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My self-summary
In late 1800 my great grandfather left northern Italy because he was decided to search some fortune in the "New World". Destiny led him to Mexico and he settled there, in the Northeastern region (North again!). 100 years later, I was born and raised in that awesome country named Mexico.

(I know we have 193 beautiful countries in the World, but I like when I see "MEX" as the code of issuing country of my passport.)

I used to live in Mexico City until a "job proposal I could not refuse" brought me to DC 6 years ago.

My friends consider that I am a person in whom they can trust. I believe this is my main asset.
What I’m doing with my life
As same as many people in DC, my official email account belongs to a server that is a kind of "@-dot-something-dot-government/public sector". You know, the business where if you're not at the table, you're on the menu.

I'm an economist, and that might give you an idea about how I see the world. I work on activities that involve not only economics but political science, international politics, patience, and imagination to piece together the puzzle of the day.

According to economic theory, we have land, labor and capital as factors of production (which I use daily), but I think we are missing the fourth factor of production: coffee.
I’m really good at
A) Giving massages (and I am serious!) Well, I learned something useful during my time in the track and field varsity team (oh ... good old days at high school).

B) Making guacamole, chilaquiles and grilling steaks. Chicken in mole sauce (from scratch, and with handmade red tortillas) is next on the list.
The first things people usually notice about me
One possibility is my accent (people mention it regardless if I am speaking in English or Spanish and always try to guess where I am from). Ok, let's blame my accent from Northeastern Mexico (I am proudly norteño).

Other possibility might be my necktie (I choose a color ad hoc according the occasion, but I try to add something personal. Believe me, I know that the spectrum goes beyond blue and red.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love to read about history, (I love Gothic art, although the medieval period is not my favorite at all).
I regret that I didn't put much attention to my lecture about History of the Art during high school.

Mandatory titles for me:
Paulo Coelho's: "The Alchemist" and "The Warrior of Light".
Machiavelli: "The Prince"
Sun Tzu: "The Art of War".
Paul Samuelson and William Nordhaus: "Economics".

Other titles that I can see in my bookcase right now (author and title): Ian Fleming, "From Russia With Love" and "Dr. No"; Jagdish Bhagwati, "In Defense of Globalization"; Benedetta Craveri, "Lovers and Queens"; Paulo Coelho, "The Winner is Alone", GRE's manuals, Milton Friedman, "Capitalism and Freedom"; Joseph Stiglitz, "Free Fall"; Jeffrey Sachs "The Price of Civilization" and Jorge Castañeda, "Mañana Forever, Mexico and the Mexicans." In Spanish: Rosa Beltrán: La corte de los ilusos (The Court of Fools); and Carlos Fuentes: La muerte de Artemio Cruz (The Death of Artemio Cruz).

James Bond is my favorite hero! I want to be at "Her Majesty's Service" ("My Queen", so is up to you!)

In general, I like almost all movie genres, but in my I humble opinion, a masterpiece of art named "The Godfather" (parts I, II and III) deserves a standing ovation.

I enjoyed watching 24, The Big Bang Theory (long life to Dr. Sheldon Cooper!) The Simpsons, and last but no least, ... House of Cards! (maybe I've been watching too much C-SPAN? Or the content of C-SPAN might be an interesting show by itself?).

From time to time, I like watching the television series from Chef Rick Bayless, "Mexico - One Plate at a Time". (Disclaimer: I watch it from time to time not because it is a bad program -all the opposite!- but because I can not resist the craving to eat the dishes he is showing.)

It's hard to find a genre of music I don't like.

*Special mention for my two favorite Broadway musicals. The first one made me laugh a lot and I would like to watch again: "Avenue Q". The other one is made possible thanks to the two superb talents of Gaston Leroux and Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Phantom of the Opera.

FOOD (finally, my favorite part):
My favorite food is ... Mexican!!! (all, from Oaxaca, Yucatán, Sinaloa, Puebla, Norteño style, you name it). Also I like the Spanish, Italian, French, and Thai food.

Sometimes it comes to my mind that scene of Shakespeare's "Richard III" which makes me say: "My kingdom for Chiles en Nogada!" (chiles in walnut sauce).
Six things I could never do without
1. Diplomatic courtesies
2. Tie hangers
3. Uber
4. Apple TV
5. Dropbox & iCloud
6. Tequila Ice Cream (Mezcal flavor works too!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why a girl likes to wear heels? It should be because they help angels to get closer to heaven. (And that's why late Mexican actress María Félix said that the elegance of a woman is on her feet.)
On a typical Friday night I am
Sharing a glass of good wine (syrah) or a good beer (stout, IPA or amber lager) with my close friends, a.k.a. the Nomenklatura.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I drink my coffee black, without sugar. Why?
Good coffee doesn't need it. Bad coffee doesn't deserve it.
You should message me if
Wait! ... Well, obviously your message will be a nice surprise for me, but I'm still wondering if you should send me a message. Why? Because it is a simple gesture of chivalry 1.0.1. I believe that it's me the one who should make the first move and send you a message, so you can check that there is still a man who believes that chivalry is not dead.

I know it may sound unusual, but it is false that men believe that chivalry involves only material things (at least in my case). I prefer my "secret weapon": details. But the essential here is to make you feel why you señorita bonita are the only and most special woman in the world.

*Message me if you want to explore how to dance at the rhythm of a philharmonic orchestra. Of course it is possible! Just we need to do it in the creative way. We can start with the song El listón de tu pelo, performed by the Mexican band Los Ángeles Azules.


Ok ... ok ... second option: Danzón No. 2, performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas. Note how Mexican conductor, Alondra de la Parra, neither can resist the temptation to dance.

The two of us