41Watertown, United States
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My self-summary
Hello! My name is Carla. I'm very laid back, easy going, inqusitive, and open minded. I have a crazy sense of humor, and can make just about anyone laugh, even in the worst situations. My friends tell me I'm way too nice-every year my New Year's resolution is to be more of a bitch, but it never works-it winds up on the list again next year. I always tend to see the best in people, find the brightest area in the worst situation, which is more often than not a positive. I'm very patient and take my time with everything.

I'm very active-I don't really know how to sit still! I can be somewhat of a gym rat at times, but I'm learning to drop the weights and head outside to get my workouts these days. I commute by bike, and my normal route is 15-26 miles/day. I also hike, kayak, rollerblade, ice skate, take pilates and yoga, snowboard, and waterski(I suck at this, but it's still fun). Last summer I increased my hiking ability, and have done a few 4000 footers already. All of these were just primers for the 12000 foot volcano I climbed in Indonesia in October....it was extremly difficult, but well worth it! I recently tried stand up paddling boarding, and hope to try wind surfing and kiteboarding at some point. I always seem to add as many things to my bucket list as I cross off. Over the past few years I've ziplined, whitewater rafted, and hang glided. While I don't do these things every weekend, I wouldn't mind doing them again.

I think the simple things in life are the most important. I would rather go to the hole in the wall restaurant where no speaks english, versus the trendy new hot spot. I prefer a BBQ with friends to a night of clubbing with strangers. I believe in squirt gun fights and sledding until I can't feel my fingers anymore. I'm an old soul but I'm young at heart. I still see the beauty in sunrises and sunsets, even though I see them every day. In a constant state of personal growth. I'm always learning new things or otherwise trying to better myself. I'm very loyal and would do anything for my family and friends, but I also love meeting new people. I think the experiences that you create for yourself, as well as the people that you surround yourself with, are more important than anything you can buy. I would rather spend my money on a bike trip to Bali than buy a high end pair of shoes or a purse. Yes, you read that correctly :)

What am I hoping to find? Someone who I can take things day by day, and see where we wind up. I think more people are in love with the idea of being in love, and not with the person. Truly great relationships are not perfect, but they're effortless. You need to start with a great connection(chemistry), mutual respect, similar values, a spark(or lots of them), and a geniune openess to see where things can take the two of you. I'm hoping to run into someone that I can develop a true connection with-intellectually, emotionally, and physically. I respect everyone, therefore I don't play games with people's hearts or heads. Life is too short to put up with that bs. Someone who is quick witted enough to not only take my often sarcastic sense of humor, but can dish it right back out to me. Someone who is independent, family oriented, happy, and has their own life, but wouldn't mind sharing it with me. You'll challenge me to become a better version of myself. You're not only not afraid to live life, but you usually live it by the balls. And single. I thought I wouldn't need to mention that, but past experiences have taught me that I do...lots of great stories from that one! I don't take myself or life too seriously(obviously), and enjoy hanging out with others that feel the same way. I love to travel, so sharing a desire to find somewhere where we could work our way through the cocktail menu is a must. I'm brutually honest-if those pants make your butt look big, I'll let you know :) I'm wicked funny-I love joking around, and playing practical jokes on people. I'm very good at making people crack a smile, usually right after I've pushed them over the edge :) I come from a large, close family, and would do just about anything for them. Being physically active is a huge passion of mine. I take care of myself physically and emotionally, and hope to find someone who does the same. If you live your life trying not to break a sweat, we're probably not going to work. So, if you want to explore possibilities, just shoot me an email. Thanks for checking me out, and best of luck.
What I’m doing with my life
Enoying my life, and usually trying to fit in more things than any human being should in a time span. I love my job working for a biotech company in research and development, but I'm not a big boring science geek. My work is important to me, but it pays the bills and allows me to enjoy life. I like to get lost in strange cities, preferably anyplace warm, with a beach nearby. I've been to Hawaii, Bermuda and just about everywhere in the Caribbean. I would love to go to Tahaiti and/or Bora Bora next. Or Greece. Or Italy....When I'm not working or globetrotting, I'm not sitting still! I bike, rollerblade, ice skate, snowboard, kayak, take pilates, etc....I do this because it makes me feel good...If you want to come along, I'll slow down for you ;) I actually just combined my two passions, having just returned for a bike trip through Bali. It was an amazing way to experience the people and the culture, and I can't wait to have more "off the beaten path" experiences like that.
I’m really good at
Traveling. Photography. Making people laugh! Or maybe they're laughing at me...Oh well, as long as everyone's happy, does it really matter? Sarcasm, and being a smart ass!
The first things people usually notice about me
I always smell really good. Usually the fact that I'm always smiling, and if I'm not, then there's a big problem! The next thing is usually my skin color.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like funny movies-Big Daddy, Superbad, The Hangover. For music it's Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Maroon 5, and Adele, although I'll pretty much listen to anything so long as it's not country. I'm willing to try almost any type of food, as long as it won't make me sick....portuguese, indian, seafood, italian, etc...are all favorites.
Six things I could never do without
my bike and my vibrams
my iPod
my amazing family/friends
laughter. Yours, mine, does it matter ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What I want to learn next, and who is the best person to do it with! Where I want to go on my next vacation....what's for dinner, etc...could be any number of random things.
On a typical Friday night I am
Anywhere! It depends what kind of trouble I can find, and who I can drag along with me. Often I'm packing/preparing for some adventure at midnight, even though I sould have done it earlier.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I jay walk. All the time. Hey, this is the Internet :)
You should message me if
You're awesome!

I'm attracted to smart, funny, outdoorsy people, and honestly, looks don't matter, but physical attraction does. Being easy on the eyes helps, but not if we don't have anything, or enough, things in common.

Some, or a lot of what I've written resonates with you.

You'd be interested in sitting down and having an actual conversation to see if there's any chemistry. Sometimes it's just not there.

You don't play games with people's hearts or heads. We're all adults people. There's no need for that.

If you read this and didn’t laugh, don’t bother contacting me. If you smiled, or even laughed out loud, send me a message. The worst thing that will happen is we'll be really good friends. If I wink or email you, all it means is that I think you seem pretty cool, and I wouldn't mind getting to know you a little better.
The two of us