anything, just the facts, ma’am:

I am currently learning to curse in Chinese. Mostly for fun. I am also learning it so I can insult a certain printer at work in front of my boss without her understanding it entirely. The her is my boss. The printer is inanimate. I currently rely on "go tsao de" but soon enough I will learn "holy mother of God and all her wacky nephews!"

I'm horrible at addressing women online. I'm much better in person. So oftentimes, online, I visit a girl's profile, I think she's cool, I try to think of something witty to say, and it normally boils down to a really crappy introduction. I enjoy a chick who actually addresses me first because I have something to springboard off of. It's a nice thing when it occurs. I don't expect it though, but don't be surprised if I visit your profile and can't compose a good introduction. I fizzle out around the 5th or 6th iteration of "hello."

I’ve been branded once in my life. It wasn’t as painful as people would think, though the morning after sucked so much since I had to sit through a lecture. Keyword: sit. However, I took such great care of it that the wound healed up. I was pretty heartbroken about losing the mark actually, haha.

I will openly admit to playing Dungeons and Dragons and have no problem talking about it in any public setting; however, I get super embarrassed about it when talking to other players who I don’t know well. So it goes.

I don’t scare easily, but I’m that asshole in the movie theater that jumps whenever something “surprising” pops onto screen. It could be a friggin’ kids movie and I’d jump. Doesn’t scare me but just natural reaction. It sucks. Major.

I get OCD with numbers and alignments. It could be why I’m a graphic designer but if things are off by an iota of an inch I begin to stare and get this incredible urge to adjust it. Also I like to keep numbers close to 2’s, 5’s, 8’s and 0’s. I have a method to my madness, but then again I also love to break my own rules and leave the tv volume on a 7 or something just as obscure.

I always dislike calling a person because I hate to interrupt somebody's something, but I never turn down a call. I’m just neurotic like that.

I have other things, as we all do, but that’s enough for now (brevity and all).
You should message me if
You know what Earthbound is, haha. I keed, but seriously, if you know what Earthbound is message me immediately. All my great friends know about it so I think that’s a good standard on gauging a meeting with a person.

You enjoy humor. I like humor, I like to laugh, and I try to always find something to laugh about (even when I’ve had the shittiest day), so if you like to be pessimistic and don’t enjoy people trying to stay upbeat, then ya know, this probably won’t work out. But then again, you never know. Opposites do attract or so the cliché goes.

If you have a question you want answered.

You read the whole thing. If so, congratulations, pat yourself on the back. Grab a brew, fruit juice, or beverage of your choice and feel good about yourself. You did good.
The two of us