33Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
I'm not particularly all that great with these online profiles. Throw me a message, lets get some coffee or lunch.
What I’m doing with my life
In no particular order:

1. Working on a start-up.
2. Coming up with new video projects to do for fun, several PSAs for awareness of mental disorders.
3. Keeping calm and carrying on.
4. Looking for new things to experience. Maybe do some traveling. Haven't done that in a while.
5. Looking for someone to do the above with.
I’m really good at
At the risk of sounding arrogant, I'm going to say my job. I'm really not that cocky though, it's just what people tell me, and I'm confident in what I can do.

Oddly, or maybe not so oddly, I'm pretty competitive when it comes to anything game-related, which means that I tend to always try to be at least the best that I can at everything I do. That doesn't always work out, but hey, if I can get to a point where at least I'm happy with, then that's good too.

On the other hand, I am terrible at Monopoly.

Apparently, I'm good at listening as well according to others, you'll have to let me know if that's true or not.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair. Either that or how blunt and straight forward I can be. Ok, I could've put a less cliche answer than something physical, but really, that tends to be the first reaction that people get is to stare at my hair so, there.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z, The Art of War, Steven Erickson's Malazan series, Higurashi When They Cry, Gurren Lagann, anything by Anton LaVey, It, The shining, Carrie, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, R.A. Salvatore's original Dark Elf Trilogy, Uzumaki.

Any Asian or European horror movie. Most of what I watch is horror, psychological movies, thrillers, animated films, anime, and action films. As far as something recent, lets go with Sharknado. Other notable favourites include A Tale of Two Sisters, Suicide Circle, and Battle Royale.

Anything that's not from the pickle barrel. I do enjoy my spicy foods, so that's usually on the list of stuff that I prefer. If it's cheese, potatoes, grapes or watermelon, win. Also, sushi. Sushi deserves it's own category of awesome.

Unfortunately, my lifestyle currently does not leave any time for TV currently. When I'm not working, I'm gaming, video editing, working on a campaign or just listening to music. When I do get a chance to, I catch up on Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead. Alternatively, I'll just watch any of the anime series I have.

Anything that strikes my fancy, most of what I listen to tends to be hard rock or metal. Currently, really digging the new Stone Sour album, though I always have time to listen to some Iced Earth, Slipknot or Disturbed.
Six things I could never do without
1. Zombie survival guide - you never know when it may come in handy.
2. Tea. Green tea to be specific.
3. Sushi.
4. Artistic expression.
5. Shampoo.
6. Cell phone - freelance work means that you have to always have it on you.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1. What to do when the zombie apocalypse happens.
2. Work.
3. Media.
4. What to do in the case of a Sharknado.
On a typical Friday night I am
Currently, working. Usually after that, there are games involved. Either video games, card games, board games. Beyond that, there is sometimes painting or video editing when I'm not too tired from work. Lately, I've been watching some more b-list movies while working on some new webpages.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If it's really that private, then it wouldn't be private if I were to just post it up for the world to see.
You should message me if
Rather than trying to put something here that sounds extremely dumb, I'm going to put something that sounds even dumber! are 2 questions to start you off:
1. What are your plans in event of the zombie apocalypse?
2. What would you do during a sharknado?
The two of us