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My self-summary
Disclaimer: My profile may be the most extraordinarily unusual profile on this social networking site. My world view is very unconventional and therefore very unpopular. Consequently, some of my readers may find what I've said to be offensive. But, I want all of my readers to know that: It is not my objective to offend anyone. I only want to tell the truth as best as I can identify it. If you think that you will become offended by my very unpopular candor, please do not read my profile--hit the back browser button, now! (On the other hand, I want every person that does read my profile to know: If telling the truth this morning will cause me to miss out on a date tonight, then I'm willing to be dateless tonight, tomorrow night, the next night, next week, next month--and if need be--FOREVER!!! Succinctly put, I'm not willing to compromise my integrity on the "altar" of trying to get a date!)

Hi, I am a devout HUMAN RIGHTS researcher, advocate and activist. (Social Justice is of paramount importance to me.)
Succinctly put, my years of research has revealed to me: The history of the "world" is a history in HUMAN RIGHTS violations, everything else is an ancillary issue!!
Believe it or not: the antics of the Jerry Springer show are actually a microcosm of the (partly secret) ugly social mores of America. i.e. If you live in America and you are married to someone who is not CHEATING, that is a social anomoly--maybe "miracle" might be a better word!! In other words, cheating is normal in America, not cheating is abnormal. (If you are looking for someone in America who does not cheat---good luck on that one. You are surely going to need it!)
In more personal terms: I am a good man (who does not cheat) living in a VERY BAD "world"--that does. Consequently, if I could build a spaceship and leave this world for a SANER world, a world without locked hearts and locked minds, a world without liars, gratuitous violence, war, "orwellian doublespeak" politicians and pulpit sophists who call themselves "men of God",....I would leave and NEVER return!!!! As many as 95% of the people that I have "known" in my entire lifetime (personally or vicariously) would not be allowed to board "my ship."
Conversely, if you are a woman of unimpeachable integrity, not only is there definitely a reserved seat on "my ship" for you as a friend, there may even be a place in my "heart" for you as my lover, as well. If you want to "claim" your "seat", please contact me--THE GOOD MAN "LIVING" IN A VERY BAD WORLD. (The word, "LIVING" may be a misnomer. "EXISTING" may have been a better choice of words.)
In my humble opinion: character ALWAYS trumps "race". Therefore, the "race" of the special woman that I will invite into my life is unimportant. (Frederick Douglass has wisely said somewhere: "Right is of no color, truth is of no sex.")
Since I fervently believe in non-violent social change, I am VERY
depressed by mankind's gratuitous violence. Governments of the world are collectively spending about 1 and 1/2 trillion dollars a year making weapons and funding militaries. (That is the most money that governments have ever collectively spent in ONE YEAR at any time in the history of this seemingly insane world!) Consequently, governments have killed or murdered more people in the last (approx.) 100 years than they have killed in any other 100 year period of time!--as many as 260 million killed! You can actually receive awards and accolades, if you are willing to be violent on behalf of various governments, their corporate sponsors and or war profiteers! For more on the subject of various governments that have been involved in gratuitous bloodshed in the approx. last 100 years, please refer to the clip: "New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen(2012 Alex Jones film)".
If you are a person that is involved in organized religion in general, or Christianity in particular, I want you to survey a book entitled: "THE BOOK YOUR CHURCH DOESN'T WANT YOU TO READ." (Tim Leedom is the editor) That book reports on pg. 277:

"Native Americans were perceived as 'heathens'--within one century after the 'discovery' of America, 50 MILLION NON-CHRISTIAN NATIVES WERE KILLED BY CATHOLIC AND CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS, EXPLORERS, and MISSIONARIES." (emphasis added)
Question: Why didn't your preacher tell you that millions of "indians" were killed/murdered in the Western Hemisphere by CHRISTIAN INVADERS starting around 1492! Why didn't your preacher tell you that the FIRST man in the recorded history of the world to kidnap and carry slaves across the Atlantic Ocean was a devout "bible quoting" Christian whose anglicized named was Christopher Columbus! Why didn't your preacher tell you that the second time that Columbus (whose first name means "Christ bearer") came to the so-called New World that originally belonged to the "Indians," he came with an INVASION FORCE OF 17 SHIPS that carried about 2100 soldiers ready to do battle against the "Indians"?? Why didn't your preacher tell you that the devout Christian--Columbus set in motion a religious, racist, imperial criminal enterprise that is responsible for the murder and deaths of millions of "Indians" and the enslavement of millions of Black Africans? That enterprise eventually led to the violent theft and dubious acquisition of some 2 billion+ acres of the homelands of the "Indians!" Why did the Christians build approximately 400,000 churches on the land that they violently stole from the "Indians"? Why did the Christians use SLAVE LABOR to construct some of those Churches? Why did the Christians name many of their slave ships after "bible" characters. During the Trans-Atlantic slave trade era, why did the Christians throw so many Black slaves over board to the sharks that the migratory patterns of the sharks changed; the sharks (purportedly) started following the slave ships across the Atlantic ocean? Why didn't your preacher tell you all of this...??!!! )
Moreover, it is important to note that I absolutely do not want to WRONGLY accuse anyone of anything. I do not want to use what may be perceived to be hyperbole to support my complaints. Therefore, I suggest that you do your own (non-partisan) research to find out just how many "Indians" ("Blacks," and yes "Whites", too, and others) that the Christian murdered during their colonizing and invading of the Western Hemisphere. In other words, you do not have to accept "my" statistics, nor the statistics proffered in "The book your Church doesn't want you to read." (Even I concede that I do not know how many "Indians" the Christian murdered during their colonizing years. I wasn't there. But, I do know that Christian apologists (pulpit sophists) have made up a "truck load" of specious excuses to justify the egregious HUMAN RIGHTS violations that were commited against the "Indians.")
Question: If the Christians did not harm the "Indians" of the Western Hemisphere in any way whatsoever, then why are Christian apologists and preachers making up excuses to justify crimes against the "Indians" that--according to some people--never happened?? And why did some Christians themselves who claimed to have witnessed some of these crimes in process, write books, journals, newspaper articles, etc. that recorded what happened, if no "indian" was never harmed by Christians here in the Western Hemisphere? Are the Christians lying on themselves? (I'm very open-minded and willing to revise my conclusions, if necessary. So, please let me know if you have antithetical conclusions (with evidence) that are better than mine.)
Additionally, mankind has fought about 1,500 wars or battles in the last 4,000 years! Question: when does this madness stop? JFK perceptively said somewhere: "If we don't put an end to war, war is going to put an end to us." Wouldn't it be "nice?" if the warmongers had their very own planet? And the peace lovers had their very own planet, too. Oh, I forgot, the warmongers already have their very own planet---the Earth!! Maybe, one day the peace lovers will have their very own planet, too!!!!!
I personally wish that everyone would embrace the idea: "food, not bombs". What about you? According to www.stopthe about 25,000 people DIED TODAY of hunger! That site also reports that so far this year: close to 6 million people have died of hunger this year! I will conjecture that if that rate of death continues, by the end of the year about 12 million people will have starved to death on this planet! And let's not forget what Ghandi said: there is enough in this world for everybody's need, but not enough for everybody's GREED! (For more on the subject of greed and wanton waste here in the West, please check out this clip: "Story of Stuff, full version; How Things Work, About Stuff".)
To recap: Of course, it would be a better world if governments spent the bulk of "their" money on feeding and not fighting. Didn't Dianna Ross sang in one of her songs: "reach out and touch somebody's hand, make this world a BETTER PLACE, if you can." She DID NOT say "reach out and CUT OFF somebody's hand, make this world a BITTER PLACE, if you can." (If you want to read a book that presents some examples of (recalcitrant) slave workers HANDS BEING CUT OFF IN THE 20th CENTURY!!, please read a book entitled: "King Leopold's Ghost.")
I really like Dianna Ross's "reach out and touch" song. This may be one of the most important songs ever written. To me, it melodically represents a FANTASTIC IDEA that we should all heed. Virtually any music that inspires people to become better, wiser, more caring and non-violent human beings is good music. I love the HUMANE and honorable ideas that are expressed in that kind of music. Do you think that one day most, if not all, of humanity will heed these kinds of ideas?
On the other hand, I'm not very optimistic--since I know that these kinds of HUMANE ideas are seemingly repugnant to the masses in general, and the war profiteers in particular.
Yet, I'm still trying to hold onto HOPE. Perhaps, one day mankind will shed his EXTREMELY barbaric proclivities; maybe one day "he" will come back to his senses; maybe one day "he" will transform this BITTER place into a BETTER PLACE!)
My iconoclastic views about violence are not totally new.
I've always been against violence in general, and gratuitous violence in particular. In other words, I've only been in one fight in my whole life. I was 9 years old. The other boy started that fight. I still feel badly about that fight until this very day--even though I did not start that fight.

The following section below the above dots is a recent (much needed) interpolation:

One highly intelligent, very nice looking lady on this site, sent me a message a few days ago. She politely opined that my profile appears to be a "diatribe against humanity." I sent her a reply, explaining that my profile IS NOT a "diatribe against humanity."
It is, at least in part, a diatribe against INHUMANITY. (In other words, I am not a misanthrope. I'm just very disgusted with "mankind's" foolish, deceptive, and murderous MISBEHAVIOR and the non-sequiturs that he has successfully used to justify "his" (global) MISBEHAVIOR!! (Conversely, enlightened humans will not accept non-sequiturs no matter who utters them. (Question: Are you ENLIGHTENED?? If you are, I don't care how old your are or what you look like, or where you live, or about the size of your bank account or the letters behind your name of lack thereof, I want to talk with you! You maybe almost as rare as a rainbow at noon! I've seen 2 rainbows in the last 3 years! How many have you seen?)
Moreover, I've never hit, beat, stalked or threatened a woman in my whole life. (Unfortunately, the converse is not true.)
I do not have a criminal record; no DUIs.
In closing, I'd like to say that I'm looking for a mild mannered lady that holds a worldview that is congruent with mine. She must hate gratuitous violence and live a life that is congruent with the highest and best (known) moral standards. She must be honest, intelligent, open-minded and believe in HUMAN RIGHTS for ALL!
What I’m doing with my life
Learning to be single again, while trying to keep my cynicism about finding true Love at bay. Working, reading, researching, eating healthy and spending a lot of time with my very young daughter who is studying Spanish and piano. I love her dearly!!!
I’m really good at
understanding HUMAN RIGHTS and social problems--and creating viable and "sane" solutions. I'm also good at exposing lies and the prominent liars who tell them. (Sadly, it seems like my admonitions and solutions are seldom heeded, even though some of them have been guaranteed to work!)
The first things people usually notice about me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite food is organic. (I try to stay away from "frankenfood".) I'm not sure, but my favorite movie is
probably Shawshank redemption or Forest Gump. My favorite music is "old school", but I'm open to other music, too. But, I do not
like gangster rap.
I've read hundreds of books. Even though some of them are very esoteric, I still consider some of them to be masterpieces. How does one decide which masterpiece to pick as a favorite? I don't know. But there is one book, among many, that I will never forget. That book is: "Imperial Reckoning" by Dr. Caroline Elkins.
Six things I could never do without
2.) My daughter;
3.) Opportunities to research and explore the nature of reality and
human behavior;
4.) The Hope that one day I will live in an abode--presumably not
on this earth-- free of all war, violent madmen and their
egregious lies;
5.) Organic food/all natural food;
6.) Laughter/comedy/jokes. ("laughter is the sunshine of the Soul")
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to refine my enlightenment so that I can become the best possible example of what I want the people on this earth to become---and eventually exceed.
Moreover, I spend a lot of time thinking about my daughter's future, and what kind of people will influence her. (I sometimes wonder what will happen to her after I "die".)
I spend a lot of time thinking about the people in this world that have been VICTIMIZED the most--and what are the solutions to their problems.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I die, I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want a Christian funeral!!! If someone tries to give me a Christian funeral, you have my permission to stand up at the funeral and PROTEST the proceedings!!!!
I absolutely DO NOT want any Christian PSEUDO-MORALISTS preaching at my funeral!!! (I have not forgotten that 95%+ of all of the people in this world who have ever VICTIMIZED me were Christians or at least claimed to be Christians! I have a very curious idiosyncracy: Whenever anyone harms me, I always try to find out what that person's religion is. I suggest that you do the same; you may get the shock of your life!!!
I'm not an atheist, but I have to give the paucity of atheists that I've known credit: not one single self-professed atheist has ever harmed me at anytime in my life!!!
(This fact, of course, does not vindicate other Atheists nor Atheism itself.)
Succinctly put, I'm not an Atheist nor a Christian. As a general rule, I don't have a problem with "God". But I do have a problem with PSEUDO-MORALISTS in general and Christian PSEUDO-MORALISTS in particular--and the egregious crimes that they have committed against humanity! (Many of their most egregious crimes are securely HIDDEN behind their so-called "good works"; their religious propaganda and their COLLECTIVE AMNESIA!)
The Christians have committed more HUMAN RIGHTS violations than any religion in the recorded history of the world. If you know of a religion that has been more deceptive; has committed more crimes and HUMAN RIGHTS violations than the Christians , please tell me what the name of that religion is....and presents some facts and evidence to back up your assertions. (The 50+ million "Indians" that the Christians murdered/killed in the Western Hemisphere is merely the tip of the blood-stained iceburg! If you have an excuse that can justify the Christians' invading the Western Hemisphere and murdering/killing 50+ million "Indians" and enslaving, torturing, or murdering 10s of millions of Black-Aftricans in the process, please let me know what your excuse is. (The specious excuse: "we are all born in sin" does not work for me. You'll have to come up with a better excuse than that. I'm waiting.)

In conclusion, I'd like to humbly suggest: NEVER follow or join a religion that has moral standards that are lower than your own!!!!

You should message me if
If your lifestyle and worldview is similiar to mine. If you think that we are compatible. And if you have NEVER been sexually involved with someone else's husband. (Adultery is one of my "pet peeves".) You're in good health (no STDs). You try to eat healthy most of the time. You are fiscally responsible. You are a Truth Seeker and may have an interest in metaphysics.
You have the patience to help me improve my all-natural "cooking" skills. That is a plus, but not necessary.
You speak English and Spanish, this is a definite PLUS, but not necessary.
You are highly INTELLIGENT, OPEN-MINDED, and love books/documentaries. Non-violent social change and HUMAN RIGHTS are highly important to you. You are a good listener, student and teacher who seeks personal intellectual growth. You are a writer and or a published author. You have a fervent interest in History, Sociology and Metaphysics. You play tennis and or jog. You are fiscally responsible. You have never had sex with someone else's husband and never would!! These are big pluses.
You are "good looking." This MAY be a plus. But good looks ALONE does not work for me. To me, good character always trumps "good" looks---ALWAYS!!!
The two of us