37Brussels, Belgium
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My self-summary
Hi! I'm nicolas. But you can call me Nightingale.

Although I'm a superhero (in my mind), I do not wear my underwear over my pants. When i'm not busy lifting a lake in order to put out a city wide fire (in my mind), i write music, design posters/flyers/cd covers/websites or think about music videos i would like to do. And furniture. And clothes. Wall patterns. The books i would like to write and the songs i haven't written yet. My label. And... you know, everything known to man and beyond.

As an accomplished artist, you would think i'm a billionaire by now - but i'm not. Yet. Which has proven to be an awesome cover! (in my mind)

I am tender, intellectual, and whimsical
What I’m doing with my life
Mostly trying to handle my space/time continuum bending abilities. They say it's a gift, but the responsibility is unbearable!

They also say it's called "being drunk" to which i answer: semantics!
The first things people usually notice about me
Unfortunately, people tend to think i dislike them as we first meet. But they soon discover that behind that quiet facade lies a tortured soul filled with a desperate longing for love. And puppies. But mostly love. Yes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: This list would probably be much longer than needed.
The following comes to mind however: Crime and Punishment, The Castle, Anti-Oedipus, Life Is Elsewhere, Waiting For Godot, Van Gogh: The Man Suicided by Society, For Your Own Good, Pulp, White Nights, The Hunger, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Totem and Taboo, The Teachings of Don Juan, The Nose, Nijinski's Journal, Dune, Nausea, The Plague, The DSM-IV, Popbots, Where The Wild Things Are, George's Marvelous Medicine, Women of Manara. I'm still amazed Deleuze isn't taught in college yet though.

Movies: Serious: Magnolia, The Hours, Annie Hall, The Dead Zone, GoodFellas, My Neighbor Totoro, Leaving Las Vegas, Solaris, Punch Drunk Love, Amadeus, Blue Velvet, Videodrome, Eyes Wide Shut, The Pianist, Donnie Darko, The Legend of 1900.

Less serious: Footloose, Pump up the Volume, The Wedding Singer, The Breakfast Club, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Groundhog Day, Barbarella, Alice in Wonderland, Emmanuelle, Scanners, Evil Dead, Dirty Dancing, D.A.R.Y.L., Ferris Bueller's Day Off...

Chances are I've also seen every single 80s and all romantic comedies there is. That's how fun i am (and by fun, i mean incredibly sad). Chances are i've seen all those movies from the early 1900's too and yes, they're as boring as they seem. And by boring, I mean incredibly interesting and life changing. Did you catch the last Kurosawa? That potemkin ship was something, wasn't it?

TV: TV has redefined itself, these definitely deserve a mention: Californication, Dexter, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Seinfeld, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, The Wire.

Music: I spend 20 hours a day listening to music, so this could be a long, long list. In no particular order (with so much to add):

Classical: John Tavener, Fred Hersch, Igor Markevitch, Henryk Guorecki, Wachselav Artyomov, James MacMillan, Stevan Wolpe, Olivier Messiaen, Philip Glass, Arvo Part, Flim, Max Richter, Hauschka

Past Rock: Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Gentle Giant, Velvet Undergroud, Lou Reed, Nick Drake, Iggy Pop, Nico, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Vashti Bunyan, The Clash, Janis Joplin, The Doors (shush)

Jazz/Soul: Chet Baker, Charles Mingus, Stan Getz, Nat King Cole, the Rat Pack, Minnie Ripperton, Milton Nascimento, Art Tatum, Dizzy Gillespie, Django Reinhardt, Richard Cheese

New/Dark Wave: The Cure, Gary Numan, Human League, Joy Division, Nina Hagen, David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Echo & The Bunnymen, Talking Heads, Television Personnalities, Bauhaus, New Order, The Sound, The Fall, Simple Minds, Wire, Sonic Youth, Kenny Loggins, PWEI

Hipster stuff: The Faint, The Unicorns, Dead Disco, Explosions In The Sky, Her Space Holiday, Hot Hot Heat, I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, The Notwist, Patrick Wolf, Piano Magic, Professor Murder, The Robocop Kraus, Say Hi To Your Mom, ShitDisco, Tom Vek, The Weakerthans, X-Wife, Van She

Indie: Emiliana Torrini, Grizzly Bear, Joanna Newsom, Jolie Holland, Julie Doiron, Keren Ann, Mirah, Peter Bjorn And John, Regina Spektor, Rockettothesky, Stina Nordenstam, Dntel, Vincent Gallo (unfortunately), Belle & Sebastian, Neil Halstead, Julie Doiron, Grizzly Bear

Electronic: Aphex Twin, Bogdan Raczynksi, �-Ziq, Figurine, The Postal Service, Gregor Samsa, Lali Puna, M�m, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Boards Of Canada, Kavinsky, Christ, Autechre, Four Tet, Holy Fuck, Luke Vibert, Mike & Rich, Squarepusher, The Black Dog, She Wants Revenge, Junior Boys, MSTRKRFT

French: Serge Gainsbourg

Food: They say to never trust a skinny cook but i'll fight all kinds of yumminess with my spatula. A good wine unfortunately is a terrible trap that would lead me anywhere, even with a big neon sign above it that reads "It's a trap!". Damn you, arch nemesis. Damn you to hell.
Six things I could never do without
A muse.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How cute a baby panda having tea with a puppy would be. With a rainbow. And a flying unicorn. And i would be wearing a t-shirt that says "I'm really gay for thinking about this and all i got was this lousy t-shirt."
On a typical Friday night I am
Recreating John Hughes' movies while rushing into churches in a fireman costume to stop marriages because we're so much more than friends. I've always loved you. Yes, i have.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
So I just saved the whole god damned world and all I get is a crown as a souvenir? What am I supposed to do with my life now? Become a scientist? Really? Fuck you, Narnia. Just... fuck you.
You should message me if
Wii Fit and kittens included*.

*while stocks last
The two of us