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My self-summary
I'm a gal on the go. 2014/15, I took three fantastic trips: Antarctica (after NYE in Buenos Aires), Jordan & Israel, Italy & Switzerland, plus Boston and New Orleans. 2016 was Grand Cayman (great snorkeling.) San Diego, and Southern Italy this fall. 2017 will be Singapore/Bali/Java and then Africa for the Great Migration. Travel is my only addiction.

I'm a fun, smart, funny, cool, interesting, active, sexy (or so I'm told), rather hedonistic, redhead. I have a beautiful dog and cat, pair of turtles, bearded dragon, African grey parrot, 4 lovebirds, and a white dove, but they can't go to movies or plays or dinner with me, and their conversation skills are limited to meows, coos, whistles, and whatever sound turtles make. Therefore, I'm looking for a nice, (fairly) normal guy to do things like [movies], [cooking], [wine tasting], and [camping]. I'd eventually like a boyfriend, someone to "go steady" with, or some similar intimate relationship that includes regular dates and cuddling. Friends first but not JUST friends. I have lots of those already. 😊

I usually walk at least two miles a day several days a week, do water aerobics, kayak, sometimes zumba, line dance, ride a bike, and am pretty bendy. I won't rule you out for not being an ideal physical specimen. Goes both ways. Please write if you like my profile! I'm not paying so I can't see who likes me if you don't write. I see all these people liking me....tell me! :)

I am smart, sassy and sensual.
What I’m doing with my life
I have a job. It's a pretty good job, with some nice perks, and I get to dress nice and keep my fingernails clean. I graduated from DePaul with my bachelors degree, finally, last June. While procrastinating on that, I've traveled to over 30 countries all over the world.
I went to the Galapagos Islands. I had iguanas on my shoulders. So cool. Amsterdam, Belgium and Luxembourg. Great time. Egypt, Indiia, Ireland, Cambodia, Italy, Spsin....So many places to go!
I’m really good at
gourmet cooking, traveling, gardening when I get around to it, making jewelry, being a leader, handling situations gracefully, kissing and cuddling. Apparently I'm getting pretty good at strategy board games, much to my surprise. I'm good at housekeeping, but I just have better things to do; a spotlessly clean house is a sign of a wasted life. Feel free to send a maid in advance of your visit. I'm also really good at being a loyal friend, and being a caring girlfriend.
The first things people usually notice about me
Long, gorgeous, curly red hair and beautiful eyes. And my humility. :)

I do make an impression when I walk into a room and I've been told I'm hard to miss, hard to forget, and an all around hoot.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite book is the [Hitchhiker's Guide] but I read all kinds of literature, classics, historical fiction, and sci fi/fantasy (think Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman). In the last couple years, I've read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (a bit tedious, but a good denoument and mentioned places I've been in Sweden, which was fun), Windup Girl, The Help (disturbing and enlightening,) Making Money (topical and sharply funny), and a book about Istanbul cuz I went there; Funeral Games (cuz I went to Greece too), and the True Blood books (hey, I have a fun side). I read The Onion quite a bit. The Onion indirectly led to my being in Mensa. Ask me how and I'll tell you in glorious detail.

My favorite movies are Shrek and Princess Bride but I have a zillion other favorites; I LOVE LOVE LOVE movies. I go to a lot of theater ( "Addams Family," "Animal Crackers", "The Cabinet," "The Ring Cycle"), opera and ballet (but I don't expect everyone to go with me; I have girlfriends for that.) I enjoy twisted cartoons ([Adult Swim,] Invader Zim, Family Guy, South Park and ESPECIALLY [Archer], which is hysterical), comedy (Big Bang Theory & 30 Rock]; [Monty Python] always), sci-fi and good horror [Anerican Horror Story]; need to see more [Walking Dead]. Craig Ferguson and Letterman are my late night guys. Can't wait for Game of Thrones!

I love camping, kayaking (I have my own), biking, bowling (badly), gardening, and ESPECIALLY travel. I've been to Scandinavia (5 countries in 17 days - whew!), Egypt, Greece and Turkey, India, Asia, Europe and. South America, among others. I have diverse taste in music, from alternative when I'm walking, like Vampire Weekend, Fun, Foster The People, to Offspring, Weezer, Eminem and NIN when I'm driving, world music when I'm working, classical when I'm reading, and bluegrass and western swing, like Chris Isaak and Punch Brothers. Loving Mumford and Sons. I don't care much for most rap or twangy country-western, although Hank Williams Sr. is classic.

[Ethnic food] is almost all yummy, especially Thai and Indian. Sushi. And Mexican. And pizza, duh.
Six things I could never do without
Great movies, delicious food, good books, my iPhone, my Ford Escape, and an affectionate man. Not necessarily in that order.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
things I can't discuss in mixed company. And what I'm not doing that I probably should be doing. And why every man on here feels it necessary to declare himself "laid back" and/or "easy going." Is that on someone's list of must-haves? Get creative, people! What's unique about YOU? Also, why so many talk so much about their love of sports, as if that's unusual or they think women are looking for that in a man. I'm pretty sure a NON-sports-obsessed guy is preferred by most women. I'm cool either way, just saying, guys might want to focus on stuff women are actually looking for. Like kindness, dependability, honor, humor, stuff like that. But maybe that's just me.
On a typical Friday night I am
doing something fun, and almost never the same thing as I did the previous Friday night. Or watching Dr. Who. It's my new thing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
They're real, and they're spectacular.
You should message me if
You do not support and did not vote for Trump. Here is why. I value difference of opinion but this is more fundamental than that.
Even considering him for President is a total deal breaker for me. He is a dangerous psychopath.

You've seen Weird Al's "Word Crimes" and you get it.

You can always spot the Stan Lee cameo in every Marvel movie. And it delights you.

You are looking for an actual relationship. I'm not saying we have to get married, or stay together forever, although don't most people want someone to be with long-term? I want an actual boyfriend. That's all. I'm not that demanding.
Can I just mention here that when I say "boyfriend" it's not a life sentence? :) A couple guys have said they think I'm looking for something super serious and restrictive or something. I'm not sure what they think a "boyfriend" is, but it's just a word for someone to be with and date...not someone joined at the hip! Just sayin'. Relax, everybody! Aren't we all here looking for someone special in our lives?

You don't just want to comment on my boobs. Tacky.

You are a fairly attractive guy (not holding out for George Clooney but won't settle for Quasimodo....) with a sense of humor, a job, and lots of brains, who likes equally to go out and do stuff, and stay in and smooch in front of a fire (preferably in a fireplace). And you know the difference between "your" and "you're" and you occasionally use punctuation.

Not having any babies myself, but am great with kids if you have some.
NO cigarette smokers (open minded on other smokables) or heavy drinkers (if you EVER drive drunk, move along), please. And thanks everyone from out of state/country, but unless you're planning to move to Chicago, it's probably not in the stars for us.
Oh, and speaking of stars, if you really believe in astrology, or are really religious, or think creationism has any validity whatsoever, or that the Earth is bigger than the sun, we're not a match. I'm an agnostic atheist, ethical humanist, and skeptic, and very serious about it.
The two of us